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What’s the name of this macromolecule?
There’s literature related to its synthesis/ use as a core-shell nano structure but I can’t come up with its name so I can’t find the article I’m looking for.

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Quit making drugs, buddy.

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You don’t belong on this board if you think this is related to drugs

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Can't even decipher the atom/group on the left...

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>Can't even decipher the atom/group on the left...
That was bothering me as well, and is one reason I didn't reply hours ago.
Is it Ag? Is this an organosilver compound?
OP invokes 'macromolecule' but the structure in the pic is 'small molecule'.
IDK shit about 'core-shell nano structure', but it sounds like self-assembly.
Presumably a large number of whatever OP has drawn come together to make a larger structure (and thus macro) with different properties.

It's a dihydrothiofuran. The shit on the right can be named as an anthryl carboxymethyl substituent on the 5 position of the thiofuran. (I don't remeber the numbering on the anthracene component.)
If it's a metallated ion (organosilver), then something like '2-methylenedihydrofuranyl' describes part of it.
Again, leaving out locants related to hydrogenation on the ring.

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>The shit on the right can be named as an anthryl carboxymethyl substituent
no, it's an anthryl carboxyl sub

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OP, does this molecule used to make columnar micelles?

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On a somewhat related, albeit less academic note, what is this called and how do I go about naming it?

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This is something that doesn't exist. One of your carbons is making 5 bonds.

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I knew this textbook was dogshit. Could you give me some input on the other examples?

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For reference, the exercise asks me to name the alkenes based on IUPAC nomenclature.

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For example, the one in the top left would be 3,3-dimethyl-1-butene

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You've rewritten it incorrectly

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fucking brainlet

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Not a macromolecule, and it looks like some kind of fluorescent probe to me. Maybe start there.

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Search for it in PubChem or Reaxsys

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Oh, it's brainlet central again.

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