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Can someone give me reasonable argument to not switch from math to cs?

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Why should you need such an argument? I'm actually half-torn between a PhD in CS or one in mathematics once I finish my math undergrad. Do whatever the hell you like.

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If you are the kind of person that actually has to study pure math, you will kill yourself just one semester after you start doing CS.

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Just learn the CS stuff on your own. All CS professors do is just skim textbooks, there's no need to pay them money for the privileged of hearing them read it.

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CS undergrad is a meme and just teaches you how to be a code monkey and maybe a little bit of actual CS like an introduction to Turing Machines but nothing that goes too deep.

If you really want to do CS you need to pursue at least a PhD.

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>CS undergrad is a meme and just teaches you how to be a code monkey
True if you attend a shit school. I probably took only one class focused on programming. You're expected to know that shit ahead of time.

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just do both.

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/sci/ will call you a brainlet

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