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why is population control never spoken about by people, if it isn't implemented soon it will be too late when people realize it is necessary.The Chinese know firsthand the consequences of overpopulation they live in tiny houses, and need to wear masks when they go outside because of the air pollution. The earth can only hold so many people when will we be mature enough to accept that the earth doesn't grow with our population, it is of finite size and can only support a certain population size.The population is already getting too big in certain areas that don't have enough water.

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Sorry nigger, have you ever heard of this country called China?

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it needs to be globally implemented

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>spanish flu killed millions of people in less than 2 years
>it was worst than the Black Death
............just something to keep in mind

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>Hurr why hasn't X done Y
Yeah it has...
>Hurr why not more!

You're right though, we should cull all the retards, you start by offing yourself.

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no it needs to be implemented into all countries law system there needs to be incentive to have less children, there are so few people who support population control that those that do are an asset to human survival, therefore i am a valuable asset to human survival nearly my entire life since i was in the 6th grade i have argued that population control is necessary to ensure a good future for our species

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Sorry but just because you support an idea that would be mandatory doesn't make you an asset, you'll have to go.

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what if i have a degree?

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i won't be having children either, so it doesn't matter if i am retarded, i also support ensuring the future generation is highly intelligent through genetic engineering and artificial selection, i think this should be implemented into global law as well....to ensure human survival the future generation needs to be far more intelligent than it is currently

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>population control
We already have thag, it's called "finite resources and loving space hear on Earth." The earth will support exactly its capacity of humans and no more than that.

>dude just establish international government to cull the population
Yeah, nothing could go wrong with that

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Doesn't mean anything. I'd rather keep around a person without a degree who does more than shitpost. What actual material achievements do you have? What is your job?

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but what kind of life would humans live in a world where the population met earths carrying capacity, it would be terrible like when the bus gets really full and the driver keeps pulling on more people.

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>population control
We already have that, it's called "finite resources and living space here on Earth." The earth will support exactly its capacity of humans and no more than that.

>dude just establish international government to cull the population
Yeah, nothing could go wrong with that

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I dont think it would be as bad ad living under an international regime with unlimited power to kill. Are you stupid, or just fucking edgy?

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just put in incentives to reduce population, nothing violent just birth control, fines, abortion

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As I explained, those incentives already naturally exist

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not really humans will continue to have many children even as resources dwindle, and the environment suffers we know this from history.That is why many countries have water issues, expensive housing, extinct species, bad air quality, the question becomes is it really worth it why do we need to have so many children anyways, it can only be a bad thing

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Population growth in china is already tapering off

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the growing human population is already causing problems in the environment, and certain regions have problems with lack of water. yet it is set to continue growing only more problems can result from this

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I'm more worried that the birthrates are going down. We need to boost them somehow.

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You are a dangerous kind of retard

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Birth rates are going down all over the world. I care about the birth rates of the non-white race. They are following the trend of the white race and that's bad.

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Start with yourself.

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Natural selection will cause fertility rates to eventually get much higher, and create an idiocracy/theocracy in the process.


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So, what you're saying is that you have a right to have children, and your children have a right to a standard of living set by you, but no one else has this right, nor their own children? Did I get that right? Population control isn't spoken about by people because no one has any moral authority to decide how populations will be controlled.

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no i just believe that the earth is of finite size, but that seems to be highly controversial

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Fuck off. The general consensus is that the world will top out at ~12 billion. The models vary a good amount, but that's the current best guess.

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Good thing I won't live to see it.
>12 billion
So 5 more Indias? That's awful

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The Earth IS of finite size, but populations have carrying capacities. Then people start to starve. And Fascists like you don't decide who lives or dies.

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Secondly, there is some indication in the west that populations are responding to population pressure already, and explicit legal controls are not necessary.

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they’re going to be quite soon though if the rw performance in european parliaments and right leaning gov in china is any indication

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>The Chinese know firsthand the consequences of overpopulation

well they just reversed the one-child policy, so I think maybe their priorities aren't the same as yours?

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what about the animals?

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They did that to have a neutral population growth.
They dont want to become another Japan.

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population control is taboo

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that decline in population after the peak
is called a "population crash", guess why

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After an evening of extensive research on state of the art simulation software on a cutting edge machine, I can comfortably suggest that all we must do to combat overpopulation is build more trading posts instead of farms on undeveloped tiles, slowing population growth, and then cull the existing population through devastating war

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It's already too late. Sit back and enjoy the coming decades full of major happenings

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Population growth is only a problem in shithole countries; in developed countries there's basically no growth. The reason it's not implemented in shitholes is that they are shitholes. The reason they are not forced to implement it is that no country wants to risk war just to increase the living standards of people living thousands of kilometres away.

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it's happening as we speak, why do you think homosexuality, trannies, birth control and general hedonism is being promoted and normalized everywhere, even in shithole countries in africa where the people don't want to have anything to do with it?

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Population control has already been implemented through the use of social propaganda and 'nudging'.
Best way to ensure the population levels off and starts to decline is to promote groups of people from being hetrosexual into homosexual thus removing their chances of reproduction.
They're doing this through the media with music, tv, and movies. Katy Perry "I kissed a girl" is a great example of using repeated lyrics to nudge the subconscious of an entire generation of people.
Be careful of what media you feed your brain.

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