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so i talked to this c"""""""""s""""""""" cuck guy the other day and i told him he was a brainlet because he didn't know how to complete a square
stupid fuck told me he'd just finished reading spivak and was then going to self-teach electrodynamics (roflolmao) so he could build some accurate models for a """simulation"""
told him oiler's method was trivial and he wasn't a special child
fucker told me i was a moron for not knowing the R. Kayford method
googled it later that day, doesn't even exist kek what a dumbass hahahhaha
how do we deal with c"""""""""""s""""""""""" majors?

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Shit thread, you're a bigger brainlet than the other guy.

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> R. Kayford
> t. R.tard

It's Runge-Kutta

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>how do we deal with c"""""""""""s""""""""""" majors?

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That's a physicspleb meme.

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t. false flagging csfag

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Fuck off CSfag, I hope your kid becomes an SSRI tranny who kills himself. hope your children are brown and effeminate. hope you gain another fifty pounds and have a heart attack. hope one day you wake up in your marvel movie pajamas and realize you're a manbaby creep hedonist who has never interacted with an authentic or beautiful thought in his life. This is assuming your autistic creep ass ever loses its virginity and mates with a fellow roach. You scum. You rat scum. you are responsible for every evil in this world, every Chinaman who throws himself out of an iphone factory window, every incel mass shooting, every opiate OD and shitty meme and retard sitcom. You, you fucking scum, you pile of slop, you insentient retard, you freak. Shut the fuck up and crawl back to your cubicle

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I bet you're fun at parties

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That brainlet makes more money then you

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Why do we have this thread everyday?

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