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It's in their faces, everyday. Trapped in their world of eternal gray. Their heads in sync, swaying back and forth, looking for something they cannot see.

They walk in circles, everyday. Their faces all empty, all empty and pale. With no regard for their silent pain, I walk past through the endless rain.

They are afraid. I'm not afraid. They're so afraid. I'm not afraid.

Trapped in a place that has no name, their empty shells all one and the same. What's different? They just cannot see. They are stuck in their darkest dream. They march in step, side by side, any room for dissent denied. I'm not like them, without a name, I am safe in my darkest dream.

Can you see their faces? Can you feel their fear? Can you feel their shame? Living their darkest dream.

Are you afraid? I'm not afraid.

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Following orders. Fulfilling tasks. Taking their money, believing you are a part.

Headless. Headless.

Joining their system. Doing their work. Taking their money. Believing you are a part.

Headless. Headless.

You are heading towards an end that you wouldn't want. You are living ideals that you never would've agreed to.


Programmed to compete. Believing the smart. Taking their money, believing you are a part.

You are headless. Headless. You are headless. Headless.

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There was this empty shell, and I called it my life. Sometimes it felt like hell, but it was easy to survive. Time was like a drain, and it didn't flush me down. There was no room for pain, and not one chance to drown.

I want to cut off all my ties, I need to break through all the ice. I want it to evaporate, and cease to be a surrogate. I want to raise a thunderstorm, I want to bring down all the rain, I want to be the flood that cleans, I want to know what my life means. I want to find the strength I need to live for my own lead, I want to find my destiny, I have to see. I have to see!

I got up every day to do as I was told. I felt like a piece of clay for someone else to mold. My suit fit me just fine, and my shirt was always clean. My thoughts, they were never mine, but there was no need to scream. I looked left and right they were all the same. I lay awake at night, and tried to recall my name.

I got up the next day and took a long last look. There was no time to stay on the first page of this book.

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I want to know who I am.

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My life was full of things that weren't really there, packed full of stuff to hide its emptiness. Then it all came down like this house of cards, and all that stuff, it seemed to float away. My world seemed fine, but it was all just a big lie. And I never even cried, for what I'd felt before.

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this thread is gay (no homophobia intended)

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No, anon. This thread is a mirror, so it is in fact you, who is gay. No homophobia intended.

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OP is a no good queer homophobia intended

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