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The double slit experiment.
Parallel universes.
Spooky action at a distance.
Dark matter.
Black holes.

Can it get any cringier?
Physics is to mathematics what game development is to CS.
Physicists are the equivalent of Karlie Kloss programming.
Not even a real science.

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cringe and blue pilled

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>muh based tyrone bigams science man

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Good quote, Black Sexual Harassment Man!

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physics is the best guage of RAW INTELLECTUAL STRENGTH. you only downplay this because you're an autistic, sheltered little shit of a brainlet with an equally embarrassing understanding of physics.

nobody gives a shit that you can show some irrelevant X is isomorphic to Y in your little useless bullshit "proof". nobody cares about your hugely curved grades in undergraduate linear "algebra".

physics. is. king.

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not all physicists like string theory
>The double slit experiment.
this is an undeniable phenomenon you can do with undergrad lab equipment
>Parallel universes.
like string theory, a lot of multiverse stuff is speculation that not all physicists like
there’s been strong evidence for quarks for nearly 50 years; they’re an undeniable fact
again, speculative
>Spooky action at a distance.
bell inequality experiments are an undeniable fact
>Dark matter.
dark matter has strong observational evidence but nobody denies we don’t understand what it is yet
based af
>Black holes.
there are several astronomical observations of things that are almost assuredly black holes, and GR predicts them, LIGO is basically undeniable evidence here

don’t mix up speculative physics with real physics

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B&R OP is just an insecure undergrad brainlet that probably failed his 2nd semester physics midterm

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>based af
t. dirty jew

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back to >>>/pol/

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Lul faggit

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>dude its cringy
Good argument

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how is that stuff cringe

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yet I watch in awe those physicists using differential geometry without knowing it properly

> I believe in a formula because an old man told me to do so

does it ring a bell?

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>uses a computer with millions of transistors
>Has LEDs in various parts of his house
>Has a GPS capable device

Hurr quantum mechanics and relativity are hogwash

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>I ate an apple.
>The molecules of the apple respond to quantum mechanics.
>Hence I must thank physicists working on quantum mechanics or else I wuldn't be able to eat the apple.
You are so retarded that my brain hurts.

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>he doesn't thank science for every breath he takes
You ungrateful bastard.

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If you can consistently build an LED of a specific wavelength without using the principles of quantum mechanics to explain the behavior I will get you $1,000,000,000 (one billion) United States dollars.

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>don’t mix up speculative physics with real physics
The absolute state of physi-shits.

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Nature is the best mathematician. Physics > Math.

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>If you can make a paper plane fly without using the principles of quantum mechanics to explain how it manages to fly I will get you 1 bn USD.
Nice word salad.

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>not all physicists like string theory

All mathematicians do, tough. Stringy math is something else.

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stingy math is the best

if you share and explain clearly your ideas someone may got it and you are not a genius anymore

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Sure I can use elementary aerodynamics and Bernoulli's principle.

Where's my LED, smoothbrain? Use classical physics which you believe in.

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You don't need QM for that you quarter wit.
It just works in the same manner things fall down towards the center of the Earth.

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Yes you do. Semiconductors operate on quantum mechanical principles. They are not magical oriental buttons that operate because some third world shaman blessed them to. They were specifically designed and manufactured with their operating principles based on the interactions of the matter involved and the energy band gaps that exist on (gasp) the quantum level. You need these band gaps to be specifically tuned to emit specific wavelengths of light.
You cannot build an LED of a specific wavelength without knowing this.

Additionally, you cannot explain the observations of light bending in the presence of massive objects such as the sun without using general relativity. You're so fucking dumb, I hope you get attacked by a homeless person who gives you some life long illness like hepatitis or HIV/AIDS so you can suffer even more in your stupidity. You deserve to be punished.

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You typed all of that at a person who is clearly in a state of immutable incredulity.

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Throwing *quantum* buzzwords in your post only makes you sound more retarded.
No band gaps but brain zaps when you try to type a sensible answer.
LEDs work whether you invoke QM or not just like I can throw things without having to know about particle physics.

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He said "LED of a specific wavelength" you brainlet. You need a predictive model in order to do that effectively. Otherwise, you'd be mashing things together blindly and wasting a lot of resources. You need to know orbital mechanics to plot a mission to Mars. You need to know thermodynamics in order to optimize an engine. Likewise, you need to know quantum mechanics in order to derive, from scratch, the correct specifications for microchip components.

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Call it what you want, I still have RGB LED's in my mouse and keyboard, and they always work. If you think that the quantum mechanics invoked in their design is bullshit, I invite you to come up with a different way to get it right without using monkeys and typewriters. Furthermore I invite you to develop accurate GPS satellites without correction factors invoking general and special relativity.

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>Furthermore I invite you to develop accurate GPS satellites without correction factors invoking general and special relativity.
Again you're the typical physi-shit braindead retard who doesn't question what he reads in his favorite pop-sci novels.
This is a common physi-shit behavior.
You notice the 38 μs discrepancy and take that into account you don't actually need to do any calculation beforehand.

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>Still no LED
Ok, I guess I'll just trust my oriental magicians over the far seas to build me my nanometer sized projects. Don't worry about the science anon :) someone else will take care of it. Just keep saying science isn't getting us anywhere, and sure enough the innovation will stop.

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Time for me to start another Kaku hate thread.

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>Don't worry about the science anon :) someone else will take care of it. Just keep saying science isn't getting us anywhere, and sure enough the innovation will stop.
t. jigaboo science rapist

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Holy fuck you're an idiot. The specific examples he gave don't exist in nature like apples do you fucking retard. We as humans needed some understanding of the sciences and mathematics needed to create them repeatedly, otherwise we'd just be blindly mashing things together hoping they produced the same results. Some technology is too complex to be duplicated through mimicry.

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Always assume any stupid post is made by an electrical engineering brainlet.

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An engineer with a good paying job.

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except you faggots literally know your theories are incompatible with each other.

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>physics is the best guage of RAW INTELLECTUAL STRENGTH
"hey this equation sort of looks like the experimental data right?"
"yeah dude, plug it into the statistics program and see if its close enough"
"ok, its good, just gotta wait another 50 years for more data before we can refine the theory any more"
the analytic-synthetic distinction is king, no matter how much logic you use, no matter how much work you've put into making a totally consistent theory, it means fucking NOTHING. It only matters if it agrees with reality in physics, and reality really likes hiding shit like neutrinos for thousands of years, you can't know anything for sure in physics. It's not the best gauge of "RAW INTELLECTUAL STRENGTH" because it literally isn't a gauge for knowing anything at all you fucking moron.

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Physicists are just some wannabe mathematicians who can't elaborate complex thoughts without recurring to these pseudo science bullshit.

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Unfortunately reality seems to behave in an unintuitive manner and the ability to come up with something as sufficiently axiomatic as math to describe everything is probably beyond any man or machine. Luckily, physicists do not aim to perfectly describe why things happen in reality, they aim to explain the behavior of real stuff in the real world consistenly. Go look at when Feynman is asked "why" about stuff. It's not our problem. Leave the "why" to the philosophers, lol. They've done a whole lot in the last 2000 years. And before you call it brainlet, or useless, ask yourself how we could come up with these great inventions like rockets, sattelites, modern communication systems, etc. without the physics to describe it. Go ask yourself what your contribution is to your 80 years in history.

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Stopped reading here.

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Stopped reading there.

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Stopped reading there

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Literally no proof of scientific "facts".

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>yet I watch in awe those physicists using differential geometry without knowing it properly
<3 love ya

But also a few of us know it properly and physics with proper (or boneless) difgeo is based

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>Strings, quakrs, branes, p. universes
Not physics

>Double slit experiment, black holes, dark matter, spooky action at a distance, feynman
Real shit

You're an uneducated retard, goodbye.

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The other way around

.t theory boi

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Allow me to interject. What you're referring to as "physicists" are, in fact, "experimentalists" or as I've recently taken to calling them, "false physicists". Experimentalists are not physicists unto themselves, but rather another plebian component of the fully functioning system of physics as made possible by theorists, the patronage of old rich jews, and experimentalists' cheap labor, components comprising a full area of study in modern science.

Many people rely on bastardized versions of theorists' work without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, physics is perceived as a endless series of experiments, and many of its users are not aware that it is built up on a rigorous framework, developed by brave theorists.

There really are experimentalists, and to some degree they matter despite being replaceable, but they are just one small part of physics as a whole. Experimentalists are like slaves: they work away their entire lives crunching numbers and verifying the theorists' work. Experimentalists are an essential part of physics, but useless by themselves; they could hardly tie their shoes without help from theorists. Experimentalists can sometimes be found working alongside theorists: the whole can be called "a laboratory", or "a master and his attendants". What many people imagine when they hear "physicist" is unfortunately just a lowly experimentalist.

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This universe is just a subset of math.
It makes absolutely no sense to say "physics > math" when physics is a finite subset of the infinite set of mathematics.

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Math is only an approximation that's based on how physics works, it has no truth on its own.

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Poor fellow, do they even pay you for your PhD.? Seriously though.

>t. a lucky motherfucker making good money doing their PhD. at a national lab.

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>Thinking actual impactful research is either experimental or theoretical and not both.

So, what kind of work did you do, mr. Theorist?

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Say this to my face, nigger, not online and see what happens.

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Physics is just a finite set of mathematical rules (that are not even deterministic) that describe a finite universe (and we've not even fully described it yet).
Mathematics is provably infinite (Godel) and as such, no finite universe can be fundamental. This is proven.
This universe is a finite subset of the infinite set of mathematics.
Physics isn't even a priori like math is, so again it makes absolutely no sense to say that an a posteriori finite subcategory of an a priori infinite supercategory is ">" (greather-than) it's super-category.
The statement "physics > math" is literally nonsense.

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the reason i didnt focus on theoretical physicists, is because they have no way to know if they're right without the experimentalists. Our theories were perfect, up until we realized that the experiments didn't agree. Again, the analytic-synthetic distinction shuts that down. You can't sit in an armchair, think really hard and figure out what the universe likes to do. So just like you were saying as to how the experimentalists are useless on their own, so are the theorists.

thats why i do math, dont need people to build an lhc to check that 2+2 = 5. just check the proof

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Both theoretical physics and pure math require a high IQ.

Any brainlet can get through an electrical engineering program. I can tell the stupid posts in here are made by engineers.

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>Watch Eva 10 years ago
>See a picture of a cat with the word "Pathetic" on the bottom
>Immediately see the reference and make the association
Not sure if testament to the brain or Eva's cinematography.

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>an empirical science
>the best guage of raw intellectual strength

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>double slit
>spooky action
>black holes
>dark matter
If you going to claim a bunch of sht is hogwash at least pick shit that isnt experimentally verifiable. inb4 dark matter and black holes not experimentally verifiable

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>being retard enough to fall this hard to obvious b8

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Counterpoint: If it's not empirical, how do you distinguish yourself from other people who similarly tackle problems in made up games, like Chess or Go? Surely you don't consider those people to be at the peak of intellectual strength.

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I shitpost on /sci/

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I have a B.Sc in physics and currently writing a master's thesis in theoretical material science, I originally wanted to get into the analytical nonsense you describe in your post, but honestly I kinda agree that most forefront of theoretical analytical physics is pretty much forward thinking and really hard or next to impossible to experimentally validate with our current level of technology, I'm honestly hating physics more and more and I'm thinking of getting a master's in applied math after I finish my current one.

Math is honestly much more coherent and defined than most other sciences, which makes it that much more reliable and superior, math is immutable, its scope is usually defined clearly and explicitly in each field or branch, no need for experimentation or validation, no need for shitty half assed interpretations and other nonsense.

Math is by far the comfiest and best part of STEM.

Took me a long time to realize this sadly and it haunts me that I wasted so much on my life on literal shit.

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That quote is so perfect! Indeed cosmic music resonating in 11 dimensional space! :DD

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>a few of us know it properly

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But atleast us phycisists try to understand the material world using math. So in a sense physics is applied math.

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Kek. Buttmad physishits inbound.
pic related

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>people actually think that physics is nothing more then a retarded outgrowth of math

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because I think you might be a brainlet

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Video Game development in the past revolutionized computer science mutiple time. It's true that now most games are developed by a few companies who use already existing engines and rarely innovate though.

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No offense but you are wrong. Only very rare chipsets use quantum mechanics in their design, all the chips people are using on this paper folding community did not require any quantum calculations at any phase of their production. What you mean to say is that quantum mechanical theory is used as a way to explain them. It's NOT used when you build them.
Source: My dad works at nintendo.

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wubba lubba dubb duuuuuuuuuub

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This. If they ever update their names and notation I'll have a bit more respect for them. As far as I can tell, the role of a physicist is to sufficiently obfuscate mathematical descriptions so that it isn't trivial for anyone with mathematical talent to understand their field in the course of a few months.

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there exists physics outside of Cosmos starring Neil DeGrasse Tyson you know

you're describing the minority of the field

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Built for BBC

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bix nood

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Physicists are the chads of the science world and you all know it.

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Virgin cuck mathematician vs physicists chad..

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I bet you failed out of freshman physics and had to change your major lmao

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You sound like you've never actually worked in a field of physics. How woefully naïve

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>what is a qubit
The post

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>Throwing in more buzzwords they won't realize I have no idea what I am talking about and it looks like I am making a point.

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>black sexual harassment man
isn't that all of them?

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sci is an ashkenazic board you dumb goy

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>Education at bottom
We are condemned to rely on autistic nigg as who study on their own

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You're saying it like it's a bad thing.
Women fantasize about being raped and want to be dominated.

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* tips fedora *

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lol nope, the fedoras are the engineers, neckbeard.

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