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I grew up in a liberal family and never had a silver racism in me. I never questioned black IQ or why Africa is a shithole, my excuses were always environmental (Africa got colonized, Blacks have been held back because of racism) but now that I've spent a lot of time on /sci/ I've become slightly racist. I mean I don't hate or dislike people cause they're black or Hispanic, I mean I have black and Hispanic friends but now I seriously question if the reason blacks are in the situations they are in(crime, very undeveloped countries) is because they are genetically dumber then other races. What is the consensus of why black Iq is like 75 in Africa? Is it genetic or are certain races victims of things like colonization etc? If they are dumber then average, how long will take for them to get to average and is it even possible? If I ever bring this topic up to my immediate family they will instantly assume I'm some hateful racist when really I just want the truth and the ability for an open discussion.

The biggest thing that worries me is that since we have so many immigrants from central/south America immigrating to the USA with no filter for the quality of people we let in (all the 85 IQ folks are the main source) that in 50 years when Hispanic people become a majority that this will dumb down America and the USA become more like the less useful countries in South America. This serious question can be applied to mass immigration from the Middle East to Europe. Is this a serious threat?

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Africa or any of the world's poorest areas, with lack of resource and structured living, is always a life of minimalism. It takes generations to adapt sophisticated lifestyles for us we already perceive as normal. I'm sure there are plenty of smart cookies in Africa or the hood or w.e but there is no way for it to sustain-ably manifest. Humans are fickle mate.

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successful countries in South America*

Also, I've heard a lot about "white genocide" and it totally seems like some white supremacist conspiracy theory. But looking at the population of white people in the world and their birth rates compared to African or Hispanic birth rates, it seems like this is not totally far-fetched

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>I grew up in a liberal family
Is that why you're so obsessed with race

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Its just been on my mind a lot, just never really questioned it before. I've actually become more centrist in the last couple of years.

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Okay. "Nigs r dum, and No, it is not a serious threat"

Is that what you wanted to hear?

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This. IQ is indeed a good test for intelligence but that doesn't mean it's inherently genetic.

We draw genetic connections because wealth is intergenerational.

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Global birth rates are declining.

Whites are just slightly ahead of the curve, but that kind of makes sense considering the capitalistic dominance of countries at high latitudes.

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Whites slowly disappearing because of low birthrates and recessive phenotypes =/= genocide

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The differences between black and white AMERICANS are mostly genetic. The differences between black americans and africans are environmental. So the IQ of black africans would be 85 in a good environment. Black Americans need some sort of biological o go from 85 to 100. Gene editing could be useful, maybe epigenetics might make a difference, there's even the whole hologenome thing going on. But it's never going to come from giving black americans more money.

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IQ is based upon the white Western idea of intelligence


Because their education system is more Westernised

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>IQ is a social construct: the post

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> The differences between black americans and africans are environmental.
Completely and absolutely wrong, most african-americans have a significant european admixture, even if it's not visible on the first sight. The average African looks like OP's pic, while African-Americans are much more pale and often have a hint of european facial structure in them.

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>genetically dumber then other races
A good plce to start would be spelling properly.

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>how high is the sky: the metric

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Blacks in the United States are genetically on average 20% European. They’re genetically not the same as Africans, so you can’t assume that the IQ gap is enviornmental.

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i would be willing to do what OP’s doing for a more respectable pay

Pretending you’re not what you are, its genetics.

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IQ is not a good indicator of intelligence, but yes, I agree. By looking at prison and crime rates, standardized testing scores, world history, pop culture, and the people around me, I've come to the conclusion that there is a definite possibility of genetic racial intelligence differences.

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I'm legitimately not trying to jerk myself off but I honestly don't understand how any reasonably intelligent person that went to school with average kids could believe there's not a huge genetic component to intelligence. The difference between smart people and even well off, hard working average kids is ridiculously noticeable.

The western/asian idea of intelligence seems to correlate well with ability to reason logically, solve problems, create technology, etc. Maybe there's an alternate test where low IQ races destroy high IQ ones but there's no reason to give a shit until people harping on this alternate metric's hypothetical existence can actually produce it and show that it has some utility.

Even then you're not really invalidating the western idea of intelligence, you're just pointing out that a different concept is also useful.

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Sounds like you need to read The Bell Curve.

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>The western/asian idea of intelligence seems to correlate well with ability to reason logically, solve problems, create technology, etc

Iran/Persia has produced hundreds of scientists, mathematicians,and philosophers yet they apparently have a lower average IQ compared to the West

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Do there happen to be multiple ethnic groups with dissimilar IQ in the region? Or just a lot of variance in general.

I don't actually have statistics but I know even in modern times a lot of STEM grad students in american universities come from the middle east and I have no reason to believe they're lower IQ than other students.

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Why does ebonics exist as a serious language?
If you come to AMERICA you speak the ENGLISH language like the rest of us. Once you make up an imaginary dialect because you're too dumb to keep up then you make up all kinds of things to separate yourself from everyone else.

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iq is currency to tell you about a persons current status, not eternal status

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>The biggest thing that worries me is that since we have so many immigrants from central/south America immigrating to the USA with no filter for the quality of people we let in (all the 85 IQ folks are the main source) that in 50 years when Hispanic people become a majority that this will dumb down America and the USA become more like the less useful countries in South America. This serious question can be applied to mass immigration from the Middle East to Europe. Is this a serious threat?

literally eugenics

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All praise be to Allah, this post reads like the thoughts of the quintessential /sci/ autist. Every time I think this Taiwanese board can't get any more retarded, a fine specimen like yourself happens to sperg out all over his keyboard. Never change, /sci/.

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my dude

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exactly this.

"the bell curve" controversy is a prime example of how science can easily become NON-objetive and subject to feelings.


theres a lot of statistical evidence for cognitive capacities/differences in races. this doesn't mean that every black person is retarded its just that the median is lower. it also means that many blacks are more intelligent than the median of whites, but if we take a "whole populous", white countries/societies will have better results in terms of developement.

...and not only statistical data but you can even see it in plain sight.

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>IQ is based upon the white Western idea of intelligence

yeah: it's based on solving problems

that's why Africa is such a shithole
they can't solve problems very well

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>Living in Africa
>Large game is everywhere, fruit and edible vegetation everywhere
>Warm enough year round to grow simple crops without effort
>Higher temperature means shelter just has to get you out of immediate sun when it's too hot and dissuade animals from coming in
>Rains come and go with season, some areas uninhabitable during rainy season, some the opposite
Thus nomadism is warranted, food is easy to acquire and overall you need little to no real problem solving skills to thrive, at least prior to overpopulation.

Compare with Asian/European
>Much colder harsher environment
>Large game still but harder to hunt with temperature, large forests. Less fruit/edible plants overall contributing to harder to acquire resources
>Fire a necessity, leading to more access to easier to break down carbohydrates (cooking) as a result of constant upkeep/creation of fire
>Harsher winter requires much more sophisticated shelter (for the time)
>Less access to aforementioned foraging items means it's more beneficial to implement farming, better ways of farming stem from higher usage.

Europeans/Asians had to adapt more to the environment and as such developed better problem solving skills over time.

Parts of Africa today still have people who can't do the simplest of things, tending to plants, keeping livestock etc..

Obviously if you believe that we all came from sub-saharan Africa then the above is the only real conclusion that can be drawn.

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So, given that IQ 100 is the average, most blacks (most of the black distribution lies left or the red line) are dumber than average.

Looking at IQ 120 and above, there are almost no blacks there, while there is a sizeable chunk of the white distribution in this range.

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That graph doesn't account for me at 155, I feel underrepresented and am going to have to sue you to update your graphic for diversity standards.

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>Completely and absolutely wrong, most african-americans have a significant european admixture
15% white ancestry doesn't explain the IQ gap between black americans and africans. That would add may 2 IQ points not 15. The IQ gap between american blacks and africans is mostly environmental. You seriously can't believe malnutrion, lead poisoning, and the rest of the shit that happens in Africa doesn't affect them. Humans aren't immune to harsh conditions.

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but your post indicates an IQ of 85 at most

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You gotta keep those kind of subjects in /pol/ some peeps are touchy with it and get slightly snippy because their best low-cog friend happens to be black.

/pol/ might ten scoops worth of whoop-ass and angry noises, but it's thrice as honest.
El Oh El Puta. IQ is not a universal and (if tasked by experts) completely cultureless test to see your inherit abillity to solve a problem. go ahead and tell us all that IQ was made just to keep darkies down. love ya, dude.

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By 2050 the European descended Americans will be the minority of the population apparently

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It correlates to brain structure and reaction time. It's real.

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how is that genocide?
White people are not being coerced into making less babies. Declining birth rates is not even an exclusive thing to whites. Pic related is the fertility rate of middle eastern countries, is there a middle eastern genocide as well?

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Race is the easy option to blame for Africa's lesser economic prosperity, and it has absolutely no merit

There are numerous reasons, but one thing that's important to note is it isnt as bad as you think. Charity adverts have long since given us an idea of Africa as an entire nation of literal mud huts and shanties. Yes those exist but there's also lots of actual cities and towns, bussiness and trade, they are actually developing.

Anyway, onto the reasons

As in all countries, it's caused by advances in medical care reducing infantry mortaility while the cultural practice of having a lot of children remains. A massive population boom occurs, resulting in poverty.
Many African nations are simply not allowed to prosper, companies have too much invested in sucking African nations dry while providing little benefit to the population.
>World Politics
Not so relevant today, but during the cold war era, the cold war was also fought in Africa, nations tore themselves apart in conflicts between Soviet backed governments and western backed governments. Neither sided cared for the people or prosperity, just control, which ruinous civil wars.
>They just are behind
Civilisation is new to humanity, we have existed for around 200,000 years, civilisation only really got going about 5,000 years ago, Europe didn't have it until maybe 3,000 years ago, and in Sub-Saharan Africa, it didnt get going properly until about 1,000 AD and only in parts. Much of Africa was still tribal until recently. This puts them at an inherent disadvantage. But it's just down to geography and time, it's not racial, civilisation has to spread from a source and that takes time and Africa is vast.

Anyway you can ignore this and say its because they're dumb black people if you like.

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IQ doesn't mean shit in this situation.

IQ is absolutely tied to environment, if you grow up in a poor place with little food and no education, your brain development will be straight up stunted.

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Dismissing an idea just because it comes from supremacists or right-wingers is shortsighted. You did well to give it a second thought - something many liberals don't do out of the belief that they can never be wrong because they're being "nice".

There are intelligence people in all races but mass migration is not the way. It's common sense but every politician in the top european countries are opening borders and willingly let their country get assfucked. We have a shortage in KNOWLEDGE INTENSIVE WORKERS, NOT GRUNT LABOR. Importing so much retards in can never be a good thing. Once again, intelligent people exists in all races, but unfiltered immigration can never be a good thing.

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you're providing justification, to a problem in need of a SOLUTION

even if they're disadvantaged it doesn't change the statistical facts of the PRESENT

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I dont understand how black IQ can be 75. I know many of us are dumb, but does that make me an outlier or are these tests bullshit.

I went to cambridge (no affirmative action)

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The solution is economic freedom so that they can generate wealth and get out of it. They genuinely will sort themselves out if they have that. Almost all countries have experienced what Africa is going through and are now coming out of it. It's called the Demographic Transition Model.

Of course the rampant leftism in the world will try to prevent that, leaving them in poverty for as long as possible.

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You are definitely an outlier. Just because the majority of blacks are dumb, does not mean that there can't be smart blacks.

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Immigration self selects for smart people. This has been the case since forever.

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Yes. But there is a regression to the mean IQ for every haplo group. Jamal might be a 135 IQ surgeon, but further down his blood line this high IQ will regress to his Ethnic mean.

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It's easy, they don't face problems like IQ test in environment so they haven't adapted to solve them.

Also immigration is bullshit and it should be stopped.

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The Demographic Transition Model does not work the same way across different populations. A country with a mean IQ of 72 is not going to "transform" itself the same way that a 103 IQ nation would.

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Are you trying to say that IQ is not heritable, now? You don't understand what regression to the mean, means. Smart people have smart children. Regression to the mean is when there is exceptional genius or some other exceptional trait. But immigrants are not one off genius. They are just more successful smarter people.
In any case statistics show this to be the case, anyway so you have no basis to make such stupid claims.

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Explains why Eskimos are all geniuses. And why civilization developed in the middle East, Africa, India and China thousands of years before Europe

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Im redpilled on it. Many of my friends growing up are in jail. Chinks have it so good.

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IQ means nothing and is simply a symptom.

Besides, the masses even when averaging 100 IQ don't do shit, a countries rise always comes down to a few smart individuals.

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IQ is in no way a measurement of "current status", what are you talking about?

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>that this will dumb down America
Buddy... Have I got some news for you..

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>what is tribal layout
>what are cultural institutions (ie murdious victory or polygamy)
>what is war attrition
>what is extreme otherism
Yep I think you just about solved it mr genius, hows the research at CERN going?

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> yet they apparently have a lower average IQ compared to the West
Average people don´t go on to become scientists, mathematicians and philosophers, anon. Unless the average is significantly tilted to either direction (e.g. one standard deviatio from a baseline of 100), it doesn´t have a remarkable impact on the amount of top talent in the population.

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>IQ means nothing
It measures capacity for abstraction, and as such means very much.
>and is simply a symptom.
You make no sense. How can a metric be a symptom of something? Would you call a unit length, i.e. metre or inch, a symptom?
>strawmanning this hard
Unless you´re legitimately retarded or simply a useful idiot brainwashed cryptocommunist, the post you responded to should make a lot of sense.

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>suggesting variables and causes that you hadn’t thought of is ‘straw manning’.
Whatever you say, smarty pants.

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poor iq is a symptom of an underdeveloped country, not the other way around

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IQ is a social construct and Africans could have invented achieved everything other races have is they'd been given more favorable conditions. hope that helps :)

>> No.10177138

North Africa doesn't count.

>> No.10177169

These countries are starting to get flooded with Africans, pajeets, etc. too. Will any decent country survive?

>> No.10177177

The masses certainly do matter. Smart whites gave them irrigation systems, they ripped them out of the ground to sell for scrap. Smart whites give them gasoline trucks, and hundreds of them rush the area with buckets to try to collect and sell the gas when a truck crashes(and they exploded).

>> No.10177179

Why do Vietnamese kids do better than black, and even white American kids when they have very little educational resources?

>> No.10177209

No they literally aren't.
Try to find a set of countries that can even possibly back up your racism then post a pic.


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Fake news, go outside you nerd cuck and count the shitskins

>> No.10177222

31 percent of Saudi Arabia

In Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the UAE, the majority of the population comprises foreign laborers and in the latter two countries this number is as high as 80%

Rich Arab counties are a prototype for replacement migration

>> No.10177227

i don't think this is true. India has Africa tier average IQ whereas Indian migrants in the US have an average IQ almost a full standard deviation about the national average.

>> No.10177236

They have a caste system that perpetuated thousands of years. Rulers and religious leaders were not allowed to breed with regular people.

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>I grew up in a liberal family and never had a silver racism in me.

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They are not that genetically distant.

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>Africans could have invented achieved everything other races have is they'd been given more favorable conditions.
Like better genes?

>> No.10177357

>there is regression to the mean for every haplo group

You really don't know what you're talking about do you. They must let just anyone post on this board

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Yes. What dont you understand?>>10177346

>> No.10177367

Not the person you’re replying to, but why isn’t regression to the mean true? Please explain without “hurrdurr brainlet” posting. I’m uninformed about it

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It's always funny when people excuse negro incompetence when jews have out performed them at every turn and faced greater challenges.

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There is no racism in Africa every single fucking country is 99% black, the white minority that came from colonialism are so nonexistent in them that the black population has no clue they even exist.

>> No.10177391

>race has no merit
Yes anon if whites on average had poorly developed frontal lobes we would still be tribal fucktards in the paleolithic era in Europe right now RIGHT NOW RIGHT FUCKING NOW as in 2018 A.D still in the paleolithic era.

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Utterly fucking untrue. What an uneducated nigger you are, posting with such confidence

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Because IQ is largely determined by economic and lifestyle factors. This is very well established. Not to mention if Jamal is immigrating, he is not placing himself in an environment with different genetic stock. So his children's children will be of a different ethnicity than himself anyway. Think, anon.

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Whoa, imagine that, doofus. Anyone can post, WHA-?

>> No.10177921

an iq test is extremely effective way of seeing if a person is currently able to intellectualy handle whatever task accordingly, of course it will not properly show case the intelligence of all those who take it but those who readily excel are ready to take on similar intellectual tasks, but again im saying iq is a status report, someone can go study and work on puzzles problem solving etc and come back new the test is not even necessary give someone a test on any subject, those who learned how to learn excel, not everyone has the same practice or experience

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>White people are not being coerced into making less babies

>> No.10178147

Race is never mention there, try again. Pointing to antinatalists at large proves nothing.

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Have you ever talked to a native sub-Saharan African? They are incapable of critical thinking.

I was in the Peace Corps in Cameroon. I was posted in a shitty little farming village; no running water, intermittent electricity. I would go to the Peace Corps office in Baffousam, a bigger city for the internet access just about every weekend. I would go to this little restaurant and order a rice dish for breakfast every morning there. One time I was late and missed breakfast. But I figured that they still had all the ingredients and could just make it anyways; not like they're sticklers about the rules any other time. I was refused, and I asked why. They just kinda looked at me dumbfounded and just repeated themselves. They clearly had no experience explaining anything. I found out later that they make that dish in big batches, and its a pain to make one portion. Why couldn't they just say that? And that's not the only example. Every single time I asked a local why they did something, I never got an answer deeper than "because this is what we always do".

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204. Revolutionaries should have as many children as they can. There is strong scientific evidence that social attitudes are to a significant extent inherited. No one suggests that a social attitude is a direct outcome of a person’s genetic constitution, but it appears that personality traits are partly inherited and that certain personality traits tend, within the context of our society, to make a person more likely to hold this or that social attitude. Objections to these findings have been raised, but the objections are feeble and seem to be ideologically motivated. In any event, no one denies that children tend on the average to hold social attitudes similar to those of their parents. From our point of view it doesn’t matter all that much whether the attitudes are passed on genetically or through childhood training. In either case they ARE passed on.

205. The trouble is that many of the people who are inclined to rebel against the industrial system are also concerned about the population problems, hence they are apt to have few or no children. In this way they may be handing the world over to the sort of people who support or at least accept the industrial system. To insure the strength of the next generation of revolutionaries the present generation should reproduce itself abundantly. In doing so they will be worsening the population problem only slightly. And the important problem is to get rid of the industrial system, because once the industrial system is gone the world’s population necessarily will decrease (see paragraph 167); whereas, if the industrial system survives, it will continue developing new techniques of food production that may enable the world’s population to keep increasing almost indefinitely.

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haha no.

Being able to solve and understand mathematical problem, logic problems and say chess, programming are external to "western ideas" they exist external to man.

You can be a computer, ai, any colour or creed does not matter.

can you solve the problem

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>IQ is largely determined by economic and lifestyle factors.

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Read up, nerd

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>The biggest thing that worries me is that since we have so many immigrants from central/south America immigrating to the USA with no filter for the quality of people we let in (all the 85 IQ folks are the main source) that in 50 years when Hispanic people become a majority that this will dumb down America and the USA become more like the less useful countries in South America. This serious question can be applied to mass immigration from the Middle East to Europe. Is this a serious threat?
We are repeating the same error that the Roman Empire did. The romans allowed germanics to get into the Empire more and more and at the end almost all the army was formed by germanics and the Empire went to shit.

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>a silver racism in me
>What is the consensus of why
>dumber then average
>That whole run-on sentence about the thing that worries him.

I mean, OP, I really hate black people and everything, but maybe you should worry about your own IQ before shitting on other people.

>> No.10178372

say it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that black people lived in their squalid state simply because of their genetic makeup. would that justify your insults and attitudes? if you're honest the answer is no.

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How can melanin tell if a person is or isn't smart? Tell me, /sci/, tell me?!
How can you hate someone you don't even jnow just because he has the same color as someone you already hate?

>> No.10178399

Guys, you gotta check this out:
I fucking laughed my ass off when I first saw this. This "helicopter" looks like it's made from papier-mâché.

>> No.10178401

Considering that skin color, like IQ, is inherited, they will often be inherited together. So if you are black, you are less likely to be intelligent.

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>middle east
they're basically S. Europeans genetically. Pic related shows the divergence of regions

>> No.10178422

>How can you hate someone you don't even jnow just because he has the same color as someone you already hate?

Correlation and empirical induction.

Generalizations are sometimes wrong, but more often than not they actually work. Do you think it's a coincidence that the Jews were hated by anyone who had to deal with them throughout history?

>> No.10178440

>with no filter for the quality of people we let in
You have no idea how immigration works. Please leave.

>> No.10178465

Ok, how are there 12 million illegal immigrants in the US then? How come many have been deported more than once? How come many leftists want to abolish ICE?

>> No.10178485

IQ is largely determined by genetics, Tesla raised in a desolate serbian shithole would still beat you in a math exam by just looking at the textbook for only 7 minutes.

>> No.10178488

>Environment can explain not only negro americans having higher IQs than pure africans, but pure africans having the IQs of white retards on average.

>> No.10178653

>Global birth rates are declining.
Not Nigeria and other African countries.

>> No.10178656

>15% white ancestry doesn't explain the IQ gap between black americans and africans.
Of course it can.
>That would add may 2 IQ points not 15.
False conclusion.

>> No.10178664

Then you're obviously on the positive tail of the bell curve.

>> No.10178667


>> No.10178888

>Dumber ''then''
but maybe you should worry about your own grammar before shitting on other people.

>> No.10178900

As one statistically unlikely overperforming subhuman to another, be grateful and don't think about it too much. Yes, you're an outlier and yes blacks in Africa according to Lynn's revised estimates average around 70-75 iq, with lows as far down as the 60's and as high in some places like civilized parts of Nigeria and Ethiopia as the high 80's. The igbo probably have an average iq around 95-100 like the Parsi in India and the Askhenazi among the other Semitic groups. But aside from that small enclave and groups found in Ethiopia its extremely rare for their to be parity between the cognitive capacities of whites and africans. Mentioning it to family members is probably a waste of time and will only bring you heartache.

>> No.10179094

I am grateful, but I want help my brethren. You know only americans shy away from race IQ, but most successful africans know it to be true and resent the sorry state their countries are in. Ofc theres many other factors.

An african will always do deals with a japanese/korean over another african.

>> No.10179108

do you date within your own race serious question

>> No.10179123

>An african will always do deals with a japanese/korean over another african.
Funny. I always do business with good businessmen regardless of race. Fucking weird concept right?

>> No.10179126

>i want to help
you can help them by telling them to institute eugenics programs and population control.
>im morall upstanding capitalist
t. liberal racist

>> No.10179241

>An african will always do deals with a japanese/korean over another african.

Holl shit that's complete wrong. They do business with people they trust or know.

I just know >>10178900 and >>10179094 are larping as black people. Why do people do so I dunno, maybe to provide some sort of "see this guy agrees with me" deal.

Lynn's data is complete retardation and it's basic fact how much data he fudges to make certain groups look bad or uses shit data.

Take data points, discard any that doesn't fit your beliefs, keep points that should be discarded due to being normal, use immigrant communities far form the host nation, make up data for several nations by using "racial means" to generate nonsense numbers, use IQ scores with no account of origin, sample group or time period.

Just shitty statistics.

>> No.10179249

That's not how it works AT ALL. It doesn't mean that your kids regress to the "racial mean" but that say just because a woman is 6'5 doesn't mean that her kids will be that or taller. It just means that they will be tall but not as freakishly tall as her because she's an outlier just like 135 IQ is a fucking outlier. Jamal's kid will be smart, maybe not as smart as his father but still pretty bright because they "regress" to AMERICA's MEAN.

>> No.10179256

Imagine being this retarded.

>> No.10179257

Fuck niggers

>> No.10179589

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