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Why yes, indeed, anon. Fuck niggers and absolutely fuck janitors. Quite.

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You can't say that, anon!

You're going to scare away Nagasaki Heroshimas ad revenue! How is he going to make money off us if this place isn't acceptable to McDonalds™?

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Hello, I heard that the remuneration from 4channel was 10 times that at 4chan!!

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/sci/ is a redpilled board

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You, sir, are indeed quite based and also significantly redpilled.

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but it makes no sense good sir, as they do it for free!

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ah yes, the nigger and the janitor, to defile them, an act beyond reckoning or reproach, deified by athena herself, anointed as based and supremely redpilled

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Raced and bedpilled my fellow brother of melanin enriched skin cells.

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