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>what even is the point of this
I've seen a pretty large number of economists here.

>is economics a science?
>you sure?
>absolutely sure?
>were there any other good economists besides based Neumann?

GOAT edition.

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Economics is a science. It's in the FAQ.

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Dropping economics to study math. Kiss my ass, kikes.

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>not studying both

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if you went to a school worth shit they would be very similar already

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What a great thread you've created. It will surely spark hours of intelligent and constructive discussion.

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One day people will finally realise you kind belong on the shelf with homeopathy.
Name one economist capable of predicting any metric reliably for years.
ProTip: >>>/youcant/

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>implying the rest of the board is any better
>you can't
Yes, exactly. Because if a large enough group could predict it, they'd use this knowledge for mad cash, and this would obviously affect the economy, thus rendering the predictions wrong.

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not science or math

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Economics isn't a science or math? Heavens no. You must be mistaking me for a finance major. I study the highly mathematical economical sciences. We do important work such as analysing firms and market structures and use advanced maximization techniques to theoretically derive free market's behavior from basic game theory. Without us, the economy would go broke. Our theoretical subject uses far more maths than any engineering discipline or science, including computer science, and we're practically a superset of maths.

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Economic and Maths at the LSE for undergrad
Maths postgrad at Cambridge

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Yeah whatever dude

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This autistic /sci/ guy was walking by me and said economics wasn't a science. He must be mad a chadonomics major stole his gf. Doesn't he know about all the job openings available to people formed in economics? I bet he's jelly his field doesn't have the opportunity our does. That's why he's going to work at McD's while I get six figures starting. All he must know about economics is supply and demand. Anyone who's actually studied economics knows it's all hard maths and research. We learn about Calculus like integrals, multivariable like Lagrangians, probability like the normal distribution, game theory like Nash equillibrium, linear algebra like matrix multiplication and stochastic calculus like summing a white noise or brownian motion to a tendency function. If you think this stuff is easy then clearly your school must have been shit and didn't do them in detail like our extremely rigorous math courses. End of the day, we control the money, and we control the funding this guy gets to do his stupid research on quantum skeletons and algebraic schemes. Maybe we'll give him some breadcrumps. Oh, he's going to be sorry.

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>we're practically a superset of maths.
You mean a supercategory.

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It's not a science are you fucking retarded?

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>not studying economic galois theory

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Right, my goys. I have an essay for tomorrow where I have to write about this dude's international trade theory. Tips?

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