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Some big numbers are really big.
Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity

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schizo poster lost will to live?

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That image is great stuff

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the image looks pretty fun. I wonder what it might mean, is it some function that goes from a somewhat folded plane to a straight plane to a half-sphere?

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Maybe curvature? (negative curvature, zero curvature, positive curvature)?

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Hello newfriend

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This is a collage of my most of my most important results. Indeed, the curvature is the main thing I put into it. I wanted to show how flat Minkowski space is embedded in a continuum of smoothly varying curvature. I also wanted to make it periodic, and that is a major thing in my research program. The idea is to send the curvature parameters to +/- infinity and then join them on the topological singularity associated with infinite curvature.

Another thing in there, however, is how to make a volume of zero curvature. If the curvature changes along some smooth parameter then there is only one thin sheet in the universe where the curvature is truly zero even while all our experiments suggest that the entire expanse of the whole universe is flat. However, I recently solved that problem. When x^5 is the direction perpendicular to the red plane (H), I can put numbers in the neighborhood of the origin inside H, and numbers in the neighborhood of +/- infinity on either side. Then I just have to write some function of three variables (basically) which should make everything easy that seemed hard when I thought it had to be a function of one variable.

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I feel like Jon still doesn't understand that you can't choose properties of numbers and that they should be derived from their definition and operations defined on them. You can't just define hatinf as inf just with no absorption just like you couldn't define i to be √-1. First you would have to define what i is (RxR), then define operations on it (namely (a,b) * (c,d) = (ac - bd, ad + da) ) and then derive the property that (0, 1) * (0, 1) = (0 - 1, 0 + 0) = (-1, 0) and call (0, 1) i.

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How did infinity get the property of additive absorption to begin with? I'll tell you how... someone said, "I'm going to write down a sentence that says infinity has additive absorption."

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"A real number x ∈ R is a cut in the real number line" lol no.
Also, the neighbourhood of postive or negative infinity is already defined. It's the open interval from a real number x to infinity

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>lol no
Good argument. You have convinced me with your hot opinions!

>the neighbourhood of postive or negative infinity is already defined. It's the open interval from a real number x to infinity
This is wrong but I suppose it is trivial that you have conflated positive infinity and negative infinity. Other than that, this is pretty much definition of the neighborhood of infinity which I use. I am more specific about what "x" is, however.

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If you're confident in your work, why don't you take all of it and march into a university and start showing your results?
I'm genuinely not being patronizing, I'm serious. If you think your work is really good why are you just posting it on this board and not trying to show it to other mathematicians?

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Let's see how that would. Assume I've walked into a university. Further assume I have walked into the office of the math department. Further assume that the secretary is looking away from her facebook as if to inquire me about I'm there.
Then what?

>not trying to show it to other mathematicians?
I post it on other websites too. I assume mathematicians use the internet and also look at posts on the internet.

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maybe professors there have little mailboxes for students to drop shit in
just put a copy of your paper in every one
bug the lobby area or even their offices of you can to hear what they have to say about it

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Printing at $0.15 per page is prohibitively expensive in my current state of homeless indigence.

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do you actually live in a tent? why don't you use your yt channel more often? what are you going to to about winter approaching

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At night when I want to go to sleep, I sneak into the wooded area where I have a small tent set up in my illegal campsite. I like text based posts more than videos and I have blog and news aggregator that I maintain:

For winter, I recently shoplifted a warm sleeping bag. The main issue is that I pretty much despise the company of other people and my homelessness forces me into constant and near total social immersion. Furthermore, these people might be agents selected to be in my detention area based on some criteria that makes their company even more displeasing to me than normies; that would explain the high participation rate in gangstalking among the people around me. Add on top of that that sometimes I get kidnapped and they cut me and hurt me and implant torture devices in my body which are like a 24/7 unending rape, especially this one in my anus which is like someone raping me anally with their penis but then not taking their penis out when they finished and instead I have to walk around constantly reminded that my rapists' dick is in my ass even now and the whole government just watches and gives their consent and probably shares a laugh about how I went to the hospital and the doctor would only tell me that he thought it was healthy that I thought I had a device implanted in my anus without helping me get it out of there. Compared to that, the cool weather is not such a problem.

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I tell you... while the thing in my anus is very, very rapey, and the thing in my left foot is obnoxious, this thing in my right foot fucking HURTS and it has been hurting all year, and if they drilled my bone when they put it in there (they did) then I guess I am in for several more years of pain, and it will probably hurt every winter for the rest of my life as the metal screw absorbs the cold from outside and dumps it into my skeleton.

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See... I guess they said, "Let us kidnap him and drug him, and slice his flesh and drill his bones, and then stick this thing in his foot so he won't walk like that anymore," but what they really meant was, "Let's put this thing in there so his foot always hurts and he'll have to limp around on it all the time." I had bone drilling knee surgery in 2005. I know from experience that this something which hurts for years.

This is why you're supposed to ask me if I want you to kidnap and drug me, and slice my flesh and drill my bones, and not instead ask my enemy who will get to enjoy the chuckle when I'm limping because my foot hurts instead of just walking how I usually do.

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I tell you. I am no pussy about pain but my foot fucking hurts. When I walk around on it for a while it hurts less, but everytime I sit and then stand, or sleep and then wake, it fucking hurts like there's a stone implanted in my foot. Indeed, the Ecuadorian guy started making those, "Assange is a stone in my shoe," comments last spring right around the time of the onset of the extreme pain in my right foot. The thing about a stone in your shoe is this: you can take your shoe off and shake it out but I can't do that because they drilled my foot bone and screwed the stone securely inside my foot... and everyone watching said, "This is fine."

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Not only that, but with respect to the implants in my anus they have said, I guess, "If they aren't bothering him then just leave them in there," but my gait was not bothering me at all when my foot felt fine and now my foot hurts all the fucking time and it is bothering me a lot.

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Well clearly tell them to fucking take it out of your foot then. Go back to the same doctor.

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Nah it's cool I gave them the OK when they asked and told them to defer future decisions to me so it's gonna be gg

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They must have drugged and kidnapped me, I have no recollection of it being put in there. I only noticed the slices on my heel and the sudden onset of pain. Also, after you drill into bone, there is no way to undrill the bone.

With regards to the implant in my other foot, I noticed a small crescent shaped slice on my toe, and then I started getting electrical zaps in my foot. I saw some other thread on 4chan where the guy had the exact same cresect shaped slice int he same place on his toes, and when i posted in that thread my ID said something like

which seemed to me like 4chan was telling me that the group which kidnaps me and cuts my flesh and hurts me is that cult NXIVM.

Although they have hurt me some, I will hurt them more. I will defile them but they have not been able to defile me.

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It's not ok and they are liars when they say, "He wanted us to decide for him if he should get kidnapped and drugged and have his flesh sliced and bones drilled, and to have a device implanted in his foot that is going to cause constant pain and induce a painful limp to replace the limpy gait that we used as a pretext to inflict this horrible pain on him (yes, we knew it would hurt but did not write that for obvious reasons.) Even though the surveillance log clearly has him saying he would never have gotten his knee bone drilled if he knew then what he knew later, and he clearly indicated on many, many occasions that he would never do the bone drilling surgery again, we decided that we should tell the lie that he wants us to make decisions for him and also that he actually does want us to drill his bones again and put a torture device in there which we will make up some story about so that it won't get classified as a torture device. But yeah... what kind of an asshole is going to believe that a device like this is going to cause something other than constant pain?"

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WRONG - its all about TINY numbers, that are infinitely TINY. This represents how God views all multiple universes, and this universe, from the 12th dimension

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>It's not ok
No it totally is you nub scrub.
You told me to tell them to do it so I did you big fibber.

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You may have snuck up on me while I was asleep, hypnotized me and told me to tell you to do it in a state of impeded cognition, but that is no valid order, and other than that you are a liar who lies.

You can tell, in general, who is a liar by looking at any agreement which I or my person is supposedly a party to and asking, "Is this completely antithetical to everything he has worked for, and all his ideals an morals, and is the benefactor of these agreement a person or persons who he hates and wants to kill?" If the answer is yes, it's likely that those agreements are fraud agreements of which I was never notified. I would never enter into an agreement like that, nor would I authorize the conscription of my legal person into such activities that are antithetical to the purpose of my life."

Perhaps when my former employer, Exide, gave me a stack of paperwork and e-paperwork to formalize the terms we had discussed, making it clear to me that the documents pertains to the terms discussed so that I signed them in good faith, they may have slipped in fraud papers totally unrelated to anything we had discussed. If that is true then those are non-binding agreements, and if you go on record with your contrary opinion then I will know later to make the defilement of your children extra disrespectful.

Even this gangstalker sitting behind me now, who is likely at times Jed Varner who is in turn the son of Joe Tooker, once remarked to me, "Well... you signed it," as if it was his opinion that it is not possible to obtain signatures on fraud papers and that all papers, by virtue of...

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...being signed, an inherently free from fraud. That is not the case; fraud papers do exist. If Exide gave me papers unrelated to the terms of employment we had discussed, namely 40 hours of bitch work for their private sector battery racket in exchange for a few dollars every other week, then Exide has defrauded me and their fraud paperwork is non-binding.

Consider someone who get a credit card. They call the customer service and discuss the card, and agree to some terms. Then the agent says, "Let me just email you some forms to sign," and in those forms is a clause stating that the credit card company is entitled to all future earnings of the applicant and also all assets of the applicant should be transferred to the CC company forthwith. When the applicant clicks the link to sign the email, the one the agent presented to him as having to do with the terms discussed, even though there is a fraud clause in there that says the CC company gets all assets and all future earnings into perpetuity, that is not binding and is a plain case of fraud because those terms are unrelated to verbal agreement.

Similarly, if Exide inserted some papers having to do with some governmental agency, or any agency other than a battery manufacturer, or having to do with me assigning my proxy in some matters to anyone for any reason, then all of that is non-binding fraud because it is totally unrelated to anything we discussed: 40 hours of bitch work for pay every other week at a private company. Anything other that is fraud and there is no reasonable argument to be made to the contrary. However, unreasonable arguments are often sufficient to sway the opinion of the stupid.

tiny numbers are merely inverse big numbers

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>You may have snuck up on me while I was asleep, hypnotized me and told me to tell you to do it in a state of impeded cognition,
It was pretty fucking funny at the time not gonna lie

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I guess someone doesn't like truth and deleted my answers to your questions: pic

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when an inferior party (you) and a superior party (me) disagree about whether something was funny, the inferior party's opinion doesn't matter.

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schizobro's not doing so well today

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When I get my hands on that person, they will never have another day as good for them as today was

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wait yeah why was that deleted? are you actually on to something?

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Since I am the King, they are probably wrong to force me out of my condo in my midtown in 2012, my apartment in Dunwoody in 2017, and then after a year of homeless ended with a house in Home Park, to evict me again, causing me to live in a tent I have set up on top of some dirt. Everything they do is wrong, and the people who abet their wrongdoing will pay a similar price to those who fomented it. They think they will pay a lesser price for their abettings, but they will pay a similar price.

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>actually on to something?

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This is not a troll! Seriously, it is not!!

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14 branchland court ruckersville VA fite me IRL tough boy :3 rawr XD

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This thread is obvious troll.

There is no neighborhood of infinity.
Proof is simple, and follows.
'Pick any number of the mentioned neiborhood of infinity -> it is infintely afaar from infinity. thus not in the neiborhood' -> proven.

Clearly you do not know the definition of infinity.
"alea acta est"

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You should post on /r/ or something.

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Even if these Bogoffs are the perverts they allegedly are, I am certain that they have some secret stash of people whose innocence they protect and in whose safety and well-being the Bogoffs are invested. If they have acted against me, I will search out that group that they have circled around and I will do to them worse than what they have done to me: something much more disrespectful and on a greater scale, and to a vastly greater number of people! Therefore, I extend to Bogoff the same call to mercy that I give everyone else: if you have acted against me then you should kill these people on your own terms because they will be highly favorable to the terms I offer later.

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where's the x-rays proving the implants exist?

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implants a/k/a Bogdabots

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No you're right guys, my R_inf is the null set because I don't understand the difference between "for some" and "for all" I will have to scrap definition 1.4 and 1.5 in favor of something that isn't trivial. I also have to learn some real math and understand things don't just exist because I have a definition of it, I have to prove it isn't a logical contradiction or a null set.

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I think usually the burden of showing that a definition leads to a contradiction is on the person who would claim that the definition is not useful. For the person who makes the claim "this is the definition" that claim is automatically true. If one wishes to show in other work that the definition is not useful for analysis then the burden show it is on the author of that other work.

Also, please clarify what problem arises by reliance on the phrase "for some." For instance, x = 5 satisfies
-n < x < n

"for some n" but certainly not "for all n."

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>Also, please clarify what problem arises by reliance on the phrase "for some."
The problem is that every single x in R satisfies -n < x < n for some n in N. Which makes R0 equal to R.

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wrong and stupid

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Not only that but look at all these assholes who said, "He needs to learn more linear algebra," or, "He needs to learn more QFT." If I would have gone off in those other directions, chasing other people's research rather than building my own, then who would have noticed this important thing right in the heart of all mathematics: pure and applied?

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Look, if you are not going to listen, why ask these questions in the first place?

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For some n. I will choose n=1. Then 0.99 is in the neighborhood of 0 and 1.01 is in the neighborhood of infinity.

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Okay, I refuse my previous statement. Not knowing the difference brag "for some" and "for any"

>> No.10175775

Let me revise my statement. Not knowing the difference between "for some" and "for any" unless you agree with >>10175752

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so where are the xrays? where's the evidence?

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>For the person who makes the claim "this is the definition" that claim is automatically true
no, that's absolutely not true. the burden of proof to support a claim is on anyone who makes a claim. if you claim your definition is valid, the burden of proof is on you to support your definition

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What kind of fucking asshole spends time on this crap?

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One who hasn't had a job for a couple years and is going to be homeless and die alone one day soon

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Proof of the riemann hypothesis
Refute this

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The only claim is that everything is plotted correctly. Come back when you actually have something that resembles a proof, not an engineer's justification why he believes it

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>Definition 1.6
[math]\lim_{n\to\infty}\sum_{k=1}^nk[/math] diverges
That's not how this meme works.

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I don't have access to and x-ray and if I did the x-ray tech would likely be an agent of my enemy but the evidence is this:
(1) I observed a slice on my left toe, apparently sealed with meat glue, and then I started getting electrical shocks on the bottom of my left foot. I felt them in as many as four places but lately I only feel one in the arch.
(2) I observed two very large slices on my right heel, apparently sealed with meat glue, and then I started experiencing extreme blunt pain when sit or lay down and then stand again.
(3) Digital inspection of my anus yields further evidence, there is a device implanted on the side of my anus where the one o fthe varieties of anal electrocution that I experience occurs. There is another place that has an electrocutor implant, but my finger doesn't go that far.

You might say, "That doesn't prove anything," but the obvious implant in my anus that I can feel right where I have the chronic rape/torture senstation indeed does prove that there is an implant there. With regards to my feet, it is possible that I somehow got slices on my feet and two concurrent injuries on both feet unrelated to implants inserted through the slices, but that is stupid. Furthermore, I wuold remind you that the difference between conclusive evidence and other types of evidence is that the other types of evidence are not conclusive.

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There is no meme there and you are stupid.

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just pull 1 device out of your foot and go to a hospital and tell them to pull the other 1 out of your foot. leave the butt ones in thats kinda hot

>> No.10176445

It's not hot. It's unambiguous torture. I already went to the hospital. The doctor inspected my anus and told me he thought it was healthy that I thought I had an implant in there and then sent me away without any medical treatment. I suspect the one in my right foot is screwed into my heel bone, that is th elikely cause of the constant pain I have felt upon standing froma seated or laying position constantly for the last six months an ESPECIALLY now that it's getting cold, and in my left foot I don't know if the implant is where I feel the sensation or if it implanted near a nerve in another area.

I tell you... whose idea was it to drill my fucking foot bone to fix my gait instead of just giving my and orthotic support to put in my shoe? Whoever it was, they did it becasue they knew it would hurt and they are laughing about how it hurts. This time last year, I had the ability to stand from a seated position and then quickly move. This year, when I stand I experience terrible pain and have to gimp around slowly for a while before the pain subsides. Whoever decided that drilling my bone is what should be done, and not simply giving me a thing to put in my shoe, knew that it would hurt and they did it with malicious intent.

Last year, I could rise from a seated position and then quickly move away from that position. Now they have taken that away from me and I might never get it back. Last year, i could move around like a healthy human man, now I can't because of this torture device they have implanted in my foot. Unlike the torture devices in my anus and other foot, this one is really fucking me up physically, not just psychologically, and they did it on purpose, and you are still asking them for my opinion instead asking me for my opinion.

>> No.10176461

>whose idea was it to drill my fucking foot bone to fix my gait instead of just giving my and orthotic support to put in my shoe?
Mine lmao
You got trolled hard
Next time think before spamming /sci/ and other places with your bullshit or I might put a few in ur dong

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What is Graham's Number used for and how do I write notation for it without running out of atoms to write with?

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Yeah, but I am going to defile you and your loved ones. You entire family is going to suffer and then go extinct, and everyone that outlives you will hate you, and everything bad that ever happened to you and your ancestors is what the time travelers will do because they hate you as much as I do, if not more.

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> As an application in complex analysis

>> No.10176537

No you dipshit, its because infinity is INFINITE. If I had an infinite length, and I subtracted 1 from that length, its still infinitie. I mean, it doesnt matter, either way this proof is still retarded. Tooker proves infinity is infinite if and only if it has additive absorption, then he says
>”hurr assume a ‘modified infinity’ that is still infinite but doesnt have additive absorption.”
Thats called undefined, bud.
Gayist shit I’ve seen in all my days.

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Damn, this dude doesnt know what a dedekind cut is...

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Nah brah
You don't even know who I am

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Schizo schizo schizo

>> No.10177586

posting a big number: g64

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I do know what it is. It's something Dedkind published many years after Riemann published his hypothesis.

Yes, but how far into the future do you think my ignorance will extend? Do you think it will exceed the natural life of all of you descendants, and theirs, and theirs, and on and on, such that I will never catch up with you and never take away your share in the tree of life? Maybe you tell yourself that, but do you honestly believe it? Maybe you do.

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I was looking at the structure of Gaussian wavepackets and i noticed that I will not be able to improve them very much while the product of two numbers in the neighborhood of infinity is undefined. Therefore, I defined a rule and I noticed that now these numbers have multiplicative inverses.


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>It's something Dedkind published many years after Riemann published his hypothesis.
Did Riemann know about [math]\hat{\infty}-b[/math] when he wrote his paper?

>> No.10177789

If he had, do you think he would have missed all those zeros of his eponymous zeta function? What's your point? (My point is that a definition of real numbers which did not become popular until decades after Riemann is not a definition that has to be used when treating Riemann's hypothesis. You can use it if you want to but to say that it is required is stupid because it didn't exist until years later and was not completely popular until decades later.)

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I think my numbers satisfy all the field axioms now. Is it required that field is closed under its operations?

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The definition with Dedekind cuts is identical to defining real numbers as decimal expansions.

Yes, closure is required.

>> No.10178608


still orders of Ackermann magnitude below TREE3

>> No.10178609

>Yes, closure is required.
I looked for this with google today. I could not find anything that said fields have to be closed under their operations. Do you have source that will show it is required?

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See A0 and M0

>> No.10178722

Are you serious?

>> No.10178894

Other than probably any textbook on modern algebra?


>> No.10178920

>What's your point?
The point is that it's logically inconsistent to say that any formal construction of the real numbers can be ignored because Riemann didn't know about it, and then base your entire proof around a type of number that Riemann didn't know about.

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I guess the way to make it a field is make infinity not absorb infinity such that
inf^n != inf^m

and then, say that there is at least some term
inf^{inf} which contributes at least as an infinitesimal where as any sum or product resulting the inf number which violates closure such the definition of the additive and multiplicative composition laws is modified by an infinitesimal that can be used to prove that the output of the composition is not exactly at the end point of the extended real line.

>> No.10178972

>some term

>> No.10179012

If you want to do fields with infinities, you should probably at least know about hyperreals or the Levi-Civita field or similar non-Archimedean fields.

>> No.10179203

Levi-Civita field?

>> No.10179307

Yes, Levi-Civita field.

>> No.10180001

No offense bro but you're pretty ignorant.

>> No.10180652
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yes, but I don't have any brothers and I'm not your bro.

How good is your judgement and how far into the future do you think my ignorance will extend?

>> No.10180680

>How good is your judgement
Good enough that I'm not a hobo fighting a one man crusade against reality and correct mathematics :D

>how far into the future do you think my ignorance will extend?
Until you man up and realize you're not as smart as you think, so however many more years until you finally croak.

>> No.10180777
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it's the other people whose crusade is against reality

>> No.10180785

ok retard

>> No.10180793

Have you given your addition and multiplication closure yet?

>> No.10180805

You just plantar fasciitis. That's fucking it. Even though doctor told you had nothing in your fucking anus. Please take your fucking meds.

>> No.10180914
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>just plantar fasciitis
It's weird, then, how my fasciitis began right after I got that slice on my toe and when I posted about the ordeal someone else made a thread where they had the exact same slice on their toe and when I posted in that thread it was suggested to me that human slavery cult NXIVM does such toe slicing procedures.

Pic related, it's weird how two of the "fasciitis spots were along a line pointing to the slice on my toe.

>> No.10181600
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>> No.10183374

why dont you make a "weird disheveled looking person with speech bubble" meme of yourself?
it's kind of funny seeing this post and >>10180914 right next to each other because you look so weird and fucked up

>> No.10183394

So now that you have a field with multiplicative inverses, I guess a number in the neighborhood of zero divided by a number in the neighborhood of infinity isn't going to be zero.

>> No.10183580

which fucking thread was this exactly

>> No.10183588
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>> No.10184104
File: 21 KB, 751x440, TRINITY___dimensionlessconstants.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently, without adding the "levels of aleph" from my other research, this is not a field because it is not closed under its operations. I see that
1 / [(inf - b) (inf -a)] = 1 / (ba)

can be decomposed as
[1 / (inf - b)] [1 / (inf -a)]

Each of these terms is zero so we obtain a contradiction
0 = 1 / (ab)

Therefore, I am glad I did not upload a new version of the paper with this replacing the original non-definition of the product.

Good point, thanks.

>> No.10184874

What is this “levels of aleph”?

>> No.10185523

Is the schizo an ATLfag?

>> No.10186202

>e person who makes the claim "this is the definition" that claim is automatically true. If one wishes to show in other work that the definition is not useful for analysis then the burden show it is on the author of that other work.

In the context of your picture that is a valid explanation but only if the person who created that definition then never says "There exists a real number in the neighborhood of infinity". As soon as they want to use such a number they need to prove that at least one such number exists.

>> No.10186260

nxivm doesnt exist anymore bro, and even if it did they recruited middle aged professional women, not male math nerds. it was just a sex cult for the leader

>> No.10186501

This breaks the total order on the reals.
Intuitively a total order means that when you add together two numbers bigger than zero you get a result bigger than either one of the numbers, and when you multiply two numbers bigger than zero the result is bigger than zero. You may deny that an axiomization existed during Riemann's time, but this intuition is older than him and was and will be accepted as a property of the reals by everyone.

y > z ==> y + w > z + w
y > 0 and z > 0 ==> yz > 0

Obviously your second line doesn't break this but your first does, because multiplication is distributove over addition. Take x = 2 for example:

2(h - b) = (1 + 1)(h - b) = (h - b) + (h - b) = h - 2b

but this breaks the total ordering with respect to addition. This can be seen by choosing y = (h - b), z = -b, and w = (h - b); clearly y > z, but unfortunately y + w !> z + w.

A way clearer way of looking at it is just by subtracting (h - b) from both sides, if that is allowed:

(h - b) + (h - b) = (h - 2b)
==> (h - b) = -b

>> No.10186517

correction: your second line doesn't break it DIRECTLY. If you want I can show that it does so.

>> No.10187581

bump for interest

>> No.10187931

Jon btfo

>> No.10188400

It's a concept of transfinite analysis developed in my physics research

>was just a sex cult for the leader
I think it was a fruit of the Scientologists but I won't dispute that whoever implanted that thing in me was jerking off to it afterwards

Yes, thank you. I think the contradiciton I invoked: >>10184104
is a better explanation of why it doesn't work

>> No.10188407

pls stop with this Jon was specifically asking for criticism to improve his work. He's making a lot of progress.

>> No.10188878

>he uses windows

>> No.10189218

>It's a concept of transfinite analysis developed in my physics research
It sounds like it's similar to hyperreals. I really suggest you look into non-Archimedean fields.

>> No.10189725

a wheel as an extension of a ring is something I'm planning on looking into

>> No.10189944

>The neighborhood of infinity is defined as the empty set
Peak brainlet

>> No.10190974


>> No.10190987


1 is the biggest number.

>> No.10192103


>> No.10192271

Not saying that his definition makes sense but if you really think that's what he said u need to look again. (hint you're looking for an "n")

>inb4 he didn't specify the n
yes yes he's kooky but he specifies that it is a natural number

>> No.10192350


A busy beaver is an n-state, 2-color Turing machine which writes a maximum number Sigma(n) of 1s before halting

>> No.10192385

this has to be the most autistic niche in number theory



>> No.10192393


>> No.10192398


>> No.10193075
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>> No.10193364

Now THIS is autism.

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