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Why do engineers lack morals?

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>Implying an engineer improving the process of producing chemical used in wars wouldn't be kept up at night
>implying the guys who designed war drones dont think about what they have done wouldn't be kept up at night
>implying the guy who improved the efficiency of a factory and thus cut out the jobs of multiple people wouldn't be kept up at night
>implying any job with a meaningful impact on someone else wouldn't bring these types of thoughts at night
OP is gay.

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this is literally an ntr comic

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They wouldn't because they're engineers AKA autistic gremlins.

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They're pretty much overgrown children. Intellectual eunuchs. Big picture anything isn't a part of what they are.

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And also, deferred collective responsibility is deeply ingrained in their workplace environments and culture. They think, if not me someone else. They think they're just doing what there is to do, what they think is interesting, and it's up to society to decide what's what. That's what they tell themselves. Unlike the doctor or lawyer, who's direct and in the trenches, their work has more degrees of separation.

This is pretty much how any society works. For example the Nazis. They found you couldn't just have one man shooting people all day. Ordinary soldiers broke down eventually, morale plummeted even when you plucked out the sociopaths and sadists, and it was a waste of ammunition. So they moved more primarily to the work camps and killed them in the gas chambers, etc. It's all about degrees of separation, shared responsibility, and temporal separation.

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>muh gas chambers

You left out the electric floors, bear pits, holocoaster, and peddle powered brain bashing machine.

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I didn't intend a full historical account. The point was how control structures form and the role of separation and deferred responsibility.

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Unlike humanists, they don't need to convince anyone that what they are doing is useful. Humanist looks with bitter jealousy at engineer with stable career, starts fearmongering about subject she has no understanding about, copypastes some ethics dilemma and then markets herself as expert in "engineering ethics", proceeding with hate campaigns against people who are not willing to hire her for good wage to advice them. So, engineers by themselves never have morals, because passive-aggressive humanist who would be otherwise doomed to low salary and uncertain employment told you so to prop up her own career.

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It’s easy when you’re inventing structures that never happened.

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>autist gremlins
>aka 4channelers
>aka fgs

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What never happened?

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It can be seen in other places whether the holocaust happened or not, in the same way you can see how stuff in fiction reflects the real world.

Don't be dumb.

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WAIT, speaking of being dumb I think it finally hit me. Dare I ask, am I talking to an engineer?

I think I may be talking to an engineer. That may explain it.

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Engineers typically work for for mega international firms and thus are no better than cogs in a machine. Despite anything they tell you, the bottom line is that all they are paid to care about is making money. Combine that with the fact that engineers are usually spending dumber peoples money (public money) and accountability is a fucking joke in society as general. Doesn't help that board certification of engineers is sadly failing and degrees are getting easier and easier to get. It's compounded worse by the fact that and engineering degree is the considered the benchmark for being employable and thus every dumbfuck who just wants to wagecuck in a cube for enough money to survive off goes for an engineeing degree.

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Video games don't kill people, school shooters do :^)

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Sour grapes: the thread.

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so... your wife left you for an engineer ?

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OP is gay, but so is the comic artist.

An actual deluded antifa commie who baits celebrities to gain relevancy points.
Deserves to be deported to Venezuela imo.

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Save for perhaps bioengineering?

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Guys, imagine...what if engineers, had feelings?!

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KEK at that picture.

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>having feelings

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Mutt Lang is gay.

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It's was a good movie I can't lie, even without the Trump controversy.

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How new are you

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>engineers with feeling

Thanks for the nightmares, asshole.

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Engineer here, by optimizing our munitions we can make it so that they severely brain damage rather than completely kill people. This means the enemy will spend more resources keeping these people alive. If we can do this well enough, infantry no longer make economic sense in warfare. This has been enabled by the medfags, who gave us the exact damage threshold for death and severe brain damage(in a handy dandy excel spreadsheet too!).

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I had a realization a few weeks ago while at a museum (depicting and exhibit on the history of labour) of all places that it's my job as a software engineer to put people out of work. The more people I can put out of work via a program the better software engineer I am. It bothers me. I'm a software engineer for fucks sake. I'm not supposed to care about morals. Leave that shit to the philosophers. I want to help the world but in order to help the new world I must destroy the old. It fucking sucks.

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We're gonna need another Geneva convention after that one damn

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shit, that's bothering me too

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Fuck you! This is all your fault anyway. It's not our fault you make us sit in a box all day following algorithms "/sci/ientists" create and applying them to real life. Without us it would be imaginary purely imaginary damn it.

We are just a medium that expresses your mathematical prowess. I never asked for this kind of attention.

I just wanted to be comfortable and maybe buy some comics to forget about this existential pain!


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You don't get it. If this happens then it doesn't make economic sense to send people into the battlefield. So there's the chance that less people could die, maybe.

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economic sense??? Of war???

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Oh no, engineering cog #71606 is waking up.

Administering panacea...

"Here's milkshake. Here's videogame."


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its lashing out for having small pp's

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Thank you, Hal9k. I feel much better now.


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These people...sure some of them hate their jobs, but there many others that are proud of the dedication to their job. They've been working some of these jobs their entire lives just for some wise ass like me to tell them one day that their job is being automated. Imagine that for a sec. You work your entire fricken life for a cause, making sure that you do your damnedest to put out your best effort possible for 40+ FUCKING YEARS just to have someone tell you that you are unnecessary. Not only that, but you then realize that you have been unnecessary for your entire life, and you have wasted your life accomplishing nothing. That is my job. To inflict this upon people. This is the kind of shit that makes me drink.

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>you! This is all your fault anyway. It's not our fault you make us sit in a box all day following algorithms "/sci/ientists" create and applying them to real life. Without us it would be imaginary purely imaginary damn it.
>We are just a medium that expresses your mathematical prowess. I never asked for this kind of attention.

Should have read the fine print, sucker.

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This, honestly imo. If you don't like it you should leave.

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>Just leave

Why should I leave if I can have job security?!

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*pic related*
Also, if you really cared, you would get off your ass and advance the shit out of those "algorithms" you so-called "hate" so much. Lmao. You literally could have used your intellect for anything, even automated your work, but instead you just wallow in self pity. Get outta that mind set. Use your math to increase productivity, to do less work, to do more math, to do less work, to do more math, to do less work. That's how to move fuckin' foreward.

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I'm sure you could find similar quotes all the way back to Babylon and beyond. Intelligent people have long identified these niggers and the rotten fruits expected of their pathetic cowardly existence.

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But where does it end?! What if I get too lazy from making life easy, then what?!

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Those all sound plausible coming from Nazis. It would not surprise me at all if there was a bear pit someplace in Germany.

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>Not using your mana on stat buffs so you can artificially buff your STR using INT.

And you call yourselves "wizards".

Literally, just build an exercise machine that keeps you in peak physical condition. Like, an incubator. Full simulation gear etc etc.


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And then you yourself get put out of work by a software program.

>leave morals to the philosophers

Fucking what?

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Why are you bothering being so nice to me?

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I'm not "nice".
I'm honest. The last thing you want to meet is a "nice" person. "Nice" people, tend to lie. To your face, and that, that is the epitome of BULLSHIT.

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Read my post >>10164498 to get some sense what is real going on behind these kinds of "STEMs have no morals hurr" arguments. It's all just power play by retarded unhappy brainlets.

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Weapon design is key-survival mechanism. They have morals. Self and group survival is morals.

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not paid enough to care

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naw nigga I fucking love weapons

They're made to kill, so if it's good at killing I am happy. I don't care about some goatfuckers getting blown away, it's not me pulling the trigger.

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Lol as if lawyers and doctors are so much better. a small minority of people in either of these 3 professions will actually be thinking, sentient human beings that will feel some sort of pain on behalf of others, the rest are just plain bad. Go to any medical school or law school and there's plenty of the worst people you'll ever meet.

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This image reeks of stemcelism.

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>anything apart from being soulless bastards that make a profit off crime

>giving two shits about their patients

These "comics" never cease to get more retarded

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>Benjamin Franklin quote
Funny how people that say that are never the ones in actual danger or doing the actual fighting. If that were universally true the military would not have classifications and run democratically.

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Yep. A lot of good sci-fi and other shows have covered that aspect of organizational structure. Texhnolyze being my favorite. The more bound and hierarchical force quickly scattered the looser individualistic one. Was a great portrayal.

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hmm yes I really need to consider the ethical implications of computer architecture

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t. (((Zuckerborg)))

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Oh no! He's instruction pipelining, bring in the ethics committee!

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The Internet has destroyed civilization and made everyone simultaneously autistic, narcissistic and solipsistic.

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I recommend buying guns too, that always helps take the edge off

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>the idiot guy is white
>the two innocent tortured souls are a nigger and a cunt

Wow powerful

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almost every war has an economic motive

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>all this engie hate
>from unemployed puremaths and physics plebs

Go back to work, I want my big mac dammit!

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Real life:

>God, that pharma rep has such a nice ass.

>Technically, we never guaranteed that the toy doesn't contain lead

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Idk my doctor sleeps pretty well in one of his 3 luxury homes.

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Nigger, are you serious?

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Was this the all female engineering firm collapse?

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the man supposedly rolls dice for gender and ethnicity for his characters

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Some of us are born this way, you do realize.

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Did some googling: found nothing which indicates any all female engineering firm.

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>implying most doctors and lawyers aren't just as money hungry as the average engineer

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Doctors have no morals. If they truly cared about their patients they'd go insane within a year of practice.

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EE here, I had both of these two dilemmas this year. People often get killed or injured on construction sites due to bad installations and you often get pushed to pass something that's not legit by corrupt officials or organized crime.

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You moralist scum should die. I like enforcing the west empire

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Because pure math touched their pee pees when they were kids.

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the actual quote reads temporary security you faggot

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