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>major in math and CS
>CS gpa 3.7, math gpa 2.2
>overall gpa 2.8
>grad school off limits with such shit gpa
fuck you all for telling me to also major in math

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The average CS undergrad wouldn't survive graduate school. Most CS professors recommend you major in literally anything else if you want to go to graduate school for CS.

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Sorry to hear that dude, but, aren't there a lot of programs that don't look at GPA too hard? Like you excelled in CS, maybe just make it clear that you were far more interested in the CS part than the Math part. Interviewers would probably believe you just spent all your time studying CS if you can demonstrate how much you've focused there. Got any projects/lab experience/internship/other stuff to demonstrate your interest?

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CS is a subset of mathematics, if you are god awful at the latter no one wants you doing research in the former.

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Get a job, then go back and get a masters if you want.

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>people like OP will fall for this meme

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CS is a trivial joke. The math GPA shows that he didn't just pick the wrong major but that he really is a brainlet.

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Universities treat CS at the undergraduate level as code monkey trade school, while actual CS, which is what you do in grad school, is basically just math.
>inb4 blue meme guy
I'm a math major.

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Frankly that's fine desu. I think that having an adequate mastery of whatever toolset you'll be using for your research is a great thing to concentrate four years on. it lets the slower of us think of topics to research

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to be fair most STEM fields have math as the center point of it during grad school

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Well, poor performance in math isn't necessarily due to brainletism. If you don't have a genuine interest you're never going to do well in any subject.

CS may be easy (I wouldn't know), and doing poorly in math doesn't look good, but, like, nobody gets a 2.2 GPA in math while genuinely trying unless they have a disorder. Chances are it just fails to demonstrate interest, which honestly seems more damning in Grad School than anything. Which, is why I would hope OP would have other ways to show they do actually care, because maybe given new context they'd give it greater effort.

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>Well, poor performance in math isn't necessarily due to brainletism

It is, brainlet.

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oh ok I was mistaken I guess

Are you a maths PhD?

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>a sensible and wise post, not consumed by utter condescending arrogance
I'm impressed.

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this is true.
I'm taking real-time systems and algorithms right now, and both are completely proof classes. No code monkeying whatsoever

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Being bad at math means you're bad at all of STEM.

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how to git gud at math?

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I'm doing the same double degree and I have about a 3.9 in each. It just depends on the program and the individuals

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>finish up degree
>check archival system for others delivered around the same time
>recognize a bunch of names of people I did group work with during first and second year courses
w-we all made it
(well almost all of us, a handful bailed or changed degrees.)

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If only you weren't a brainlet
I know a dude who double majored in ECE and Math, graduated with a 4.0

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>unless you get a 4.0 you are a brainlet meme

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this so much. getting my PhD in biology with a 3.0 undergrad lmao

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>mfw I'm only studying CS so that I can get a programmer job
>mfw I fucking hate math but enjoy computer science theory and programming
>mfw math will be my downfall

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Just commenting that some schools programs are literal trash.

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what do you mean anon?

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Majoring in math is 100% pointless except for bragging rights, CS earns more and a pure math major is hard as fuck. Even easy degrees like economics earn more.

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math is an acessory desgree not a main degree

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What shit school do you go to where this is true?
Where I go, besides the basic programming classes (intro, OOP, data structures) only one other required class is actually about programming whereas everything else is compilers, operating systems, discrete math, embedded systems etc.

Not sure if you guys just go to a shit school, know nothing about CS and just speaking out of your ass, or are just jealous and need to make up lies.
Really nothing I've read about CS on /sci/ has been through from my experience.

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>Where I go, besides the basic programming classes (intro, OOP, data structures)
>OOP class

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>can't argue so resort to memes
If anything the whole jealousy thing rings true.
Also the class wasn't just on OOP that's just what I remember nor am I saying it's anything complex but stating the basics needed.

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It is your fault for being born so stupid.

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maths undergrad here
I highly doubt there's a correlation between intelligence and gpa in maths, you learn quickly that the best way to describe mathematics is 'its another language'. You learn lots of different ways to write the same thing, only more generalised than the last. It's basically art really. Just gotta memorise some techniques and you're good to go. Big mistake is people not taking the time to learn the techniques and just trying to memorise everything... it doesn't work

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Why are computer scientists blue

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What school do you go to?? It sounds like we are in the same program

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I have the same experience with my CS undergraduate program. People confidently making assumptions about things they have no experience in turns out to untrue, who would have thought.

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>Well, poor performance in math isn't necessarily due to brainletism.

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Are you severely autistic? What the fuck does /x/ have to do with academic purity and what's with that idiotic leddit tier image that doesn't even make sense?

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>Just gotta memorise some techniques and you're good to go.

How do I know that you're an "applied math" major

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They were all born prematurely.

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Hurr durr Comp Sci = coding

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>not getting an A in courses that are literally designed for anyone who puts in an effort to get an A
it's not a meme, you really are a brainlet if you can't 4.0 uni

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What a brainlet
t.3.5 gpa pure maths and CS major.

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There are a lot of dumb ideas, but atheism is the dumbest. t. Nietsche

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> he really is a brainlet

Says the fellow who doesn't know how to reply on 4chan....

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if he's so smart why is he dead??

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the fuck are you on about? Double majoring (and minoring in physics) was the best decision of my early academics.

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Not him, but most of proof writing in topic classes is being intimately familiar with the basic axioms, definitions, and theorems. The rest comes from time and motivation. My intro reasoning class was really tough though since that was over random topics and was based purely on solving randomly assorted problems

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I'm dual major bio/phys. Sometimes I want to quadruple major math/chem, but I'll have been undergrad for six years at that point and I read it's not good to have and people will wonder why you didn't pursue a masters/phd.

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"Proof by following your nose" only works in Intro To Proofs and watered down theory courses.

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>Sometimes I want to quadruple major math/chem,
Do it.
>wonder why you didn't pursue a masters/phd.
Exploring your interests to find what you want to do in graduate school is good.

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I'm finishing up my Bio requirements this semester except 1 credit class which I have to postpone until last semester. If I graduate Bio this semester I'll have to reapply as post bac. Senior physics will be done next year, and already did all the math requirements. For Biology I had to do O-chem, and ofcourse I've already done gen chem/gen bio/gen phys. So for chemistry I have to physical chem/biochem, inorganic chem. Math I still need combanatrics, analysis, and some other courses.

I really enjoy undergrad courses because they're a good basis to set one up, especially with the core bio, chem, phys, and math. I just keep reading everywhere it's recommended to do a masters which as long as you do well on GRE you can do say a math and chem masters with a bio/phys bachelors, but four years for two masters I'd rather do 1 year for the bachelors and those 3 extra years can go towards a single Phd.

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is the CS program at your school ABET accredited?

which of your math classes brought down your gpa so much?

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>he fell for the double major meme
I almost did that shit two years ago anon, but I just got interested in robotics and stop obsessing over not being a mathfag

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Just got here, what the fuck did OP fail?

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Not our fault you can't seem to put the required time in

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read the textbooks

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get a job freak, get off the teat

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I'm 27. I'm going to school on my own dime. Got bored of my tradecuck job even if it paid well for only having HS education.

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As someone with a 77 IQ (I took the official test) do you think I should take CS? I was planning to study some type of social science because of my low IQ but I've heard so many stories online about brainlets doing well in CS... Wat do /sci/?

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This has unironically given me so much strength.

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I don't understand, my mentally handicapped sister has an IQ in the 60s and is literally retarded, she can't even do elementary school work. Not even the first grade let alone kindergarten.

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Idk tho bro for a serious answer, a lot of university's probably require at least calc II.

Try doing the MIT intro class, the new one 6.0001


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Probably self-study in khanacademy too, you can go far with that. Try getting up to some advanced math and see how you handle it.

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Khan academy is really not a good way to prepare for exams or higher level courses, even just Calc you're not getting an adequate education. You need to go through textbooks and work over the problems and proofs yourself. Its a nice supplement but nothing more.

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this thread is full of trolls.

i don't think OP even goes to college. probably some NEET.

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you will probably be the smartest person taking CS

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>77 IQ
your IQ isn't 77

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I'm not saying it's not fine. Just that actual CS has little to do with what you learn in undergrad.
>literally the speech of blue meme guy
Dude, just go to the CS department of your uni and compare the math used there with your meme O notation.

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