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whats hapiness?
how to measure it?
can a poor person be happier than a rich one? why? elaborate

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>whats hapiness?
i dont know
>how to measure it?
beats me
>can a poor person be happier than a rich one? why? elaborate
no clue

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Thank you for contributing.

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my pleasure

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>whats hapiness?
Not in the dictionary
>how to measure it?
can't measure a quantity of an unknown substance

>can a poor person be happier than a rich one? why? elaborate
Yes and no. If "poorness" or "richness" is the condition that is responsible for the outcome of happiness, further conditions need to be applied to "poorness" and "richness". For example, are we discussing financial wealth? Are we discussion dietary wealth? Social wealth? Intellectual wealth?

You get my point faggot

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>Not in the dictionary
are you really this much of a loser, please kill yourself

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Can a poor healthy person be happier than a rich one with pancreatic cancer?

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Hapiness = ( wealth + job ) ^women you have slept with

You are welcome OP

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>how to measure it?
Look up PERMA

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No wonder im so unhappy

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>whats hapiness?
Proper balance of reward/pleasure hormones.

>how to measure it?
Probably by measuring these hormones.

>can a poor person be happier than a rich one? why? elaborate
Why not? Poor person who just have fallen in love will be happier than rich person who is terminally ill.
However statistics show that the more money you have the happier you are until one point where more money do not make much difference.

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don't over analyse happiness or you'll become unhappy :(

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Which statistic show that the more money you have the happier you are?

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Happiness would probably be being content and satisfied with your life and self. Money obviously helps you do things that you really like but definitely isn't the only thing needed to achieve happiness. I believe true happiness can only be achieved within where you aren't dependent on materialistic things to stimulate your mind to experience happiness.

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Self satisfaction plays an essential role I reckon.

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I'm not a sociologist, but first result in Google.

Money is not just for stimulation, it's here to fulfill your needs. Without money you can be really stressed and worried.

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>Proper balance
Way to evade the question.

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the realization that materialistic things like money and happiness don't matter, is true happiness

the onyl things that matters are eternal , they can't be measured, and they can only be experienced by oneself

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All you need is found here:

>whats hapiness?
There are at least four families of views:

Balance of Pleasant over Unpleasant Experience

==Life Satisfaction==
Favorable Attitude Toward One's Life as a Whole

==Emotional State View==
An Agent's Emotional Condition as a Whole.
i.e., Happiness as Central affects (instead of peripheral affects). Happineiss as a major generator of hedonism.
e.g., a deeply distressed individual might distract herself enough with constant activity to maintain a mostly pleasant existence—broken only by tearful breakdowns during the odd quiet moment

==Hybrid Theories==
e.g. subjective well-being:
compound of life satisfaction, domain satisfactions, and positive and negative affect.

==Choosing the best denotation of happiness==
Happiness is a "mongrel concept" so that we use it to denote different things in different contexts.

So it would be a good idea to definte happiness by the practical utility of the denotation: Which conception of happiness best answers to our interests in the notion?

Or if all notions of happiness cluster around a type of state, we can use instead only that type of state.

>how to measure it?

With measures that include various dimensions like those of PERMA

Self-report measures of happiness might be a good candidate for relative happiness, like when comparing between groups of people. But there could be systematic biases (e.g. the French tending to put a less positive spin on things). So you could include questions that are less prone to cultural biasing (i.e. narrower questions or physiological measures)

It is wise to employ unambiguous cognates of "happiness" that refer to the chosen measure.

Measures might include indicators like: meaning, relatedness, growth, competence, autonomy, meaningfulness of the activities, etc.

>third question
Material prosperity has a surprisingly modest impact on happiness
and yes

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Based. Your post seems like a good /lit/ post before /lit/ became r/literature

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at least to my happiness is living life on your own terms and by your own rules

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