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I have a calc test rn. help

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Hope you fail, nigger. I hope you get caught cheating, too. Friendly reminder that homework goes to >>>/hm/. You could try >>>/reddit/ too, but I'm not sure if they would offer any more help.

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Is this what burgers do in Uni or is this some retarded high school student. Honestly, I did this shit in year 10 (in australian schools we have 12 years of school).

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[math]P = 2b + 2h[/math]
[math]C = \pi d[/math]
Hope this helps

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problem is extremely basic , too bad you didn't do your homework

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Rude. At least orient the image properly before asking for help

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Find the factor which binds the semicircle and the rectangle together (the base), formulate an equation of total area, derivate in regards the previously mentioned factor

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