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Is it even possible to find a cure for cancer?

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Delet 4chin

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Deleting clover as we speak, sorry

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Probably not, read the Emperor of all Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee. He's an oncologist and the book is basically a history on cancer, its really good. In some sense its hard to say what we'll be capable of in the future,and the leaps and bounds made in the history of cancer (it was absolute savagery treating cancer even a few decades ago) kind of make you feel like there's hope that treatment options will improve substantially to the point where people living somewhat normal lives with cancer will become way more common.

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its called CBD oil

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Royal Rife.

I suspect somatic cell theory of cancer is wrong in most if not all cases. Cancer is caused by micro-organisms, and one pleomorphic organism in particular that Rife and Arthur Kendall discovered, calling it "Bacillus X". The organism was later rediscovered by Virginia Livingston-Wheeler and called it P. cryptocides.

It can be destroyed by endogenous fungicides produced by fruit and vegetables, and various flavanoids. Rife's frequency generator ideally. At least 2 other prominent scientists of his era developed similar methods. One out of Harvard, another in France.

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axolotl mucus

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Yes, absolutely. Cancer is simply a configuration of physical material on a molecular level, locally, within biological organisms. Nanotechnological mastery, and in the biological regard, the ability to reorganize those cancer molecules in their locale, cures cancer.
So, a cure definitely exists, it's only a matter of finding the technique.

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Why people dont talk about this literal miracle more?

Fasting helped me twice in my life. Used to be a fat hamplanet when I was younger but after years of keto, other meme diets and exercices, I managed to start looking like a normal human being. All good, but i had lots of lose skin and looked repulsive. Decided to try fasting, firstly for a small periods, then i did 30 days water fast. Not only my skin got better, its elasticity returned, but on top of that even most of the stretch marks started disappearing.
Aside for that, I had a pretty annoying case of psoriasis on my right palm for 3-4 years. Ive probably spent thousands of euros for different meme doctors, expensive creams and pills and even traditional medicine methods with literally zero success. Not a trace of psoriasis left after that 30 days fast.
Sorry for the blog, but more people should know about how good fasting actually is for you. Im a brainlet and know shit about biology so i dont know the exact science behind it, but damn if it worked wonders for me

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>water fasting
Can you elaborate on this a bit? I fast chronically for various reasons, and occasionally find myself having barely eaten for ~2 days, but I often use cacao or yerba mate to enhance lipolysis and switch the body over to ketosis faster. At least, that's what I assume it's doing.

Never looked into water fasting, and would appreciate a brief summary.

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Well, pretty much, only thing I consumed for 30 days was mineral or spring water. I didnt want to drink tap water since in the city I live in, i noticed how heavily fluoridided the the tap water is and I didnt know how this will play up with my starving body.
Altho, I do admit, I cheated a few times and mixed the juice of a squeezed lemon with my water cos I didnt want to go without any vitamins for a month.
In any case, dont take my word if you plan to do a long fast, do shitloads of research on your own, consult your personal doctor, etc. Shit can be dangerous

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So you died, then? Are you shitposting from the grave now?

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Where did I imply that

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Not even the guy that just replied but you can't live off fucking water no mater how much vitamin B, A, K, and whatever the fuck they put in it, is.
You need fucking carbs and calories period.

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Not the same guy either. But people can live without food for thirty days. Maybe you can't. Pussy.

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This eating right stuff is great. But we need to get better at physically removing cancer. And have doctors with the balls to give it a shotgun >>10120683
This guy.

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>Medically speaking, most doctors agree that healthy humans can go up to eight weeks without food as long as they have water.

source: look it up yourselves I'm not spoonfeeding you and its easily attainable knowledge.

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not OP, but you are fucking brainlet
Literally all monks, christian, muslim, hindu, etc do that at least once a year and for even longer periods
>you need carbs
funny, cos ive been on keto for 6 months now with pretty much zero carb consumption and I feel better than ever

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Which cancer are you talking about? Which subset of which cancer? "Cancer" is an umbrella term that covers many different progressions of disease, all with different characteristics, many with different sets of mutations. Some cancers are butt easy to treat. Others are nearly impossible unless we figure out a way to target cancerous cells in a highly specific manner.

Theres amazing things coming in terms of targeted therapies but there is no one size cure.

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Shot. Autocomplete offends.

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You can fucking "live", but try moving after day 10 when your body has started eating its own muscles.
No excuse if you actually have enough fat to last you longer than that though.

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Eat a fucking burger

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That guy said he was a fat fuck, obviously he had more than enough stored energy.
Ofcourse you are going to have issues if you go on a month-long fast and you are bulimic

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I do, all the time ;^)

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Alright. We get it some of you are pussies. Let's talk about cancers

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Surgery is primitive and braindead, but profitable. Immunotherapy will always carry great risks. We need to tear down the medical chemical complex and start looking at what actually gets results.

My strategy at gathering leads about what might work is following sites like sciencebasedmedicine, skepticalscience, snopes, quackwatch, the CDC, the AMA, the american cancer society, and the FDA. If they're fast tracking something, that tells you a bit. If they're banning, debunking, or criticizing something, that tells you a lot. Timing is key.

Great way to keep track of the lies and the broader system.

What we really need to do is replicate Rife's frequency generator. Prevention is key however, and stuff like CYP1B1 are great leads on that front.

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To fix cancer you have to figure out how to fix litterally every possible way a cell can mutate uncontrollably. Either that or make a system that detects precisely that through layers and layers of bio bullshit.
So right now, no
Give us 200 years of nuclear winter free development, and probably.

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I have a feeling that's just the justification for spending 50 years and several trillion dollars chasing minute details and genes, with no results and trivial increase in survival rate or survival time of a given cancer.

Chemo and radiation therapy may be literally better than nothing if your only metric is survival, but there's a bigger picture here. It's crude and barbaric, and there's no incentive to progress. It's incredibly profitable.

The latest meme. There are reasons the immune system can't recognize cancer worth a damn, can't survive the tumor environment, and generally can't fight back once a tumor has taken hold. There's a also a reason autoimmunity will always be a major risk.

There are better ways. "We've tried everything, half assed and as liars, and that's how we got everything."

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I've seen the cutting edge immunotherapy stuff that hasnt even been published yet because its still some grad students thesis project, it's far from a meme.

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What if you figured out that there were very few ways a cell can become cancerous while avoiding the apoptotic programming, and that it was actually the action of a virus that was inducing these changes and controlling surrounding cells with aberrant signalling, to support an environment where it can't proliferate freely and rapidly?

Why do such misbehaving cells taken out of the tumor environment and put near normal cells, cease to be cancerous? According to somatic cell theory of cancer, they're damaged. They're mechanically incapable of redifferentiating and behaving normally. And yet...

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I don't mean meme as in doesn't work and won't materialize, I just mean relatively speaking it's just the latest in a long stream of attempt to "progress" while managing massive R&D costs and the threat of destroying your own established markets which have provided guaranteed income for the last several decades.

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Because there are fundamental differences between how different cells function? But before that, you're implying the only cause of cancer is some virus we've yet to discover?

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It's been discovered multiple times.

And remember, "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

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Eh, i really dont buy that take. The vast majority of cancer research funding comes from the government which doesnt have a horse in that race, and the funding decisions are made by regular researchers serving on grant panels. I know people who have served on those panels, profit motive is the last thing on their mind when they're choosing who to give grants to.

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Yeah I know the cure
Just don't feel like making it public

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same lol

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There are higher levels to the control structure than those panels though, which can bias the behavior of institutions and funding agencies. A number of approaches you simply would not get funding for, either because they've been rendered taboo or some other reasons. And in many cases, though I don't have proof, I suspect some of these entities are used as fronts for money laundering to other types of projects.

Regardless, there are general ways of controlling people and capturing maintaining key chokepoints of otherwise complex control networks, to maneuver a system in your favor and put pressure when needed. Many methods, I'm not sure which are at work or how it's all set up, but the overall behavior of some of these institutions suggests it's happening.

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Cancers are not a single problem with our bodies. So no

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Why can't you just take tumor material from somebody, graft it into another organism, then harvest that organism's antibodies to create a cure for the specific cancer? It works for antivenoms. Is it because the tumor has to actually be able to survive in the host organism for it to live long enough to provoke an immune response?

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You'll probably end up making antibodies to the other person's tissue in general, not to the tumor specifically

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Yes, 99.999% of the time your body destroys malfunctioning cells, it's just once in a while it fucks up and that screwy cell gets to replicate and grow at a faster rather than your body can destroy them.

Immunotherapy is (oversimplifying) an attempt to stimulate the body's own mechanism for detecting and destroying cancer cells.

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>Cancer is caused by micro-organisms,
Most definitely, we know HPV-16 is the most frequent mucosal type virus-induced carcinogenesis associated with cervical cancer.

>and one pleomorphic organism in particular
For every cancer? That's a bit of a stretch. I mean as a counter example, there are (very rare) cancers (neuroblastoma in particular) that can occur in a fetus.

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won Nobel prize 2018

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Read about the current state of immunotherapy, there's a lot of different approaches (administration of exogenous cytokines or therapeutic vaccines to increase the frequency of tumor-specific T cells, adoptive transfer of tumor-specific immune effector cells, and, more recently, the application of a variety of immune checkpoint inhibitors and agonists of co-stimulatory receptors to overcome tumor-induced immune-suppressive mechanisms.


Also there have been all sorts of attempts at things like you described since the 70s. I mean what you described is similar to one way snake anti-venom is made (or used to be made? I don't know if injecting horses with venom is still the method)

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That's why I said most if not all. Rife was doing his work in a very different time, and found for his methods it was sufficient to just differentiate between sarcoma and carcinoma. To my knowledge it wasn't tested on brain tumors, however the only modern form of electromedicine that managed to get by the FDA, Novocure's devices (the modality of which has been dubbed tumor treating fields) uses a sinusoidal continuous wave field of 200 KHz, approved for glioblastoma multiforme. Rife said most organisms tolerated a minor error (if I recall +-5%), and working on memory the correct frequency was 147 KHz. So they're very close but outside that window, and apparently their version targets biophysical processes instead, interfering with mitotic spindle formation. Slows progression, sometimes shrinks tumors temporarily, but wrong target.

It's unknown whether that organism is capable of crossing the placenta, but it's possible.

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Yes, AMA

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> read this book by Dr. Poojeet!
Yeah no.

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We're making progress.
>Gen 1: Cut it out
>Gen 2: Burn it out (radiation)
Gen 1 and 2 are still pretty gud today
>Gen 3: Take poison to kill all multiplying cells in your body, good cells or bad (Chemotherapy)
Yea, we still use this one, too
>Gen 4: Take special hormones or hormone blockers for certain cancers
This works really well if you are "lucky" to have that kind of cancer, like some breast and prostate cancers.
>Gen 5: Take poisons that work a little more likely on the bad cells
>Gen 6: Take poisons that target cells with specific markers/antigens
This was huge and made some lymphomas, gastric tumors, and stuff a lot better to treat.
>Gen 7: Immunotherapy - tell your immune system to hunt the cancer for you
This works REALLY well if you have the right cancer and aren't fucked by bad luck
>Gen 8: C-c-c-combo motherfuckers
Have a drug that targets specific markers so it goes straight to the cancer, and will activate the immune system only there, or deliver local radiation to burn the cancer only there. This is the dream, lads.
Only cancers this probably won't treat are the super dedifferentiated tumors, where the cells are basically just amorphous goop and barely human cells anymore.
BTW the gen numbers are made up, I don't really know what order they came out, but I know some of the newest stuff is really cool.

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it probably exists but people dont really deserve it
i would only give it to people that got it by nature and not by smoking drinking drugs etc.

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t. cell

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Or just fucking take something that is not poison and tells cancer to fuck off.

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At our current rate, I think we will figure out organ cloning before curing cancer any other way.

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No because cure implies you wipe it out completely, it will always come about just can be treated easier, it shouldn’t be though,

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That's called a frequency generator, and it was created to suit the very purpose of eliminating disease in 1920. And it worked.

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Is it even possible to find a cure for entropy?

You will find a cure for cancer when you have the solution for the above.

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Based on these assumptions, would the best diet for preventing cancer be that of an anti-fungal nature?

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Cancer survival rates have improved substantially since the 70s.

Don't be a fucking doomer.

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Hard data.

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Daily reminder that some cancers are completely curable with surgery or have enough of a supressive therapy that they become more of a chronic desease than a death penalty. it's not cbd oil

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We don't need to cure cancer, we can simply avoid it by removing the tumor/organ/whatever and attempt to regrow it with stemcells.

But that would mean less profits for certain pharma businesses :^)

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What about nanomachines but on a cellular level?

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Like immunity system trough immuno therapy?

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>Is it even possible to find a cure for cancer?

We can already cure many cancers.

Your problem is you think of 'cancer' as a single 'mono-disease' type thing when on the contrary its a multitude of diseases which need individual approaches to deal with.

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Yes, but it will always be treatment based and not simple.
If you can extract the genomic makeup of cells and their mechanisms of action you can use a combination of immunotherapy/gamma knife/surgery/chemo/and nano machines to greatly decrease mortality rates.

The other problem is that we don't yet have lab grown organs and the cost would bar most normal people from treatment as it stands now.

All that implemented, then yeah. We got it mostly beat.

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oh honey

we've had it for decades. cancers are induced in a way that's gonna be hard to trace...

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"Cancer" isn't a disease, it's a classification of diseases caused by malignant cells. A "cure for cancer" will not exist.

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go read about abvd and survival rates of hodgkin's lymphoma and then come back to talk shit, retard.

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dark chocolate, lots of veg, some meat but not to much nor regularly, a few fruits, nuts, h2o...

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Those all contain antioxidants, I think you're finding correlations where there aren't any

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what was the treatment like 10 years ago

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What is the Minnesota fasting study

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this thread seems like it belongs in /x/ some fucking weird ass shit going on here.
Individual cancers? Yes
Some like over arching miracle cure? Nope. Not possible.

The way cancer effects the organ it's in is radically different, one treatment for a cancer won't work the same another will. Gene therapy advancements will be useful for some, useless to others.

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t. Relies on his gullible clients to buy his diet program
Don't forget your electrolytes you madman. I can't conceive how you spent thid much time without salt or potassium. Both make you feel a lot better and a lack of them is a major reason why people feel horrible when fasting. Although people will tell you to dissolve the salts into the water you drink, it tastes like garbage if you do. What I personally do is put my required amounts inside gellules and take those throughout the day. Don't over do it on the electrolytes, potassium poisoning is a thing (but you need a lot of it).

Fasting puts your body into the ultimate survival mode. In the first two days your energy expenditure is increased by 10 to 20%. Then, the body goes back to its normal energy consumption but it also looks for ways to optimize the energy consumption which is often when people will tell you that your muscles will atrophy. This is true but not if you use your muscles during your fasting period, afterall, you need muscles if you hope to find food before your die. Your body won't just try to use muscle though, in addition to the obvious fat that is used, the body will go through a process called autophagy which will eliminate any source of nitrogen that is not useful to the body such as excess skin, cancerous tumours, build up of protein in the brain [alzheimer], etc. Another method of fasting that starts autophagy even faster is dry fasting. As the name implies, you do not drink any water for up to 4-5 days. (I would not recommend doing more than 2 days on your first try and unlike water fasting, this is actually dangerous if you are ignorant.) Dry fasting, like water fasting, forces your body to burn excess calories except that since it does not have any source of water, the body will also purge cells to gain access to the water within them.

Note that I am not a professional on the subject and would love to hear some opposing facts.

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I also forgot another great part about fasting when you do it for 7+ days. You will decrease your tolerance to insulin, which is key to storing fat and you will also not have as many sugar craves as you did before. Sugar increases insulin resistance which makes you gain more weight as a whole. Although I am still skeptical about the whole "insulin sensitivity makes you put on less fat" because of my personal experience, there is evidence that type 2 diabetes is due to insulin and it is worth mentioning that body builders inject insulin to put on more mass and weight.

Try reading about it before dismissing it with your mouth to ear knowledge.

Polytechnique is being funded heavily to make a project like this happen. The idea is to have nanobots precisely inject the drug to the cancer. This is a shit ton of coding thought and I don't know how far they are into the project.

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Yeah but what if your body is already made of really good nanomachines?

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We pretty much know the cure to cancer at this point. Just dont get cancer. Dont eat bread. Dont eat sugar. Its that simple.

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>regrettably, we run on glucose

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and plant more trees

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>pretend you dont have cancer
>stop all treatments
>pretend that people die from heart disease

there you go

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Nigga what? Cancer cells continue to act as cancerous when you isolate them. There are techniques for cultivating antisomes that depend on this fact.

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His prose is like what a community college English student writes to sound smart. His book is sensationalistic garbage.

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sure it is, just bad for the bottom line. How research works. Those most likely to cure shit like this have to beg for government research handouts.

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im on it guys

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Quantum computer that can go in and differentiate between correct DNA sequence and overmultiplying sequence

circa 2050 maybe

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Yes, it just requires gene therapy vaccines, but people are afraid of the "moral implications" of genetic engineering, so they are still trying to find that magical chemical that can cure cancer.

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Since cancer literally feeds on sugar fasting is a means of slowing tumor growth and preventing remission. Still probably going to require chemo.

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Not isolate, put among normal cells.

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who let the schizophrenic dunning krugerite conspiracy theorists faggots onto /sci/

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People think this entire pitcairnian salt rubbing board is /pol/. That’s so 2016. In current year, the whole fucking site, /pol/ included, is /x/

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this, im curious

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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raw meat diet

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Do not post pichurs of out God and prophet!

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