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what's the biological reason why fit males are more attractive than non fit males?

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Because men do all the work.

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Probably just primitive instinct. If you're fit you'll get more food and can defend yourself and others.

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i don KNOW

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>biological reason
women aren't really attracted to men. you just have to convince them that if they fuck anyone but you it's a worse deal for them. biologically they're economic actors in the sense of trying to maximize cum volume.
>offspring vitality
literal pseudoscientific meme

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Because big guys make my peepee hard

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>. you just have to convince them that if they fuck anyone but you it's a worse deal for them
the urge to dominate is real. women always follow the money. think how pathetic a woman that's cool with being homeless etc

women gravitate towards the most aggressive males. aggressive males understand value of resources etc

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Women evolved to be useless because they literally had their hands full while we did all the work for more than 2 million years. They are physically attracted to men who appear capable of violence and who appear to lack genetic damages and unwanted traits like misshapen appearance, behavioral problems and mental illness. Relationships are stronger when they are more beneficial, and they assign real value to you as an asset and keep track of that value. They are literally evolved to dip at the first sign of weakness, and are called fickle by no mere coincidence. You don't look healthy if you're not fit.

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it's a poorly understood phenomenon called "evolutionary fitness"

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i can't believe /sci/ has posted so many retard responses. do we have some novemberfag thing going? are /pol/tards bored because of nofap november and they come here to shit up our board?

anyhow, fitness is basically one of the definitions of attractiveness. if your girlfriend goes from average weight to fat fuck, are you going to think she's as attractive? no. because aesthetically, most people find in-shape people more attractive than fat fucks or stick people

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Dumb nigger

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If you're going to hate women for only wanting Chad, hate yourself for only wanting Stacy.

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Chads tend to generate more pheromones, that's my guess, coupled with the already good looking body, that attracts females.

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This one's easy.

Fitness = health = genes.

It's a simple equation from the perspective of evolutionary biology.

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ummm no

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who said i hated women for it?

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Maybe hate is too strong a word... disappointment/disgust might be more apt. It's subtle but it comes through.

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I'm shitposting m8 everything I said is deliberately retarded
>implying I think women only want chad
either I'm chad or you're on the wrong website

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>Thinking a subject as non-rigorous as biology could ever hope to explain anything
It's all hand-waving and magic wands in bio. Don't trust those clowns.

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Fit people get cancer too. Your argument is invalid.

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A fit person is healthy, indicating strong genetic fitness, therefore, he never gets cancer? YOUR argument is invalid.

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A healthy person could catch tuberculosis and die, that doesn't mean he wasn't generally healthy before he caught T.B.

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because all women are prostitutes

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Hint: they aren't.
This, basically.

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The same reason that fitter males have more mated in every single other sexually dimorphic species
Apes don’t produce pheromones and humans especially do not produce pheromones.

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more capable of defending women and their offspring
genetic health

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Obesity was considered sexy in the Victorian times, you would have to ask a historian not a biologist.

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Females are hypergamous. Their brain subconsciously associates muscular males with great power and high status (a byproduct of our primitive hunter-gatherer days). In our modern society, there are other ways for males to appear powerful and thus attract females (for example, being a wealthy millionaire)

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There’s no reason you can’t be intelligent and excercise. I’m in my second year of mechanical engineering at oxford and still go the gym

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I've seen my body get hotter the more sex I have, my butt is more firm, more chest hair, better abs, and juvenile skin.
I think attractiveness and fitness are very correlated, the more sex you have the better you look, the better you look, the best sex you have.
It make sense in a biological sense for this to work, as males we produce a ton of sperm so we can impregnate as much women as possible if there are not enough attractive men for the female population. And the more sex you have, the fitter you are to reproduce.

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It comes through because you believe it there. Because you believe women should work when they shouldn't.

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