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>computer science is for brainl-

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>Not for brainlets

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>needs an entire book to teach CS brainlets how to sort things
LMAO you can't make this shit up

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>Books use basic lineal algebra,very basic group theory,mostly combinatorics or basic graph theory.

Analysis,Algebra,Topology undergrade BTFO TAOCP in complexity.

High school math is prerequiste for books and most CS call TAOCP "PhD algortihms".

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Anon i have been a code monkey for a while now and i can say for sure that those books are fucking useless.

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lmao i breezed through those classes
i tried going through this and it's miles harder than anything in math undergrad

you'd know if you actually opened the books

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>religion is for brainl-

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>proves the existence of Actus Purus
heh nothin personel kid

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>YA is for brainl-

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Funniest thread I've seen in a long time, I should go to /g/ more often

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