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Are you underemployed sci? It seems like many of us have been sold a bill of good on STEM promises. There is always a component of individual effort, but no amount of grit is going to make up for the realities of the marketplace.

Currently we have “historic employment” and a “booming economy” but where are all the jobs? We apply online, ask around, go to job fairs etc. what do we get? Little.


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>The lowest priority workers on the diversity-hire-chart are perplexingly underemployed


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>school engineering project
>12 dudes and three roasties
>roasties start shouting at anyone who disagrees with them
>appoint themselves as leaders of the project
>make a bunch of pants-on-head retarded design decisions
>lose interest about half way through the project
>stop showing up to meetings even though they're in charge
>project is in total ruins
>we try to save it but it's too late
>a month or two later at graduation they all have job offers from Boeing
>nobody else can find work
Yes this actually happened. SWE was a mistake.

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The definition of unemployment in economic terms excludes several demographics, one of which is called "disenfranchised job seekers" or "missing workers", which essentially equates to people who are no longer seeking employment and collecting NEET bucks from the government. So basically if a person hasn't tried to find a job in a certain period of time, then they aren't counted. Politicians and the media take full advantage of this, the unemployment rate is most likely much higher than what is being reported.

t. economics major

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To add on to my last post, starting in May 2017, the BLS began considering Uber/Lyft drivers as independent contractors, which is probably contributing to the sudden increase in employment rates. I mean, if you can get a ride within 5 minutes, there's generally a large number of people who are participating in the rideshare industry, all of whom are now considered independent contractors and thus considered self employed.

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Dude why didn't you document that and inform the professor. It's 12 against 3, I bet the professor had to deal with deadweight folks in their group projects back in undergrad and would have helped in the matter. That's why smart folks get fucked over, you let people just walk all over you. If I was in your position, I would have informed the professor, with several of the other people who were actually doing work, and then assumed control of the project. I've actually done this before, you gotta grow some balls broski.

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I'm trying for a Ph.d. Realistically I should go work already but fuck working. I wonder how many men are in a similar position.
In my particular situation it is because I don't have a family nor prospects of one so I'm not pressured into getting a job. I think the same is true for many other millennial men.

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Yea, this.

I had a senior research project as a group of 4 doing wind turbine research for an energy company.

One was a grad student who spent meeting time working on his thesis. One was a Korean gal who rarely showed and spent her time looking at shoes on amazon.

The grad student was a bro. We didnt include the gal on our paper. I was voted as first author. Still felt bad though.

Then she took a number theory class, skipped three weeks, showed up to class a few times and dropped. In retrospect I shouldn't gave felt sorry for her at all.

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And risk getting expelled from college over gender bias discrimination? The university system is heavily biased in favor of women. He could have been railroaded into disciplinary action. Then he has no degree and still the problem of unemployment and debt.

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I’ve thought about this too. What’s the point of settling down and getting a family when you have shit job prospects and unappreciative women. Why not just pursue your own happiness?

I suppose I’m a little conscious of my patent’s growing anxieties about my future but I’ve achieved more than them already. They had the luxury of a good economy and everything else that benefited the baby boomers. They don’t have to live my life either. Why should their opinion of me matter? They’re just my parents. If they weren’t they’d just be another couple of old boomers. Maybe we put too much weight on the expectations of two people who had sex to produce us. Baby boomers don’t want to understand the realities of today’s world either.

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If 12 people report the same story, then it's highly likely that the department would look into it. Also, I said to document everything. I believe that one of my classes next semester requires a group project, so what I'm going to do is record the audio of each group meeting, maybe publicly or secretly. I'm not going to deal with that situation.

If I do it publicly, then everyone has an incentive to show up and get shit done, though having to miss occasionally is definitely understandable, especially during midterms/recruiting.

If it's secretly, then I'll have evidence that some members were either toxic or lazy/manipulative fucks if it comes to that. This goes for men and women.

I would prefer everyone in the group to do well, but I am absolutely not going to let someone who is going to fuck around and not show up to get credit for our work. Hell even if you just show up and do whatever part of the project you're responsible that's good enough for me.

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I went into library sciences, the sheer number of openings is insane. I ended up having to leave my last job for health reasons and they were just like
>o-ok let us know if you feel better within a year or two
because the field is in some Children of Men scenario where nobody enters.

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It's just going to get worse...isn't it?

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How was the pay tho?

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So our female counterparts are doing okay. But we're rekt. At least I'm not alone. I never had a job hehe.

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You have no idea. I suppose that in *theory* automation could lead to plenty for all, but based on historical precedent we're in for a couple of decades that will make the Great Depression look positively comfy.

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Nowhere do they mention white males. Nathan the guy they mention first is brown

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Nah, he’s just a typical amerimutt

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I dropped out of highschool when I had a mental breakdown and nobody has seen me since, I've just been shitposting in the mean time.

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You shouldn't have been such a pussy and took the reins. You could have gotten an A, a Job, and been slapping those roasties with your dick.

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>didn't fall for the STEM meme
>went blue collar
>making 100k/yr
>no debt
>banging body
>much younger GF
>enough dosh to Science as a hobby
stem brainlets, when will they learn?

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This is true
everything gets worse with time

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>12 guys against 3 women
the college is desperate to have female graduates as well anon

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I would have been in the same position if I didn't get hired through 'networking' (jewspeak for nepotism) i.e. friend of family
I used to always do well on technical interviews but fail behavioural interviews, since I was socially anxious + depressed and it showed.
I'm still a bit mentally unstable but my career is going ok now so there is some hope for me.
I feel for you neets.

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Yes, how dare a long term unemployed person end up socially anxious and depressed. Guess they should just remain unemployed. :^) Fucking HR genocide when?

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>Dude why didn't you document that and inform the professor.
Because it's a made up story.

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We get welfare and leech of the government and the hardworking taxpaying boomers (the actual ones, not the meme ones). We stop when the government realizes it dun fuckered us and fixes this mess it created.

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>everything gets worse with time
That's fucking ridiculous. What previous decade would you rather live in?

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Agreed. I was willing to work. And I excelled when I did get hired. Although it was actually managers and the like who I wouldn't get past with my interviews.

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The 1960s and 1990s were both bretty comfey.

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I've written over a hundred applications, all rejected with some cookie cutter "thank you, but fuck off, good luck and have a nice day" response from HR. Then a friend of mine mentioned an acquaintance of his who works in management for a company that specializes in magnesium products and asked him if they're looking for people with my qualifications (materials science). The response he got was basically "Are you kidding, we're starved for guys like that" and I got his private email address to get in contact with. Connections really are fucking everything.

Wish me luck in getting the job.

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>i am a sperg/dont get on well with people/have no charisma but nobody wants to hire me
It is a mystery

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Found the HR faggot. Die in a fire, asshole.

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Next time I get rejected I'm just gonna refuse to leave the building until they give me a job. Sure I'll probably be arrested for trespassing 9/10 times but I've got a 1/10 chance of an HR manager admiring my persistence or just hiring me to avoid the hassle of calling the cops.

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Yeah. I'm great at my job and contribute more to the company than most other employees but I shouldn't get hired because I don't have "charisma"

Makes perfect sense

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I have decent connections from working in fast food for the past 8 years. I'll have good references from my boss because I bust my ass for them but I have shit grades, I've been in school for an associates for like 10 years on and off and I have no connections in the industry I'd be getting into nor any previous experience in that field. I have a decent design project I can show off though with schematics and pcb layout files.

How fucked am I?

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*decent charisma
I have shit connections as mentioned later, fucking typo

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No connections, no hire. HR departments are *that* incompetent.

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Maybe I just have to find a company I'm interested in applying at and hang around in the parking lot for a bit. When I find an employee on their way out I go and offer them $500 to put in a good word for me. Bad luck I suppose if it's an HR person but that's just a risk I'll have to take.

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Good luck mate

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Look, people just don't want to worry that you're going to come into work one day with an assault rifle and go to town because the receptionist doesn't want to talk to you.

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They'll regret that when the beta uprising finally happens.

America is prime for that to happen too. Lots of unsuccessful, unemployed (or employed in dead end minimum wage jobs), beta virgins that are depressed and angry with easy access to guns. Frankly it's amazing that more people haven't gone into their workplace and blown their boss and or HR drones to pieces by now.

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applying online is mostly useless desu

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Today my coworker comes into the office for a quick handful of almonds while I'm at my computer, I swear this motherfucker was looking at me while crunching them. It sounded like he was chewing up mint lifesavers or something, it was like a movie where the sounds gets louder and louder while zooming in on the chewing mouth. About that time I noticed he smelled like ass and was covering it up with cologne. This guy literally leaves shit triangles on the toilet seats, he walks around with a sweat and shit mixture in his fat asscrack and instead of cleaning it he slaps church lady musk over it. Just wanted to share <3

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>Korean gal
You're so lucky. There were like zero Koreans in my university.

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everyones moving into coding or finance and its just a matter of time till those are just as oversaturated as engineering and you'll need 4.0 gpa from a top school plus 2 internships working for free

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>America is prime for that to happen too

It's primed but it probably won't happen because even betas understand that if they make a full blown war out of it they'll lose. The women and money they desire won't magically come from war because law enforcement and normies will push their shit in. Currently American society is willing to give them a pass and say it's mental health because they know the system is fucked. But if they have to label you terrorists they will and every online site will get regulated hard because you fucks sold out it's freedom to big business Indian shill. Also don't expect mercy from conservatives in power because they have express explicit interest in cutting social services which include neet bucks.

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That doesn't make any sense.

>> No.10114329

It's all about where you are looking and what you know how to do.
I live in an area with a vigorous oil+gas industry and I have a very versatile skillset.
>full time flow assurance job
>part time machine learning job where I also help out the mechanical eng team (pumps and piping mostly)
>my own small software company

>> No.10114352

I left out relevant information for this thread.
I got the machine learning gig after winning a ML competition.
The flow assurance job was offered to me after the same company rejected me from a job that I applied to. HR contacted me before offering the job publicly.

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to get NEET bucks you should actively looking for jobs though. thats how it is here.

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>based on historical precedent we're in for a couple of decades that will make the Great Depression look positively comfy

Why try, man...WHY TRY.

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There are just too many people on Earth. You better hope Africa get their shit together and start actually developing their countries because millions of them are gonna migrate. Their countries are gonna keep being shitholes and for some reason this makes them produce babies like fucking rabbits. They are gonna overtake BOTH China and India in population.

>> No.10114448

this should be common sense at this point, and I don't think neetbux actually exists in the US.

>> No.10114452

They're so flat they probably got mistaken for a door.

>> No.10114461

Doing it publicly will instantly turn you into 'that guy'. Have fun working alone.

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I have a masters in chemical engineering and I work the cash register at home depot

>> No.10114510

Doesn't matter to me since I only care about face, and Korean women have the best facial features.

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PHD in machine learning,

unemployed 27 year old.

No gf

Live with mother.

iq confirmed 170iq, tall fit good social skills.

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decent grades in hs, dropped out of college, no connections, only job worked at was at kroger for a couple months before i stopped showing up when i couldnt put up with the incompetent managers after i switched locations for school. applied for a job at ups online, set a date for an "interview" where i walk in, talk to a lady who tells me what set of jobs i may or may not be doing, fill out bank information, and take a drug test, then get told to some to orientation the next week. that was in january, and im getting promoted to a supervisor in the next week or so.

>> No.10114622

Did you start off as a handler?

>> No.10114625

yeah, loading. wish it was unloading but eh. sundays suck more than anything because im in the really old building on the plant and nothing works, including the fans, and we're in feeders

>> No.10114633

Yeah if I do it I probably would do it secretly, if everyone in the group is cool though then it's probably not necessary.

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How much do you make as a supervisor? I got my degree in physics and have been working at Target for 5 years unable to find real employment but ill go to ups, fed ex or amazon if there's a career opportunities in it.

>> No.10114645

why didn't you continue with masters? there are a lot of masters programmes for physics grads.

>> No.10114646

right now i believe it's $18 some-odd, and more when the new contract gets ratified. as a loader, i'm making $10.35 which will be 13-something once the contract is ratified. also, i'm only going to be a part-time supervisor, there's a full-time position as well. you can move up pretty quickly from what i can tell if you want to. delivery drivers make bank too

>> No.10114647


+1 here.
Got redpilled hard after a the second shit relationship. Quit a remote web dev job, moved in with parents and have done fuck all for a year.

>> No.10114655

My GPA was shit at 2.4 hell the cutoff to get a teacher certification is 2.5 so I cant even do that

>> No.10114665

Shieettt... At least you have a job. I'm taking some time off to really think about my future plans and apply for jobs but after 2 months I only got 1 interview lel. Also physics grad btw.

>> No.10114670

Yeah no one wants to hire a physics grad anymore even for shit like insurance and stuff

>> No.10114676

Are you sure you cannot do anything to fix that? I believe some masters programs have a pre-masters that is supposed to get you up to speed.

>> No.10114677

never heard of that before but ill look into it

>> No.10114678

I think it depends on where you live. In my country Malaysia there are a lot of electronics and chip manufacturing companies that like to hire physics grads for some reason lel. Although they only pick a few.

>> No.10114708

In america we dont make anything anymore we just do the business side of things and pay china, mexico and india to do cheap labor for our companies to increase profit margins

>> No.10114726

Men back in the day: Jerking off and drinking beer is enough to satisfy me, but I want to have a hot wife with big tits with whom to have kids so I will bust my ass so I can get to the point where I can support a 5 people household.

Society now: All of that is sexist as fuck and if you do it we will persecute you. Also, we flooded the job market with women so now you can't support a 5 people household.

Men now: Ok. Back to jerking off and getting drunk.

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>Korean women have the best facial features.
Only because of plastic surgery.

>> No.10115449

Spotted the incel. At least your hentai 2D characters can still give your life meaning, right?

>> No.10115452

>hire more women!
Also society
>why are there so many unemployed men now?

>> No.10115502

If agi does get created in the next decade, its over.

>> No.10115539

>In america we dont make anything anymore
Do you want to work in a factory doing the job of a robot?

>> No.10115551

All these fucking salary cucks doing unpaid overtime really makes ya laugh

>> No.10115562

Yea ofc no one would ever want a well paying full time job
Better to be some, 30k a year salary cuck working sales

>> No.10115575

>Science as a hobby
But anyone who is an academic knows that you don't have enough time to Science as a hobby.

>> No.10115576

More like enough money, for anything meaningful.

>> No.10115603

Nobody likes science

>> No.10115609

i'm in college and will probably fail soon and don't plan on trying again, will simply kill myself if it doesn't go my way. Why even bother

>> No.10116086

>Better to be some, 30k a year salary cuck working sales
As if you'd do better than 30k for robot work. You know who decided unions are bad, now they see why they were there.

>> No.10116187

6ft 5in tall 25yr old white male here
I almost didn't get hired at Boeing
i had 3+ years experience in the job i was applying for.
glowing recommendations and solid resume.
scored perfectly on the S.T.A.R questions.
The other applicants were hispanic or asian females age 30-40 with ZERO aerospace experience.
I found out from the hiring managers later on, that those women almost beat me out.
like they had to think about it for like 30min.

i mean damn, things are so weighed against men these days

>> No.10116259

stop complaining and hustle harder

>> No.10116314

>school physics project
>3 dudes and 2 girls
>one of the girls starts telling us what to do without even introducing herself
>disregard her handwavy "creative" brainstorming and propose an actually well-thought work plan
>everyone but the other girl agrees with me
>they complain to the professor about me not taking their suggestions
>"well, if the head of each team were to take everyone's suggestions, nothing would get done"
>next project comes up
>it involves the entire group this time
>prof just appoints me as project head from the get go and even advises me to not ask for votes and just tell people what to do
The prof was a woman, btw.

>> No.10116401

Seen this happen at aerospace engineering as well. Apparently there's often teams of people where only one or two people know what they're doing and thus do all the work, while others leech and pride themselves with responsibility. It's a disaster.

>> No.10116559

>Even Boeing isn't safe

I've worked with $big_italian_Boeing_supplier and it was quite a nice experience. Too bad I've health issues and I cannot work full time anymore :-(

>> No.10116588

We need unions in science

>> No.10116787

I wish I could fill a perplexing hot hole but I’m not done with undergrad yet.

>> No.10116891

good prof.

>> No.10116904

Why is every board a mix of /r9k/ and /pol/ now ?

>> No.10116930

2016 elections resulted in the board getting flooded with newfag redditors

>> No.10116958

>I'll probably be arrested for trespassing 9/10 times but I've got a 1/10 chance
I think you might be overestimating the odds there, mate. My guess would be 10000 to 1 chance

>> No.10117044

Work goy to pay for the diversity you didn't want

>> No.10117217

38 geophysicist here. I'd say about half of my graduating class isn't working in my field anymore. I myself am basically on contract jobs part of the time in geophysics and whatever random temp jobs I can find the other part. Part of it is just that my field is not as much in demand due to economic factors. I will note that we had 3 women and 5 men in my graduating class. Not a bad split of a science field. When we were doing interviews for summer jobs at big oil and gas companies, despite everyone being at about the same GPA, all the women got summer jobs and one or two of the guys. All the people that got these summer jobs basically just rotated between companies over the next 3 summers. Having done those summer positions really set you up for a better career later. Without that summer experience, oil and gas companies wouldn't look at you once you graduated. I felt there was a bias in who got jobs based on quotas. Anyway the most insulting part of it was that none of the women stayed in the field past 5 years despite having all the opportunities. So we now have this gap of men in my field their late 30s (and geophysicists in general). The large corporations aren't willing to be flexible in terms of training people with peripheral experience in specialized skills and so then bitch and complain they can't find qualified people. I want to be fair that my female classmates were definitely qualified and skilled in the field. But the fact remains that they took away opportunities from me and the others so they could play science for a while.

>> No.10117258

When I heard about that japanese thing where dropping the scores of female medical school applicants because they didn't believe they would stick with medicine in the long run, i had to sympathize with it on some level.

I will also say that while I have heard plenty of talk about how women are underrepresented in science fields, I have never once heard the same thing for men in terms of nursing or human resources. It's all just another form of prejudice I'm afraid and I can sympathize with these right wing fucks and their "it's okay to be white" placards. Social equality implies equal opportunity and treatment based on equal ability and character. The current system is rather skewed to minority groups at the expense of others and that's not cool.

>> No.10117431

>I have never once heard the same thing for men in terms of nursing or human resources
I have
Where I live we have yearly "Girls Days" and "Boys Days", which try to get girls interested in science and technical fields, and boys into nursing and education.

>> No.10117461

This is true.

Under the broadest definition of unemployment, the U-6 rate, the unemployment level is currently 7.5%.

However, it has decreased proportionately with the strictest version, the U-1 rate, and it is currently back to pre-recession levels, so things are still technically better even when considering part time workers and marginally attached workers. See link for graph.


I suspect the good employment numbers have more to do with a lower labor force participation rate.

>> No.10117475

I'm finishing up an ms in applied math at 27, so I'm a couple years behind
but I have some good recs and teaching experience. worst case scenario I have to teach. my thesis includes some novel work, but I don't really want to get a phd at the moment. I'll look for jobs in my area in spring. I'm nervous yeah but I'm something of an optimist when I don't spend any time on 4chan.

>> No.10117478


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File: 344 KB, 1001x1500, 1539307607379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Network, network, NETWORK! YOU AUTISTS.

>> No.10117502

>le fancy way of saying talk to people
>posts porn
fuck off

>> No.10117508

Found the underemployed incel. Try not to kill yourself.

>> No.10117509

>They'll regret that when the beta uprising finally happens
lmao control your power-level you fucking embarrassment of a "man"

>> No.10117543

What you are looking at is not pornographic, you incel. It is the tasteful display of the female form, good sir. This sort of social ineptitude is why you are unemployed.

>> No.10117547

>pompous undergrad who stores pictures of barely clothed women he will never ever meet calls me an incel
that's real cute

>> No.10117549

If it's not porn, prove it by posting the source.

>> No.10117610

Real unemployment is lover 20%. Look at shadow government stats. Our economy is really fucked up and it’s because of corporations and universities. What an absolute fucking sham all of this is. Wool over our eyes.

>> No.10117618

shut up libtard. how mad can you be that trump got the economy to the best its been in decades?

>> No.10117622

Lmao shut the fuck up idiot. I voted for trump you dumbs CUNT. What fucking jobs has he created please tell me? Or does he just keep talking out of his ass and lying? I like him but his fucking economic recovery has been fuck all.

>> No.10117629

weak trolling. Go ruin another board

>> No.10117633

>some people got a better job than I did despite ruining a group project we were both in

What an insightful story on the millennial condition. Thanks.

>> No.10117646

I’m not trolling dickhead. I legit voted for
Him and like him but his economic promises haven’t come to fruition. BoL stats are fudged to make things look good. Ie Uber Drivers are considered independent contractors

>> No.10117647

then this is not the place for serious political discussion. Go away

>> No.10117655

>challenges your dumb assumptions
>lol don’t talk to me

>> No.10117671

companies are forced to pay a premium for minimum of subpar work

>> No.10117676

Social justice lite cancer has infected corporate America to an irredeemable point.

>> No.10117709

Why doesn't anyone care about us doomers? We need employment too

>> No.10117737

This , what is the point for killing yourself in a shit job if you don’t have to sacrifice for a family?
I only work jobs I want , If i can’t get those I’ll shitpost in the net till it get it.

>> No.10117740

I already did my Masters and I'm considering doing a PhD, but having had the taste of just Intern salaries in industry is making me think twice about living the next 5 years on a PhD stipend.

>> No.10117744

Is it worth it to have 2 similar bachelor degrees?

>> No.10117756


>> No.10117761

This was a year long project for Design Build Fly that we each spent several hundred of our own dollars on, plus school and donor funds. We were supposed to compete against other universities with our aircraft, but the end result was so terrible on so many levels that we didn't even end up going to the competition. What rustled my jimmies is that the roasties took it over even though they didn't even care about the project.

>> No.10117766

I didn't know engineers had it so bad kek. In my field most of the women are legitimately competent.

>> No.10117782

The problem was that they literally didn't care about anything else besides being in charge. They wasted literally months of precious time having us do all this pointless paperwork for concept selection and scoring, which they then rigged to tilt the scales in favor of their shitty ass preferred plane configuration. This thing was supposed to launch out of a tube into the air as per the competition guidelines, and they forced us to use a conventional single prop/large main wing/small tail configuration "because that's how airplanes are supposed to look", even though we presented some much better alternatives. And then when it came time for detailed design they forced us to use the shittiest balsa wood construction possible even though our school has really advanced composites manufacturing facilities several of us had already done a lot of composites layups for other projects already.

I could rant for like five posts of solid text, but I need to stop myself.

>> No.10117793

Underemployment + unemployment for any decent STEM major for males is under 10%. General engineering, for example, is at 2.9% unemployed and 4.2% part-time employed. Information Systems, 3.6% part-time, 2.8% unemployed. Computer Science, 3.1% unemployed, 3.7% part-timers.

If you're unemployed currently even with a "useless" bachelor's degree like business administration or english it's really your own fault, you are the 10%.

>> No.10117801

The labor force participation rate has consistently hovered at 62.7-62.9% for the last five years. And the vast majority of people who aren't in the labor force are willingly unemployed (stay-at-home spouses, retirees, people in school, etc.). The reason it declined in the early 2000s was because long-lived Baby Boomers were retiring.

>> No.10117811


>> No.10117816
File: 136 KB, 1049x712, lf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In fact, the proportion of the population in the "wants a job but can't find one" category of the non-LF population has been declining or staying the same outside of recession years. Currently about 5 million people fall into this category, the same as in 2004. Even though the population back then was 292 million and it's 327 million now.

>> No.10117825
File: 155 KB, 1243x710, lf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If we look at the "discouraged workers" category, we again find that the only blip was in recession and recovery years. It took a while to go back to normal, but towards the end of Obama's presidency and into today we're back at mid 2000s levels.

>> No.10117832

yeah but its still roughly 3% lower than what it was before 2008, and the last time it was this low was the late 70's. I am not sure that Boomers retiring accounts for the same decline post-recession as it does pre-recession. Although I guess it is possible that 2008 could have forced some people into an early retirement.

>> No.10117841

Whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves, anon.

We pay $10/hr starting with health insurance after the first two years.

>> No.10117847

Retirees do in fact account for the bulk of it. See the following, the prpoportion of people who wanted a job but couldn't find one or who got discouraged is about the same as it was in the mid 2000s or mid 1990s.
Aftershocks of the recession (or the LF being artificially high to begin with) account for the rest.

>> No.10117848

That sucks anon.
Reminds me of the time I was dating an EE who was the captain of electrical systems in our Uni's solar car team, but he ran that team pretty well.

>> No.10117855

>the government realizes it dun fuckered us and fixes this mess it created.

The government of a republic has no problem solving capability when ruling over a country the size and diversity of the US, especially with universal suffrage. You're on your own.

>> No.10117916

>>Be physics and math major that graduated last year
>>Have physics internships out the wazoo
>>Want to get into engineering
>>Cant get an engineering job since no engineering experience and cant get experience without some kinda job

This shit is getting ridiculous I just want an engineering job. Hell I even got my EIT cert but that hasn't helped at all, in fact I've gotten less interviews since I got it.

>> No.10117920

Why didn't you major in engineering?

>> No.10117921

>Retirees do in fact account for the bulk of it. See the following, the prpoportion of people who wanted a job but couldn't find one or who got discouraged is about the same as it was in the mid 2000s or mid 1990s.

Interesting if true

>> No.10117928

Thought Physics was pretty cool till I realized Im WAY better and enjoy engineering more

>> No.10118018
File: 24 KB, 229x220, 9E3E3019-B18D-490B-94ED-4042EA43E3D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dad is dentist
>makes snide remarks about me never going to dental school
>still college grad, going to law school soon on my own dime
>went to school when it was easier to get in and there weren’t stacked admissions and Asians flooding the process
>mentioned he was offered a teaching position at a dental school in our state
>declines the offer
>doesn’t realize how connections work, doesn’t realize how beneficial it could be to his strange idea of having me go to dental school, just decided to jerk around and sleep after work

I fucking hate boomers

>> No.10118024

>still college grad, going to law school soon on my own dime
STOP. the market for law school grads relative to their debt, effort, and opportunity cost is fucking terrible. Unless you're at a top 10 or something.

>> No.10118028

Yes I’m aware but i have a strong desire for the area I’m going into.

>> No.10118040

Only 80% of law school graduates get JD required or preferred jobs, many of which are part time. 65% are bar pass required positions. This doesn't count the large number who drop out.
For $250,000 of debt and 3 years of lost wages it's not just bad, but disastrous. There are already too many law students.

>> No.10118043

Idk who you’re trying to convince but you can stop. I didn’t ask for you opinion my man

>> No.10118055

Not him but on the same wavelength. We're just saying...have you considered dental school?

>> No.10118059

Don't listen to them. After watching suits I almost want to become a lawyer but I'm already caught up in life. Just watch Suits if you need motivation.

>> No.10118148

ITT: angry bigots with terrible personality and coping skills having to work for something for the first time in their lives

oh wait, that's just /sci/. carry on.

>> No.10118175

You're the reason we have swaths of law school students contributing to the pitiful 66% full-time longterm JD-required employment rate of law school grads. With median 1-5 year salaries of around $60,000 which is similar to a good B.A./B.S. despite the astronomical time and money expended.

>> No.10118195

give the guy a fucking break.

>> No.10118206

Why don’t you calm down dawg. I want to open a private practice after getting experience in my field. Money will come after i her skilled at my craft.

>> No.10118226

No, he's a lawyer.

>> No.10118233

Lawyers are about to be replace by AI anyway.

>> No.10118247

I’m assuming op probably doesn’t have the necessary preconditions to apply. In USA the requirements are stringent and think of the opportunity costs of taking classes and lost wages whereas with law school, one can just take the admissions test and apply.

>> No.10118248

>But anyone who is an academic knows that you don't have enough time to Science as a hobby.

Thats because academics don't actually do science. They are too retarded to actually do anything other than jack eachother off over their meaningless research papers on abstract and useless information. I am the one that has to read hundreds of these fucking idiotic "peer reviewed" papers of textual cancer to be able to piece together anything meaningful. I ended up just going into the lab and tested it to find out that the "progress" these retards made over the last 5 - 10 years could easily be done in a week in an undergrad run lab.

Academic research accomplishes nothing other than burning through money at an astonishing pace.

>> No.10118270

This is sadly surprisingly relevant to me right now, given that both my parents are nagging me to go back to college and get a job too, despite the fact that neither of them seem to have any clue what the actual larger picture is regarding both of those things. And they both lecture and berate me for being 'a lazy bum who does nothing but sit on the computer all day'. So what if that's true?

And you know what my idea of "success" was back when I was a little kid? World domination. Multibillionare. Scientific genius. All the luxury and power money can buy. Ah, the blissful ignorance of childhood. And it was something I came up with on my own (mostly thanks to being a science-&-money-obsessed sci-fi nerd with Asperger's Syndrome) - my parents had jack-diddily-squat to do with my dreams. And it was my own ravenous appetite for knowledge that knocked some sense into me as I grew up (I had some rather stupid-as-shit ideas as a kid). Learning does a wonderful job of making one realize how utterly impossibly fanciful one's dreams are.

So with that lifelong dream shot to pieces by reality, nowadays I would like to just settle with being comfortably middle-class... just, one problem: I don't know what to fucking do now. As delusional as it was, that dream of world domination what I had - but now I don't really have anything to be enthusiastic and ambitious about (and it doesn't help that high school pretty much burnt out all of my energy anyways...), and with current world and national events as they are now, I've pretty much given up on everything being all bullshit.

Yet I continue getting nagged by my parents, who still don't understand how their so-called "life experience" means nothing when the modern world is so drastically different from the one they grew up in. It just pisses me off so much just listening to them repeat their bullshit over and over again, that I just end up being flat-out obstinate out of spite.

>> No.10118320

>Academic research accomplishes nothing other than burning through money at an astonishing pace
Somone's bitter that they never got an exorbitant research grant that pays for you to go on a vacations where you sip on margaritas at the hotel bar, while your undergrad assistants trudge through a jungle to find samples of an illusive plant that has "promising cancer treatment properties".
In reality, you already are fairly certain (from the self-affirming Study concluding that "the p-hacked correlations shows a possibility that we're really on to something here (we're not), but we JUST NEED MORE MONEY FOR FURTHER RESEARCH, to 'validate' our conclusions".

The best thing about it is, when you come back to the Uni with a bunch of nothing warped into a spreadsheet that looks like something after dolling it up with some statistical plastic surgery, they give you a pat on the back and tell you to keep it up.
How is it my fault virtue-signaling plebeians give me money to research "cures to cancer", when the they only ask for a jargon filled report spoon-feeding them all the crap they want to here?

>> No.10118323

yeah, they were probably good leaders and just need competent employees to work for them? of course a professional employer would snap them up.

>> No.10118380

>I am the one that has to read hundreds of these fucking idiotic "peer reviewed" papers of textual cancer to be able to piece together anything meaningful.
and yet academics are the only ones to actually make the breakthroughs that redefine fields of study.
the architecture of the computer you're shitposting on right now was invented long before the first computer was built. by someone who was "jacking himself off" over his meaningless abstract information.
if you look at the science behind ANY modern technological device you'll see it's all based on 100% abstract models developed by professors "jacking" themselves off on "useless" information.

>> No.10118401

You could do it in a week because you have a paper to refer to, they didn't. All they had was hundreds of sources to puece together to make one coherent experiment.

>> No.10119341

>graduated Summa Cum Laude from state university with degree in CS
>was also TA for Mathematics and Electronics physics courses
>wind up working for local government as system technician, plugging in Ethernet cables and installing Windows 10 for decent money
I am happy though, i will admit that much.

>> No.10119369

holy fucking shit man, the similarities i see in that one

>> No.10120245

>I ended up just going into the lab and tested it to find out that the "progress" these retards made over the last 5 - 10 years could easily be done in a week in an undergrad run lab.
They didn't have anyone to tell them how to do the experiment though.
You're a fucking brainlet.

>> No.10120598

>i am a beta fuck who cant stand for himself even against dumb women
>how im not getting a job???

Kys faggot

>> No.10120691

All I know is this: where I live, there has been a building boom for several years. Builders and contractors are making bank. They basically will give you a quote, and when it gets time to need them in a few months, they'll up the price.l What are you going to do? There are no available contractors. Everybody's busy. "It's been too long, quote's too old." "Oh, you didn't mention it was going to be 5% more area for the siding - it'll be twice as much." That kind of shit. So you're sitting there with a project on hold waiting for this thing to get installed... what do you do? Bend over.
Fuck STEM. Learn a trade.

>> No.10120781

>I don't think neetbux actually exists in the US.
It's called SSI disability. The actual check is paltry (like $700 or shit) but along with EBT and other gibs works out to barely livable.

>> No.10120999
File: 5 KB, 250x174, q5OL30E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>boomer hires pajeet degree mill holders for half of the salary worth

>Wonders why Naturalize citizens with B.S., M.S. PH.D.s are working at walmart and mcdonalds.


>> No.10121015

Seems like it's just companies exploiting the 80-20 rule. You get the key people and then it doesn't matter who else is there so you fill that shit with the diversity hires for your free 'good boy' points. The thing they fucked up is they didn't realize those diversity hires refuse to even do the 20% of work they need to do and they also are prone to getting the actual hard workers who do the 80 fired.

>> No.10121079
File: 90 KB, 642x808, preplexing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes yes but can we talk about this guy's face for a second?

"Whatever Bob just grab any human suit off the rack, just stretch it over your scales!"

>> No.10121083

>It's called SSI disability.
You have to have worked for n years (10 I think?) or not worked at all to qualify for SSI, even if you actually have a real disability.

So many people have used SSI as a supplement to their unemployment that it's very hard for actually disabled people to get SSI unless they got in when the getting was good.

t. Tried to get my mother SSI after she couldn't work anymore due to chronic migraine headaches

>> No.10121098

How many of you have an MS or PhD and have been unemployed for longer than 6 months?

>> No.10121107

shills being paid over time to distract the up and coming youth

>> No.10121128

Are you me?
I also have a degree in Physics but graduated with a shit GPA.
I'm trying my luck with operations analyst positions because most people don't know how to use EXCEL lel.

>> No.10121138

Fuck anon, same, only I hesitated taking the FE exam because thought it wouldn't help much without that >engineering degree.


>> No.10121147

government jobs are pretty comfy desu

>> No.10121178

>80-20 rule. You get the key people and then it doesn't matter who else is there so you fill that shit with the diversity hires for your free 'good boy' points.
what the hell man, how did people come to think this was more important than getting people who can do the fucking job

>> No.10121199


>> No.10121916

Your fault for being a pussy

>> No.10122721

Guess what? It's a pol meme. If companies hired retards who can't get the job done they would close down. Nobody here knows how hard it is to keep things running well

>> No.10122948
File: 144 KB, 800x1199, the_doc_is_in.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How long have you fags been unemployed? I'm nearing 5 months. Gonna end it soon lads.

>> No.10123127

No one wants to hire the next office shooter, get over it

>> No.10123303

He means watching rick and morty whilst browsing his favourite sub reddit

>> No.10123307


>> No.10123312

>failed doctor makes snide remarks you don't want to spend your life pulling teeth and filling cavities
lol why tho

>> No.10123316

Imply that you're comtemplating suicide and they'll leave you alone

>> No.10123530


>> No.10123640

I have a bachelor's in data analysis and I knew I should have seen the writing on the wall and now I can't get part-time jobs, full-time jobs, jobs I'm overqualified for, jobs I should be a perfect fit for, barely any bites. It also doesn't helpsl my metropolis is in the middle of a Great Californian Exodus where LAliens realized, "wait you mean there's a city almost as big as LA AND it has affordable rent?"

Which of course, their surge into has caused rent to skyrocket.

>> No.10123663

The real redpill isn't thinking that your vote doesn't count and that's why nothing gets done. The real redpill is realizing everyone's vote counts and that's why nothing gets done.

>> No.10123669

Why the homophobia?

>> No.10123837

The world they knew died, and they won't wake up and see mine. For all the fearfulness I see in my mother regarding the world outside, she can't seem to connect the dots regarding my outlook on things.

>> No.10123847

I'm just so tired

>> No.10123848

>If 12 people report the same story
.... then it is a conspiracy. You cannot win.

>> No.10123874

>It's primed but it probably won't happen because even betas understand that if they make a full blown war out of it they'll lose.
What does the beta unemployed insane virgin ugly "entitled" incel have to lose exactly?
Do you realize how dangerous people who have nothing to lose can be?

>> No.10125171


>> No.10125193

3 months since graduation with a masters degree, got a few more months before my bank account balance reaches 0.


>> No.10126051
File: 59 KB, 655x407, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>beta uprising
more like beta mass suicide

>> No.10126054

san diego?

>> No.10126065

haha cuck, why didn't you just implement a democratic decision-making system where each of you had one vote. if they didn't agree, all of you could have threatened to quit. you could even make the roasties votes count double for "diversity" purposes. that's how I handled roasties in my school projects. nerds really need to learn politics

>> No.10126083

or you know.. the gooberment could just stop paying you welfare & autismbux because they decided all whiteys are racists

>> No.10126088

idk about pure sciences but most new engineering and computer-related ideas and research have come straight out of universities

>> No.10126097

>flooded job market with women
that's a meme. most if not all jobs are being taken by illegal spics

>> No.10126111

sounds comfy. congrats on your test anon. in your spare time could you work on a waifu AI for me?

>> No.10126116

>good sir
oh look at this dude

>> No.10126119

chemist here. Can I get materials sci jobs if my experience is mostly org & inorg chem, or did I have to actually work on materials projects?

>> No.10126127

im in the exact same mindset friend. you probably already know this stuff but Ill share what my mentor told me.
>PhD is a "research" degree that teaches you how to be independent in studying
>nothing to worry about but your research due to your stipend
he really recommended I pursue a Phd and said it can be the best years of your life

>> No.10126189

I know a guy who has a PhD in electrical engineering but works minimum wage at KFC

>> No.10126199

>I know a guy who has a PhD in electrical engineering but works minimum wage at KFC
No, you do not.

>> No.10126206

yes I do. I also know two mechanical engineering graduates who run a small restaurant.

>> No.10126228

why do they suddenly care about men? nobody gave a shit before, why now?

>> No.10126232


>> No.10126272

1.its easy
2.the money is good

>> No.10126274

Yes, I'm underemployed as a software developer only making $140k/year.

If I had more motivation when I was studying I might have gone to grad school and done something better with my life.

>> No.10126407

Even though this story is fake its still a great cautionary tale for why group projects are cancer.

>> No.10126411

>>went to school when it was easier to get in and there weren’t stacked admissions and Asians flooding the process
If you genuinely think your dad had an easier time going to uni in the 70s you are on another level of delusion. Academic inflation has made it easier than ever before to get into post secondary education. Your dad worked more and harder than you will have to to achieve the same level of education, speak to any older professor on the topic.

>> No.10126413

You are a high school dropout with an iq of 90 arent you? My 6 year old nephew has a better grasp of what science in its totality than you do.

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