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>that guy whose solution to literally every proof is induction

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That's not that bad at all, and it's pretty rare. Those guys are nothing compared to the
>every single proof is by contradiction
fuckers, who are everywhere. I've even had professors who write like this. Drives me batshit.

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Those are the best proofs.

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The chad nonconstructive proof vs the virgin proof by construction.

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wow their faces

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>"assume X with said properties does not exist"
>proceeds to find X
>"we have arrived at a contradiction, therefore our theorem holds"

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>that guy who phrase induction proofs as proofs by contradiction

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I often get the feeling the Bog nay-sayed my theory.

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contradiction is the most powerful tool you fucking faggot

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jon, what did you use to make those figures in the top left (the lightcones-on-trajectories and the 3D rectangle sheets)? TikZ?

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I once tried to prove n^2 is congruent to 0 or 1 mod 4 using induction and contradiction, then I realized i was retarded and wrote the 2 line proof

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>2 lines
You mean n congruent to 0 implies n^2 congruent to zero, etc?

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Which one, then?

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??? Every natural number is either an even number or an even number plus one, so their square must be congruent to either 1 or 0 mod 4

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that's because 0^2 and 2^2 is congruent to 0 mod4 and 1^2 and 3^2 is congruent to 1 mod4

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??? This is something which I already know

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just pointing it out for no reason

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>take base case as definition
>inductive step, assume true for n-1
> define quantity at n

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Honestly I don't even like the usual proof that there are infinitely many primes. Just rephrase it without contradiction:
Take any finite set of primes
Their product +1 is not divisible by any of them
Therefore no finite set of primes is complete
Therefore infinite primes

No reason to say "Assume finitely many primes."

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In some areas, like computability, induction is your standard tool. I've typeset assignments that are over 20 pages long just because they're full of long ass inductions and nested inductions

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This is also why I hate the typical diagonalization argument.

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