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If I turn off my inner voice I'll be able to think in abstractions.
Won't that increase IQ and processing speed?

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I have a very high IQ. My inner voice is like, "Blah blah blah," pretty much all the time. Baboons don't have an inner voice. That is something special for people.

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No. Because the abstractions in your head are not necessarily intuitive, so you need that inner voice to put your thinking into words so you can detect inconsistencies and errors.

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They can be intuitive if I try to make them so.

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The high IQ way to process is to do it subconsciously.

It sounds like a joke, but it is surprising the complexity's of problems your subconscience can solve.

I often think about shit for a while, but if I stop making progress I stop consciously working on it, but if you return to similar problems often enough, your mind will keep at it even without you knowing. Its very common to come back to the same problem the next day, already knowing how to solve it. I even get solutions in my dreams sometimes.

Don't underestimate your mind's ability to solve problems.

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How can you make sure that your subconscious is actually working on it?

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I don't think you can, but in my experience, when you put a lot of time into a type of problem, eventually your mind will get used to thinking of those kinds of problems. I was working mechanical designs(something that was new for me when I started), where there are at least 1000 bad solution to a problem for every great one. The great solutions were not the ones that I reasoned out. The great solutions were the ones that suddenly popped into my head as if they were obvious, only they were never obvious before knowing them.

I also think It depends a lot on what kind of problem, and what your mind is accustomed to, like how some people will have an easier time thinking mathematically than others.

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This, the "hardest" problems I've solved we're solved this way, while dreaming or just popped up like an obvious reasoning randomly. But I don't know if it is high IQ realated. I actually think IQ is a meme

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What makes you think IQ is a meme? Between population groups it's usefulness is questionable, but within them, IQ is a very good predictor of life outcomes

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That's really just turning off an extra tool your mind uses to process. Turn it off and you're just left to focusing on your thoughts. Which is fine and probably happens automatic when you're driving fast or doing something that channels your concentration that otherwise shuts the voice up.

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Your inner voice works in conjunction with abstractions. You don't have to use words for everything because it an switch to pure imagination mode and back whenever without losing train of thought.

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I very rarely have an inner voice. Sure I think better. But socializing is harder, I have to choose words that fit my thoughts, rather than just speaking easily without really focusing on synthesizing sentences. For most people that's automatic.
I think an inner voice is better for less abstract purposes, but I fare better in more abstract things. Such as math, societal observations, visualizations, visualizing architecture in my mind etc.

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Yes, funnily enough IQ actually over-predicts Black performance relative to White in most areas.


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However I should clarify that it has very high predicative validity for both groups.

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If you really get into something you're working on, this will happen automatically. You don't have to think about "turning it off", and trying to will probably be counterproductive.

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I think that it is good for evaluating overall abstract thinking, but I think of intelligence as a more complex process. IQ works because if you can reason correctly in the test is more likely that you can do WELL in life. However, I know the best mathematicians, physicists etc had high IQ, but there's smarter people according to the IQ scheme that can't come up with intuitive ideas like those made from other persons with lower IQ. I believe that empricism and the capacity of connecting phenomena is better for coming with new ideas. I think IQ tells me how easily someone can understand something, but doesn't tell me that he can come up with something. I believe in luck more than I believe IQ.

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