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Due to the nature of the education system in my country, I haven't had any STEM classed since 9th grade. I'm 21 now and can barely remember anything beyond a 5th grade level. I'm tired of feeling like a retard, where do I start on how to improve myself? I don't think I'm necessarily dumb, I'm at the top of my classes at university in my History degree (which isn't a high bar to set, I know), I just don't like being scientifically illiterate.

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>barely remember anything beyond a 5th grade level.
>I'm tired of feeling like a retard
Intelligence and knowledge are two different things.

>I'm 21 now
Based zoomer. Played any Fortnite lately?

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where are you now?

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how did you not take pre-calc or chemistry in highschool? there’s a wiki page that will bring you up to speed for any STEM major you want well past undergrad. Use the sticky

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crash course youtube

>inb5 trigniggered autisticals

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youtube, textbooks, khan academy, and so on and so on... Check the wiki or old threads for recommendations, we get these kinds of threads pretty often.

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This. Based Khan can teach any retard the basics of almost anything.

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I have my doubts about this list.

Nothing about it seems very objective, more just of "This is what I was assigned freshman year, so it must be the best!"

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The list is fine but I would swap out Precalculus in a Nutshell with Lang's Basic Mathematics if you've never don't anything past Algebra 1/College Algebra.

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THOUSAND FUCKING TIMES THIS. People might ridicule this shit, but Khan Academy showed me how simple shit math is and 5 years later I'm a physicist working in a national lab doing my PhD. I enrolled in uni at the age of 21 as well.

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Physics and chemistry are ok, but are you trying to make him an engineer with those math books? Simmons? Are you fucking retarded?

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>but are you trying to make him an engineer with those math books?

I can't tell what this is supposed to mean.

Do you mean the whole engineer meme of "pi = 3"

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Why? If you're going English-Roman, why would you not pick NABRE or even just wait until 2019 when RNJB will be released?

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>not having any STEM-related classes for all of Gymnasium

are you /skandi/, anon?

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Please no. This is too autistic. If you can't explain difficult concepts in a simple way than you shouldn't teach.
Books should be classified in how good they are by the their content but written as if you are trying to explain it to a total brainlet.

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You can't do that at the graduate level which most of those books are.

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Yahweh is Yahweh and not LORD.

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Can someone explain to a brainlet like me the different audiences for these two lists?

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First list is high school grad level. Second one is 4th year undergrad / graduate level.

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If youre scandi and choose something non stem you deserve this fate

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>First list is high school grad level

I would not expect a high school graduate, with no college, to be able to understand that first list.

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So you understood everything from that list in high school? Kys.

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Not him but in my country you have philology and social sciences specializations in which you do neither science nor math.

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Everything is Freshman / AP level or stuff that builds on earlier material on the list.

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>t. butthurt CS major

How many times did you fail calculus?

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good god that's retarded
At my HS half the bright Juniors could do that course work. Meeting sophomore Econ majors who can't do calc is horrifying.

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My "math senses" didn't kick in until I learned about basic logic and inference in high school. Most of math is folding existing information into new non-obvious facts. It also protects you against people using run-around bullshit logic to scam you.

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>Those tits will never be real
Fuck me...

Also, yeah, Khans is exactly what OP is looking for

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Math is more of just learning a new language.

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hey I'm top of my History class too

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Sorry anon, you will forever be a brainlet now. Just give up on becoming a scientist.

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A man is a brainlet only as long as he chooses to be

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Explain the joke to me.

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Kinda unrelated but I feel like this is pretty common.

I failed calc twice because I never had to study in high school and would ace exams. Calc was the first class where I had to sit down and make a concentrated effort to practice so it fucked me the first two times. After I learned how to study I've gotten As in every math/science course since.

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Crash Course is unironicly good for brainlets like OP

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Most scandinavians pick non-stem studies. It's because after 9th grade, 14 year old kids are given the choice to drop all rigorous science classes for the rest of High school.

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God, we really need to overhaul the wiki, it's fucking embarrassing.

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What are your suggestions?

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