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If you had infinite time to solve one math problem, what would you pick?

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If it takes infinite to solve it will never be solved because everytime you seem to have solved it it would take a little longer to ACTUALLY solve it and because of that I would pick no problem at all and fuck you mommy instead

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How to lose my virginity

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I didn't say what problem that takes infinite time to solve I said you had infinite time to solve any problem. That means you can solve any problem that takes finite time, even if it couldn't be solved in our universe.

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what is a non-perturbative formulation of string theory

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The problem of whether the continuum hypothesis can be solved with infinite time.

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the final principles behind feet aesthetics

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How to suck on her toes without getting arrested.

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Step 1: commit a crime
Step 2: go to jail
Step 3: Perform sexual services in exchange of protection
Step 4: repeat
Congratulations you are no longer a virgin

Also if I had infinite time, the Millennium problems, of course

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Something unsolvable to keep infinite time because one is solved then I'm no longer guaranteed to have infinite time so I might as well never actually solve it and live forever.

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I'd find out what the last digit of pi was.

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Go to Canada or Japan or Holland where prostitution is legal. Have very low standards, stop jerking off for a week and then get tinder or go to a bar and pick the sluttiest looking low quality woman you can stomach. You can also just strike up a relationship with some nerdy mediocre gril and eventually she’ll have sex with you if you aren’t effeminate and show obvious interest.

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the mathematical secret to this woman's amazing legs and feet

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if I had infinite time then I'd be dead

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>Go to Canada or Japan or Holland
or literally anywhere outside walmartland

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It's 1/sqrt(10) (|1>+|2>+|3>+|4>+|5>+|6>+|7>+|8>+|9>+|0>)

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Not exactly a problem, but I'd go for mastering everything about dynamic systems.
Also, fuck you, I'm string to stop fapping

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I would literally master every field of mathematics and attempt to solve every open problem possible.

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jesus christ op i almost touched my pee pee

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I would calculate how fucking huge that bitches feet are.

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her legs are so fucking long

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le genius braaah

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proving or disproving the existence of true randomness

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Randomness is more complicated than just existing, or not existing open your brain, let

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fuck off you cunt

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Barnett integrable functions

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>continuum hypothesis
it cant

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this is a strange meme right ?

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Exhibit a. poor reading comprehension.

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>strike up a relationship with some nerdy mediocre gril and eventually she’ll have sex with you if you aren’t effeminate and show obvious interest.
>pick some mediocre Chinese girl for this
>her bf is some piano god on a paid scholarship

Why god? Why have I been singled out?

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See BBP formula

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f(x) < -1/12, or Rammanujan's meme infinite sum of all integers.

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its because you are a beta and autistic, more likely to get roled into sexless platonic torture relationships with women than any other male demographic. Make sure she is single first anon, but trust me just show you are sexually interested without explicitly being a horny faggot because she will be repulsed by you undoubtedly and eventually she’ll fuck you. This is if you just want to lose your virginity guaranteed, not if you want to have sex easily. to do that you should lower your standards a lot and make a tinder or go to a bar. If you are ugly lower them to your level of ugliness, be honest about it and get over that you would be rejected by most women. If you do this i promise you will get laid semi-frequently. that’s literally all there is to sex, its just matchmaking.

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sounds like a lot of work
why not just switch to men instead?

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The Hadwiger conjecture. And once you find a counterexample, you will have a lot of free time left to do other things.

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If this girl was a successful mathematician, would you kill yourself knowing she will never even look at you?

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P vs. NP

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If I had infinite time, I'd obviously solve the problem of infinite time

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this is pissing me off

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>tfw you noticed the outfit first

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How to wife that

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you just need some confidence bro

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It's not because I am beta and autistic, I have recently been looking at girls who are not as "looks" focused because I was hoping they may be more down to earth, but they all seem to have boyfriends.

This example:
>sit with friend early in lecture
>she's busy studying
>sit next to random chinese girl who is the only other person in room
>have a good talk
>random chinese girl is sitting in the classroom early for some reason
>I am meeting study friend at the classroom before we go else where, so I talk to chinawoman while I wait
>brings up her boyfriend in relation to one of the topics we were discussing

This is like the 5th time it has happened recently. Which is why I said "why god...". Especially since I have been trying to avoid girls who are super attractive and have a gaggle of men chasing after them.

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>fails the midterm

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Existence of infinity

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x = 0.9 + 0.09 + 0.009 + ...
10x = 9 + 0.9 + 0.09 + 0.009 + ...
10x = 9 + x
9x = 9

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No fuck off stay out of my fucking country you degenerate scum you are ruining Amsterdam.

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Sex with NPCs is beastiality
You'll only regret it

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How to find a semi autistic infj mathematician and make her my waifu

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