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>"While it is never safe to affirm that the future of Physical Science has no marvels in store even more astonishing than those of the past, it seems probable that most of the grand underlying principles have been firmly established and that further advances are to be sought chiefly in the rigorous application of these principles to all the phenomena which come under our notice. It is here that the science of measurement shows its importance — where quantitative work is more to be desired than qualitative work. An eminent physicist remarked that the future truths of physical science are to be looked for in the sixth place of decimals."

A famous quote, made by Albert A. Michelson in 1894. Often used as a way to make fun of the "folly" of those who preach the "end" of science.

But doesn't it feel that we're very close to it now?

I fear there is very little left to discover. Certainly, there is a great deal of mess that needs to be cleaned up. But discoveries? Those are quickly becoming an extinct species.

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>High voltage power lines
To think I used to find these kind of beautiful.

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What changed your mind?

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Their effect on biological systems, and I moved into a different frame of mind in a different frame of life. Less creative / experiential detached observer, more discerning. It's strange how little of the old state is left.

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>Their effect on biological systems

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Isn't physics currently busted as fuck? We're so aware of how little we know now as opposed to then. We still haven't been able to make quantum work with relativity, no?

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I used to use that as a reaction image.

>Office of Technbology Assessment 1989 - Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields
>Electromagnetic Fields and Circadian Rhythmicity(1992)

Though not strictly power frequency, this gets at the gist of it. Modern review articles have been done on ELF - power frequency fields, but none immediately come to mind and I or you would have to pick around a bit. Bawin and Adey were two researchers I found very interesting early on, and their work was a definite entry point.

Bawin 1978 - Possible Mechanisms of Weak Electromagnetic Field Coupling in Brain Tissue
Bawin 1996 - Extremely-Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields Disrupt Rhythmic Slow Activity in Rat Hippocampal Slices
Adey 1993 - Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
Adey 2002 - Electromagnetic fields, the modulation of brain tissue functions — A possible paradigm shift in biology

And if you're interested further I recommend the book Magnetobiology.

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(Also Wertheimer and Leeper, etc. Lot of research done on cancers)

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If I live by the big static magnetic field, would it anyhow help me defend against all those stuff?

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Get a load of this faggot.

We're simply reaching the limits of what we can understand without the use of powerful experimental and computational technology. We've picked the low-hanging fruit so to speak, the insights that we can acquire using just our brains.

As these relevant technologies improve, so will our capacity to make further breakthroughs in the future.

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She a cute.

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She a cute. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to this biological system :^)

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Sort yourself out, anon.

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>Get a load of this faggot.
Why the homophobia?

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>muh Pinocchio absent-daddy cult
I'll stick to 2D waifus, thank you very much.

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Science isn’t anywhere near to being closed. It only seems that way because the only discoveries left to be made can only be done with massive amounts of funding and manpower.

The age of the gentlemen-scientist is over, but that does not mean we’ve reached the end of discovering all there is to know of the world.

>tfw born too late to be considered a genius for working in calculus

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I’m sorry, a what?

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this is what the great wizard cavemen told their students. "there can be but little more, We have control of fire and we count the stars therefore science is perfected" oh how wrong it always is everytime and forever more

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A lot of the easily accessible microscopic physical rules, maybe, but there's an enormous class of phenomena that emerges from large systems- see all of solid state, chemistry, and biology

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Get a load of you.

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Cancer Clusters caused by high voltage power lines in residential areas was a big deal in the 80's and 90's.

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> because a contextual statement was wrong once it can never be correct

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And a broken clock is right twice a day. Doesn't mean you should go by that clock.

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Oh, the hoax?

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Why would the great wizard say “Science” and not “Magic?

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>If it was true back then, I'd know about it. Someone would have told me.
>Present > Past

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Are you sure you meant to reply to me?

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There are Greeks that said everything that can be discovered has been discovered. Don’t be an idiot OP. Every single generation of people has thought the same thing. We barely understand anything about quantum mechanics, and we haven’t explored the universe at all. There are probably entire branches of science we haven’t discovered yet

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See >>10063576

People need to stop using the past as a guide for the present.

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Just wait for quantum technologies, and then quantum simulation enabling quantum chemistry. Let alone quantum biology, it's been shown very clearly that at the level gene replication quantum effects are in play, possibly even coherent effects.

There's a lot to come anon. Capabilities beget discoveries.

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>quantum biology
>quantum chemistry
Could you explain to a brainlet why slapping the word quantum before something makes it revolutionary? What exactly are quantum biology/chem and what makes them important

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>For the last 5000 years we’ve seen a consistent growth in technology, all along the way there have been naysayers who say the end is near
>The most laughable is a quote only 100 years ago before the biggest industrial and technological boom in the history of human history
The past is all we got, and historically speaking, anyone who’s made such claims have been fools. There’s no reason to think the end of scientific discovery is near when again, we barely know anything about the micro world and the extended universe

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It's about understanding and simulating reality with finer granularity, and getting closer to understanding underlying biological mechanisms. For quantum biology, for example, see: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/419590/quantum-entanglement-holds-dna-together-say-physicists/

Quantum chemistry is already a significant field, and again it's about building chemistry up from the fundamentals; at a simplest level that is, for example, getting the hydrogen atom from quantum mechanics, this then leads to concepts like valence bonds and other atomic bonds, and this then specifies what's possible in chemistry. Simulating this, and using it for e.g. molecular design requires an enormous state space, and quantum simulation is mandatory in this domain. This will lead to a more complete understanding of chemical processes, and also more practical outcomes such as improved drug design.

So this should make open a large area of investigative science, as whilst we're reaching consistent microscopic models for behaviour there are many real phenomena we can't describe in any detail.

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I can’t wait for the Quantdumb meme to die

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You dare question the Great Wizard?

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Great Wizard hunts for himself, if he so powerful.

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Do you know of right-triangle-triplets?


Then YOU hunt, fool.

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