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What can I really do with a masters degree in mathematics?
Britfag here - my aim is to go to Warwick, I'm going to apply to Oxford as well but tbh I would choose Warwick over Oxford.

I will most likely be choosing pure options - going to take 100% Mathematics, then about 20% Physics.

(Warwick have a system of CATS, 120 CATS is a full load or 100%. Typical module is worth around 6 - 12 CATS so I will be doing about 120 CATS of maths and 24 CATS of physics.)

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Anything math-related.

Meaning science, statistics, finance...more!

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I wouldn't recommend taking >120, OP, unless you're really asocial. WTF am I talking about, you're here, hit it.

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Doesn't every university in the UK use CATS?

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I'm not sure, I've only heard it from Warwick but they could.

Would it be too much you think?
I heard that the average is about 110 - 120%, so I would be at the high end of that. I don't want to end up having to study 24/7 as I want to experience university life to the fullest - going out to the pub etc and having a laugh.

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Oxford is great for Pure, Stats and Mathematical Logic, less good for Applied. (So sayeth my mathmo friends at Oxford)

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Yeah Oxford is top for stats AFAIK, I'm not really that interested in statistics though. I know that Warwick is second in pure research - just behind Imperial.

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Getting into warwick for maths is pretty easy.

A typical successful Warwick applicant probably only got around 70 on the Senior Maths Challenge.

They don't even ask applicants to take STEP 3, just STEP 1 and 2. I'm not sure if they even require applicants to pass Step 2, they might just ask them to sit it.

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Warwick's also shitloads of fun - I have a friend there and I visit every now and then and it seems like they have the balance between social and work very finely tuned.

Oxford's great, but I don't have time to do a lot of the stuff I want to

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I don't know why people put so much importance on senior maths challenge - I only got 49 on it yet I'm good at STEP papers.
I guess it's a different kind of maths - I'm a whizz at A-level for some reason, calculus is just something that clicks with me completely.
Got a 1 on most that I've attempted, even a few S's.

This is only STEP I and II of course though, only just finished C4 and doing further next year.

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Yeah this is why I want to go to Warwick really, it seems much more fun.
I'm guessing a lot of people at Oxford would be extremely work-focused, and it wouldn't be as enjoyable - also there doesn't seem to be as much on, Oxford is a lovely place but seems a bit sleepy for me.

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Why would you reject Oxford for Warwick? o.O

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Math can get you into pretty much any field really

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>49 on the SMC
I've never met anybody who was that bad at the SMC who was actually good at maths overall. An acquaintance of mine who got into Warwick got 68 as I recall on the SMC in his final year, and he was definitely in the weakest 40% of people who took further maths at my school.

If you are actually good at maths (and by the way just doing well at single A level maths isn't really a strong indicator of this) then you're an outlier.

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I didn't do any practice for it at all, I'm not sure if that has an effect. I have heard of someone getting about 10% on SMC and still getting into Warwick..

I guess I am an outlier in other respects as well - I got 2A*, 3A, 4B and a C at GCSE yet now I am predicted straight A* grades for my A-levels. I think the single A-level maths is a joke and can easily get 100% on C3 and C4 papers, I guess the further modules next year will be a better test of my ability but at the moment I've got STEP and the upcoming A2 exams to focus on.

Also is it just me or is Oxford maths admissions test REALLY easy?
Can get 90% on those things quite easily within the time limit.

Hmm it's rather strange considering that I didn't understand the concept of an angle or a graph until late Year 11 - my knowledge and ability seems to have just increased exponentially since then. That wasn't due to me being less academically able minded - it was due to me never paying attention in class. Since I have started doing this my mind seems to have gone into maths mode.

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itt: tsr

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You can do anything!
(within reason)

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So true.

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