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Prove me wrong

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K then prove it's real

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This goes both ways. Claiming something is anything other than null is itself a claim, and therefore the burden of proof lies equally with you.

If you cannot accept this, you will remain null, and your voice will not be heard.

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Prove you're real.

And don't even think about giving me any of that cogito ergo sum.

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>implying the earth doesn't naturally get colder and hotter or whatevergayshit

I fugged ur mom

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nice to see you agree on the warming

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>i have no argument

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Prove it doesn't happen normally then

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no need to

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wtf why is this sticked?

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luckily im clever enough not to fall for it

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Its true becuase when there's money its global warming to tax globally. Gibs me dats monies slavies.

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ur a hypothesis a shit

give me a set of specific hypotheses you want me to disprove, and I'll hop straight to it.

Til then, lrn2science pal

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I never made a claim here. OP came and posted a statement with no argument to back it up. That is neither a way to start a discussion nor convince anyone. It is merely shit posting and any argument saying it's a valid way to start a discussion only supports OP possibly being able to attack other arguments but not form one on his own. Threads such as these should be filtered.

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>I never made a claim here.
True enough.

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>Modern science is wrong because I say so.
Amazing. You must have put a lot of work into constructing that detailed argument.

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Any non popsci links?

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Who cares about earth, we want to survive.

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scientists recommend skepticalscience.com
so there it is

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If it gets warm, even naturally, it's global warming. Nobody talked about the fact it's caused by man.

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>Any non popsci links?
Nobody is going to bother digging through climatology journals for a lazy-as-fuck "prove me wrong" thread.

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wtf why is this stickied?

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lmao, all these NEWFAGS, get it together /sci/

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because the mods are based and redpilled

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If global warming is not real, then why is it hot outside in October?

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