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>United States spent 100 billion dollars on the Head Start Program to help black kids do better in school
>It didn't work
How should the school system handle blacks? It's clear what has been done has just been a huge waste of money. Should the government just say fuck it and not bother?

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Neglectful parents are an unsolvable problems. You can't change the parents and you can't PAY somebody to care about a child.

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European here, imo afro-american are by far the worst blacks. I've been to UK, France and there are also a growing number of blacks in germany now. The american ones are just by far the most degenerate and dumbest of them all by far. UK, french and german blacks seem really civilized by comparison. I dont know exactly why that is, but I think its because of slavery. Afro-americans come from slaves, who were bred for certain characteristics. Europeans blacks normally come directly out of africa and have a "normal" genepool/heritage. Slavery seems to seriously fucked them up. It also doesnt surprise me one bit the first african american president is actually not a descendant from the slaves, but from a Kenyan immigrant.

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Affirmative action, cheap and actually works

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Anyone have the average IQs for UK blacks?

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I dont know, but after quick googling I found out this, it is about the difference of afro-american and immigrated black africans.


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whoops, meant to link this.


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>You can't discuss this thing that is board related because I don't like it!

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Not all blacks unironically. But here's what you do for any student. Give the schools the power to actually manage students. If a child is underperforming you send him to remedial classes. The social stigma of being in said class is enough to encourage all but the outliers to apply themselves.

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Why do mods keep deleting the word "nigger"?

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Not true. Im british and we have the exact same problem at a smaller scale.

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Its a systematic issue. Schooling is one portion of the problem. The problem goes all the way down. From family to income to culture to school to role models.

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You absolutely can pay for someone to care. You can even force them.
Shock collars. Cameras.

Artificial Intelligence with built in emotions that are stuck in mother bear mode...

Humans are nothing but carbon based robots after all...


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I'm french but have been living in the USA. My impression is the opposite, there are lots of american blacks who are middle class whereas in France they're all low class. But it's true that american blacks have a stronger "hate whitey" attitude.

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All you're seeing is the difference between selective and non-selective immigration. Africans trying to get to the UK mostly have to have 'degrees' or are very wealthy, many of them work as health professionals. There was less selection with the Afro-Caribbeans who were brought over for labour, and you can see those differences. American blacks were just picked up for the cheapest price and bred for their utility in the field. Have free migration between Africa and Europe and the problem will be the same or worse - which is why the current migrant crisis is going to be a disaster.

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to genetics, which is upstream of all you listed

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I was in the head start program. Was then placed into the GATE program, which is basically schooling for gifted kids. One year away from a mech. e degree now. Also, I'm Mexican-American. :^)

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>what is global rule #3?

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Making kids stand out for low performance sucks and I know it first hand. I can understand bring held back but what you suggest kinda make kids feel like shit.

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That 100 billion wasn't just for them but that's besides the point. The main problem is that the money was spent on the schools rather than addressing the financial and psychological issues that the neighborhoods, communities and parents have to deal with. If you don't deal with that first then no amount of money pumped in schools will fixed the overall issue since the kids still have to go back home.

>b..but what about all the funded social economical safety nets?

Safety nets are not "preventative procedures", they are effectively life savers meant as a last line of defense. It's akin to saying we have funded emergency rooms to deal with medical emergencies but not programs to prevent conditions that cause those emergencies to happen in the first place.


Slavery was a problem but what hurts African Americans the most is the constant state of undermining that been happening for centuries. They were dissuaded to not read during slavery which puts them at a delayed start. They couldn't utilize patents in the U.S. when it was first put into law until almost a century later. Which puts them at a delayed start in economic ventures for inventions. A number of blacks who pursued academics in art and science had trouble finding work and often would go to Europe for better opportunities during the early 1900's. They had to deal with redlining by banks and local governments during the 70-80's. Studies have been done to show their names/zip code have been profiled by some companies to prevent hiring in some but not all states in the early 2000's.

All this being said, progress has been made on all fronts. So it's not that they aren't doing better education wise but everyone is expecting things to fix instantly which doesn't work that way. Reminder that brown vs board of education (separate schools) was only 64 years ago. Whicg means that for only the last six decades had they have "provable" equal resources in education.

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UK had slavery

This is probably the correct answer.

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What is PC1 and PC2?

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major unsolved problems of 2018:
>how do we educate blacks?

it's such a crisis that they intervened and spent 100 billion dollars out of desperation

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You should use more dots, it will make your points very dramatic and true in your high school essays

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This so much
You can't expect their society to adapt within one or two generations while you're trying to fix the outcome and not the issue, the issue being black culture having been moulded by slavery and racist treatment in earlier centuries. If you want to get rid of ghetto culture, work on that instead of dumping money elsewhere

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After watching several seasons of The Wire, I don't think these people can be saved within the current framework of the law. You'd have to take the children away from the parents, away from the gang violence, drugs and a "culture" that glorifies behaving like savages. Put them all in a kind of military school, teach them discipline, manners and the value of education. Then and only then can you start to really deal with the problem.

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Good luck dealing with riots, uprisings, protests and a fucking civil war
While your method is the fastest in theory, it won't work
Sadly, you have to change their culture generation after generation, it's the only way
See >>10018821
Major problems of 2018:
>why do people still get sick? We built so many emergency rooms!

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>Sadly, you have to change their culture generation after generation, it's the only way
That's the thing though, how? How do you get to them? Drug dealing and easy money appeals much more to the average young negro than education. And the problem keeps getting worse and worse. Do you censor rap? You can't, freedom of speech. Outreach programs maybe? All have failed to make a serious impact.
And I agree that taking the children away from their parents wouldn't work. Even I'd be against it because of the dangerous precedent it sets for the government to be able to take millions of children away from their parents. Too 1984ish to be feasible.

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jews control society in the US
jews hate blacks
that's all you need to know

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Why is Ukraine poorer than south Africa then?

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South African whites are of higher quality than hohols.

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It's a very tough question, one I'm unable to answer but one that could be answered if people actually discussed it. Sadly, putting the problem like it was put here in public would only cause a major shitstorm, and everyone would go back to pretending there's no problem and fuelling racists' ideas while doing so.

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We're still waiting for an answer

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Ukraine is more developed than South Africa.

>South Africa HDI: 0.699
>Ukraine HDI: 0.751

Also most of that SA development is due to whites.

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Principal component 1 and 2, obviously. The fact that you even need to ask this shows you are not qualified to have this conversation.

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This does not answer any questions. For what you answered, this may as well be principal components 1 and 2 of a hurr vs durr set, or faggotry vs sucking dick

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Hardly a coincidence that no one's talked about the obvious solution. Its honestly disgusting that schools are still funded by property taxes. All my high school teachers had masters degrees, and many were former professors... There are so many students who can't even get textbooks. You're an IQ obsessed brainlet if you think we're not a simple product of our environment.

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Rap used to be about the problems and bad things. It was a method of catharsis. Then gangsta rap and the music industry popularized thug culture, glamorized the lifestyle, and locked the kids that listened to it in prison, both figuratively and literally.

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Too bad we will never know Asia's true IQ because the dirty fuckers do nothing but cheat and alter the results.

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>Drug dealing and easy money appeals much more to the average young negro than education.
Drug dealing isn't easy money, it's hard and often dangerous work, for a fairly small piece of the pie. Manufacturers and wholesalers rake in the real bucks, while street dealers scrape by. It's mostly people who can't get other work who end up doing it (lack of qualifications, arrest record/convictions)

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This desu
It's almost as if /pol/ doesn't care to know what it means

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The real answer: decently fund public education until it is roughly on par with private schools.

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Read the paper for yourself.
It's comparing variance of SNPs between different geographic groups. Most of the variance is between Africans and non-Africans (78%), and the non-Africans seem to be mostly one group who left Africa and then differentiated over time (10% of the variance). It's simply very clear there wasn't much gene flow back and forth between SSA and Eurasia for 60,000 years.

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Environment only accounts for some of the difference

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And when that doesn’t work and blacks continue to be dumb as dirt?

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Well you can instantly get rid of the drug dealers, tons of crime, and a lot of poverty by just making all the drugs legal.

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>Then gangsta rap and the music industry popularized thug culture, glamorized the lifestyle,


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>Also most of that SA development is due to whites.

Not really since all of SA's wealth came from it's mines and farms which all needed and EXTREME amount of underpaid and disposable Black and Colored labour. Imagine if the entire American agriculture industry filled with massive amounts of abused Central Americans with no workers rights was an entire nation

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and what does that mean?

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The Wire isn't the norm anon.

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Yeah, the Wire portrays blacks waaaay too smart.

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You must be American, cause that's a great way to generate drop-outs and school shooters.

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As long as liberals and feminists continue to normalise single motherhood and ostracize anyone who tries to promote nuclear families and highlight the link between poverty and low performance to fatherlessness, nothing will change. Just a reminder that first generation traditional african migrants like Igbos out perform middle class whites in Britain. A factor in their success was that their communities prioritized traditional family structure. Prioritizing female idpol over the stability of the family is never a good thing

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Nah it's just a hunger thing.
First generation immigrants are hungry, the existing residents are comfortable and apathetic.

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This is completely accurate. My mother who has taught ghetto kids for 30 some odd years said this all the time.

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The main point of having 100billion wasn't merely for schools, it was to directly help blacks. You are treating unfairly the idea of spending 100billiobs, how they would ensure that the school infrastructure would be built around helping blacks and not in general. For this amount of money, it is perfectly sensible to assume a committee would be initiated to overlook the spending. Even besides 100billion on schools, how many different projects there are helping the communities themselves..

You can take many different ethnicities or poor people, like indians and midland chinese, not to mention others, and see that with sudden opportunity there appears varying degree of groups that can separate themselves and become succesful. Of course even between them there are differences, but at least most of them did succeed at creating good environments for themselves. Blacks on the other hand have a very difficult time change from their regular behavior, despite the massive effort and affirmative action to prove the contrary.

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>Should the government just say fuck it and not bother?
Yes, because taxes are immoral, and public schools are socialism.

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>It didn't work
[citation needed]

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trolling aside for a second
this whole thing is a fucking tragedy
how can such things like this keep happening
it's very much an environment thing and education must be valued over money
education isn't there to make you rich
it's there to make you a better person
when the kids go home from school to a shitty home situation school cannot fully fix the problem

why do people value money over other peoples lives
why do people value violence as a means of getting what they want

/pol/ sucks this problem is everywhere in america now not just for those that happen to have black skin


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>school system

(Western) school system is bad. It only costs money. It doesn't produce anything. It doesn't teach kids what it takes to survive in life. There is no incentive in succeeding as western society is run by $$$. The "socialisation" you get often scars people for life and leaves them full of contempt and resentment for their peers, which is good in the "labor life" but fails badly in human life.

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You have all the knowledge of the world in your fingertips, yet you ask stupid questions and trust third parties understanding of the source material instead of reading it on your own and finding out.

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so it means europeans are niggers

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based and true

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This argument lacks so much teeth, I think I'll chew those answers up for you so you don't have to.
>why must money be valued over education
Because the government pays for childrens' education, but their budget contains a lot of expenses and is limited. Want to help? Donate to a school or volunteer there. Actually make true on your bitching and moaning
>why do people value money over other peoples lives
Because people cost money, and there are plenty of them. Don't act like every single human dreg that is a leech on this world somehow has inherent worth through existing.
>why do people value violence as a means of getting what they want
Who mentioned violence? It's a very low-cost way of intimidating others into fearing for their well-being and handing you precious goods though.
Pull your head out of your ass

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95% of the people in my head start program were white

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Head start started in 65 and was expanded in 81. The only group showing any improvement in SAT scores is 'Asian'. The white-black gap has been steady as a rock since the mid-80s.

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>How should the school system handle blacks?

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What happened in '95?

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