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>"infiniddy is real"
>the maximum speed C is finite
>the light horizon of the observable universe is finite
>math doesn't even work with infinity
Explain yourselves /sci/.

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this is now an americans thread.

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Back to >>>/x/ with you.

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Atheists belong on >>>/reddit/

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>relativity, time dilatation and anti-matter are /x/
you need a new bingo, or a brain

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fuck off back to >>>/pol/

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No u.

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Mathematics is a metaphysical representation of "infinity".

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Infinity isn't real.

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What is your definition of "infinity"?

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>math doesn't even work with infinity
You have to be >high school level educated to post on 4chan.

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How do we avoid being taxed to death to pay for fat people's accommodations and health care?

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An unbounded quantity that is greater than every real number.

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"Infinity" isn't a number (it's logically impossible), so this definition is wrong.

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Spotted the popsci turbo normie.

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Read the definition again, this time with your brain switched on.
The definition states inf isn't a number.

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Doesn't matter because it's still being used as one. Infinity cannot be a quantity that is greater than other quantities because it is not a quantity in and of itself.

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spotted the brainless moron trying to "fit in"

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[citation needed]

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Because infinity is a property, not a quantity.

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Doesn't need one because it's logic, but who would I need to cite for you to accept it?

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peer reviewed articles would be a pleasant surprise

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Okay now what?

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>submitted yesterday
ok, now we wait a few years to see if this overtakes everything said in the last 100 years

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>ok, now we wait a few years to see if this overtakes everything said in the last 100 years
That's called progression.

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"Quantity" is a property of numbers.

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"unbounded quantity" is a property of infinity

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>he has never heard of the set of hyperreal numbers
o i am laffin

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Wolfram is not the arbiter of truth.

Its a website. a website designed around ignroring logicism to give brainlets like yourself a quick go-to link.

You're a stupid faggot. What do you do? Do you do anything useful?

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feel free to reveal your " arbiter of truth"

protip: 'out of my ass' doesn't count, not even 'm-muh feelings'

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Just because "infiniddy is real" doesn't mean it has to show up in every case you might think of.

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It shows up in no case.

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We have to go back. MAGA

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not so fast

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making sure every infinitynigger knows they're not welcome and to fuck off.

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Infinity cannot be a quantity, bounded or unbounded.

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