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Is 2+2 really equal to 4?

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we can't count since each number has infinite parts

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Yea 2 plus 2 is 4 yea I guess so that's probably about right

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or 11, or 10

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Considering the fact that in basic maths taught in school or at home that our brain uses every second and recognizes at all times we can very easily predict that the outcome of 2+2=4.

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no, it's 3.9 recurring

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big if true

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Yes and no (maybe). The mathematics we use came about in minds that evolved in a narrow set of scales in which humans live (the "meso world"). Just like chemistry is an emergent property of physics, biology an emergent property of chemistry, psychology, society and science an emergent property of biology, so is the mathematics of the meso-world emergent from some deeper mathematics which we haven't discovered yet, but of which there are clues in places where our mathematics break down. In is basal math, the axioms our math is based on may not exist (perhaps analogous as to how the fundamental forces crystallized out of a single force). So it may be the case that 2+2=4 is only true under a limited set of circumstances that we see in our meso-world, much like Newtonian mechanics are an accurate description in the types of physical environment we inhabit.

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Prove what value 2 has, what value + has, what value = has, and what value 4 has.
This is all chinese to me.

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2 is ||
4 is ||||
+ is a disassembly of the answer by boolean
= is what comes before the answer

|| || = ||||

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Definitions are not proof.

Prove it.

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dumb frogposter

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Only if you accept the axiom of law of identity.

If you disregard the law of identity, then 2+2 = anything you want.

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