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Does it need to? Does it actually matter if infinity exists if we are getting good enough results?

Imagine a discussion with a mathematician. The mathematician says to you "look at all this calculus! a wonderful theory!"

and you reply, "how do you know it's true?"

and he replies, "because infinity exists."

And then he says "look at algebra! it's a miraculous achievement!" again, you question the truth of algebra, to which he replies it rests on the idea that infinity exists.

And the mathematician continues, "and toplogy! how gorgeous!" and you ask him how he knows it's true. And he replies that infinity exists.

And you and this mathematician continue on and on, discussing topics for hours. And throughout that discussion, the mathematician keeps reaching into his back pocket and pulling out "infinitiy exists!"

When a religious person resorts to "because god" reptitively in reply to my skepticism, I do not accept it and I think him a lunatic. So why would I accept mathematics if mathematicians have to keep claiming "infinity exists!" over and over?

At one point, a god was a good enough explanation for society. And then it wasn't. Are we at the point where "infinity exists" is good enough but later we will need to do better?

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please stop shitposting

as i said in your other shit thread, infinity exists just as much as 1 exists and i (the imaginary unit) exists

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Do concepts actually exist?

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>and you reply, "how do you know it's true?"
>and he replies, "because infinity exists."
Wrong. A mathematician would reply "because it's valid under all models".

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Yes and infinite objects are more fundamental than finite objects.

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"because infinity exists" is not what a mathematician would say

any mathematical question either boils down to "because i've proved it from the axioms" or "because i've created a constructive proof"

in the former case, infinity is not one of the axioms. so no, things like addition and subtraction and multiplication and measure theory and calculus and differential equations and etc. etc. all flow from the axioms.

constructive proofs can be a bit more tricky, but "infinity exists!" isn't an ingredient that gets used.

your whole premise is off and you need to disinfect your mathematical areas of your brain from the theological toxins

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>Does infinity actually exist?
>Does it need to?
>Does it actually matter if infinity exists
>Imagine a discussion with a mathematician.
You don't have to "imagine" such a discussion,
because thanks to the Internet, you can actually
have such a discussion, if you wish; but you
seem not to have such, preferring to have a
"Clint Eastwood"-style imaginary discussion instead.

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>my skepticism

I am so sorry to hear of your mental handicap. I hope you can manage to live a limited but fulfilled life.

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