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But muh worthless degree.

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Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College (PAMEC Patiala).
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It sounds quite bizarre but I've gathered a lot of proof.

This thread was made many months before anyone knew who 6ix9ine was. He talks about wearing powdered wigs in O Block which we should all know is chief keefs hood which is notorious for gang activity. He has recently been involved in a beef with chief keef. Also talks about drinking Hennessy and smoking weed which 6ix9ine does regularly.
The thread from October 2017:

Footage of 6ix9ine In O Block with Rainbow hair almost 1 year later:

The second post on that same thread is complaining that rondonumbanine will never be released from jail. 6ix9ine said in an interview his biggest inspiration to begin rapping was rondonumbanine and even wrote a song called rondo after him.
6ix9ine Talking about rondo:

All of this cannot be a co-incidence. Its not possible, all of it is too specific.

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The picture is so funny

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I have to learn all of the pic related

Plenty of time
I just need textbooks
What are some books to learn all of the following?
As well as general relativity.

Currently i've taken physics one and calc 1/2 in college

I have plenty of time, I merely need to know which texts can provide me the proper education. I've already self studied before don't worry about that.

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there's a bug gap between that and general relativity
you need to understand Riemannian manifolds

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Young and Freedman - University Physics with Modern Physics
Resnick, Halliday, and Krane - Physics, Volume 1 & 2

Lang's "Calculus of Several Variables"
Hubbard and Hubbard's "Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach"

"Matrices and Linear Algebra" (Dover Book) by Schneider and Barker
"Matrices and Linear Transformations" (Dover Book) by Cullen
"Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations" (Dover Books) by Dettman

"Ordinary Differential Equations" by Tenenbaum & Pollard (Dover)
"Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes" by Simmons
"Differential Equations" by Ross.

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I love you sweet man
Ok and what are the steps to achieve that?

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Original problem is in the pic.

You have an n episode tv series. You want to watch the episodes in every order possible. What is the least number of episodes that you would have to watch?

Over lapping is allowed. For example, in the case of n=2, watching episode 1, then 2, then 1 again, would fit the criteria.

The orders must be continuous. For example, (1,2,1,3) does NOT contain the sequence (1,2,3)

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So I did recently look into some stuff about the Nazis building flying saucers and stuff (if someone is interested here a thread about the stuff https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/126352757 )
However one thing mentioned frequently is the Schumann levitator which is apparently used to propulse the saucer. Now my question is if a structure like pic related (which allegedly is the schumannlevitator) would be able to let things hover and overcome gravity

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i dont think i get what you mean

ah ok. but can you think of any effect this might produce?

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No, that's what I mean by there not being any 'there' there. Not only can I not think of anything interesting that might do, I can't even think of why you might expect that to do anything interesting.

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well, as i said its supposedly some description of the workings of the glocke. finding out if it does something or what it does could tell us if it could be legit or not

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Why do popsci brainlets worship stephen hawking?

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Heh annus

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Hawking published hundreds of papers you dribbling fuckmuppet. He published 55 in Physical Review. There's more than one physics journal.

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The delusion that it is possible to transcend your biology with the power of "God".

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>"no jane. pls don't leave me i need you. i don't care if you gobble and bareback that organist. you can get plowed by whoever you want. i just need you to tell me you love me."
>"ok honey you can be my paypiggy. now i'm gonna go over to jon's. ok bye. love you. teeheeheehee."
>wow such kindness and love. so much compassion and will power. truly the most desirable intellectual traits. fuck what the /pol/ boogeyman says.

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Because he managed to be succesful despite being completely paralyzed which feeds the comforting delusion of egalitarianism in the wishful mind of the average modern first world human.

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What kind of mushrooms are these I found them LOL

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Chantarells. Eat them they're super yummy!

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They ware found on wood not in grass, their stems are straight, now twisted, their cap is decomposing into atramaent, if you eat them it will inhibit the acetyl processing enzyme in your liver so alcohol will give you really decent headache.

Notice the closure on the hat and the size...

>> No.12146317

I mean that >>12144692
and this are two different mushrooms.

>> No.12147200

>Most mushrooms are poison

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if you eat it you will become a super hero

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I'm seeing a lot of engineering job postings in Mexico.

Pic unrelated

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would that include teaching stem subjects?
if so, yeah. i was a guest lecturer for a while at a university in asia (not providing specifics)
what did you want to know?

>> No.12140920

How was the pay relative to the cost of living over in asia relative to how it was in your home country (assuming america)

>> No.12141055

i was working on a contract, rather than as a permie, so i got paid considerably more than the locals doing the same job. but it was still only about half of my normal rate. still enough for me to have a pretty good standard of living though. nice apartment, rented car, eating out all the time and so on.

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Must be good. I cant afford any of that in california on average income

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I have never been, what about you?


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Why are conic sections and quadric surfaces so hard to draw? Do I need to give up math?

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start with the loomis, dawg

>> No.12137925

>he thinks alg*braists and number theorists can draw
>he thinks category trannies and CS NIGGERs can draw
>he's actually trying to visualize quadrics
Anon, you're so far ahead of the nigger monkey bug person that inhabits most math programs you have no idea. Keep working, visual-spatial is not well taught, and difficult to into if you aren't a genius. I'm no geometer but I have great admiration for anyone primarily interested in such things.

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Try elipse in elipse... Elipses are harder than conic section, because you have to be symmetric, in conic section you doesn't.

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Athletes have a special diet catered to their goals. Similarly, I want a special diet that will maximize my performance academically, problem solving, etc and get better grades

What food/diet should I consume to improve my memory/problem solving/overall brain function?

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I need to gain a good foundation for math. I have 5 months until I need to either be enrolled in Calc I or kill myself. I cruised through math in hs but that was 10 years ago and I forgot it all, probably due to brain changes associated with untreated clinical depression.

Can you recommend me some good books? I've been learning on schoolyourself.org but it's not comprehensive. I need Algebra, Trig, and Geometry. Basically everything up to Calc, and I need to do it in 4 months tops. I saw the wiki but it doesn't seem to be geared towards a brainlet like me.

I took the ALEKS entrance exam and got a fucking 35. I need at least a 76 to enroll in classes.

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Start with Spivak, you'll pick up basic algebra and trig as you go along

>> No.9952823

Spivak? Books or youtube?
Who is Stewart and why does he author so many mathematics textbooks? Do you think Simmon's and Stewart's precalc book would be redundant/time wasting?

>> No.9952835


Here's the book friend. Honestly this is the best route for you, you'll be ahead for your class and you won't waste time with needless review.

>> No.9952835,1 [INTERNAL] 

Woww. You attempt a lot. I believe that you can complete your goal.

>> No.9952835,2 [INTERNAL] 

Thank you for giving us this useful information

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TRI-52 https://web.archive.org/web/20100122211331/http://www.cerebrals.com/tests/tri/TRI52.html
This will give you a score that you need to convert into an IQ score, use this chart: https://web.archive.org/web/20091229185320/http://www.cerebrals.com/tests/tri/Classeur1.pdf
and this website: https://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/iqtable.aspx

Do this test next: https://web.archive.org/web/20160611031125/http://www.cerebrals.org/iaw/index.php
Convert your raw score into a scaled score: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTAXAOLRctHeY1PAl0-cKQ9duaQU_yp8isN7_urJTKxGhmePI0yPvNHhcX1cVUcehseE_IXtP99QVb8/pubhtml

Then you generate the composite score. Let's say you scored 146 on the TRI52 and 139 on IAW, you would use this formula to generate your composite score: 100+(146+139-200)/1.685 = 150 "GAI"

Good luck, have fun, brainlets.

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>> No.12133975

You got it correct, but your logic is very retarded.

>> No.12133983

Where does this GAI formula come from?
got 825 on TRI52 btw

center lines gets added/subtracted on the last item of a line/culumn based on wheter it is repeated or not by the previous two. Is the same rule for the outside lines but inverted

>> No.12134006

Ferguson's formula.
1.685 is the square root of the sum of the correlation matrix between the two tests.

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You have to convert the tri score into an IQ score using the table

File: 56 KB, 720x696, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f7132677654385755506c696271673d3d2d3333323531343535302e31343835643930356261666363313133343830353239363638313039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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>wake up for 7:30 AM mandatory virtual class
>"Okay everyone, get your webcams on so I can see all of your beautiful faces!"

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>> No.12134378

I get up at 5:30 am everyday, but my first class isn't until 9am. Who the fuck has classes at 7:30 am?

>> No.12134713

Dont be retarded.

>> No.12136327

That's not hardcore

>> No.12136580

Acting like anyone is really productive at 0730.

>> No.12136623

His point is that he gets US$30000 worth of neetbux for that mans hard work.

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How would we collect and examine microbe samples in Venus?

Would we just take pictures and beam the data back or would we physically collect them then launch the probe back to earth somehow?

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>> No.12130913

Go back to /pol/tv/

>> No.12131444

Zero chance that an organism suited for survival on Venus would be pathogenic or even capable of surviving in any terrestrial environ

>> No.12132185

You would just slap a shotgun sequencing kit on the probe

>> No.12132660

If the paper is true about the organism turning into a spore when it reaches the lower cloud layers, then that's where we should try to collect samples. Since the spores would be located in a very small region of the cloud layer and they would be significantly larger than the rest of the atmospheric particles, you could easily filter for only spore sized particles in that region of the atmosphere. A major problem is that the organism might not be very common on Venus, so getting a sample might take alot of luck.

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So I'm going back to school, and trig is the only class kicking my ass. I know it varies from person to person, but how long do you study for?

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>> No.12131984


>> No.12133396

Trig has a bunch of identities you need to memorize so make sure to grind those out so you can develop your intuition.

>> No.12133432

Done with school, so I no longer study. When in school, my study sessions would vary in length and intensity. I studied 5-6 hours a day for months for my qualifying exams.

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This is for the weather people. Intellicast has died and now lives in the underworld of wunderground, which loads like crap, and doesnt even have a graph anymore. Does anyone know of a site that has a weather forecast graph like this? Of all the internet there has to be another one out there.

The one at weather.gov provides similar information but its nowhere near as precise when it comes to rain chances and the information is not presented concisely. It also does not provide results for long term (10 Days), maybe like 4 days tops.

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>> No.10364368

That exact graph is on the wunderground site, I use it every day.


>> No.10364404

Thanks, its just very slow to load and sometimes the page doesnt even load (esp on my phone). So I didnt know they had it.

>> No.10366401

>Does anyone know of a site that has a weather forecast graph like this?

>> No.10366599
File: 39 KB, 700x500, chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10366599,1 [INTERNAL] 

Good day. Which sites do you use to check weather forecast for example for one week or more? I'm planning vacation and I will need to visit several cities. I found this site https://meteoprog.us/ and it provides good forecast. I want to check some more sources!

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Any advice for managing schizophrenia? Except for having a strict routine?

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>> No.12128197


>> No.12128580

You actually can. 3-5% of cases are cured. Some people may experience schizophrenia for less than 3-6 months and depending on what book you base your diagnosis they aren't even schizophrenics. Don't say shit you don't know, I guess

>> No.12128593


>> No.12128875
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My mom's a schizo and I'm currently nursing her back to health/being on her medication after some retard normie slut nurse tried to "educate" her on how she has a mental illness and is in denial so she stopped taking her Haldol in protest and had an episode.

I truly feel for schizofags, never met anyone in health care over 20 years who wasn't some drooling condescending fuckwit towards her. I've got all the praise in the world for the chemists who created anti psychiatric. Doctors in mental health care are fucking useless.

>> No.12129032

Any nudes/source for your pic?

File: 620 KB, 1920x1920, Earth_formation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
12122609 No.12122609 [Reply] [Original] [archived.moe]

How was Earth basically molten for hundreds of millions of years after its creation? Does shit need that long to cool off?

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>/fa/ can't dress themselves
>/out/ stays indoors
>/o/ has more bikefags than csr owners
>/biz/ is exclusively crypto shills
>/fit/ are all fat weight lifters
>/sci/ can't into math, science or engineering.

>> No.12128202

sci stands for scientifically illiterate

>> No.12128226

>/g/ are Apple fans
>/pol/ is mostly LARPing Jews
Such is the nature of the world of 4.

>> No.12128449

According to fact, it has brain function, or you don't maybe because it's a living thing.

>> No.12128493
File: 25 KB, 588x427, SmugKorra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen here you little shit,i'll brain you over the head with a hammer then gently and lovingly expand your anus over the course of several months while you're in a coma such that when you wake up you wonder why you have severe incontinence.

File: 305 KB, 828x862, 7879ED09-34CF-46FA-B04B-193748240386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Can /sci/ explain this to me?

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>> No.12073568

>bragging sexual conquest
>literal THE primal urge
>low reasoning and instinctive behavior

Id reckon youre still in highschool or just graduated

>> No.12073582

>really smart

I have a feeling youre actually an idiot

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It means that you don't have to overthink things in order to get pussy. Just get drunk and go with the flow

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What revolutionary breakthroughs do you think he is working on in his room?

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Heis probably working on a theory to regrow nerve cels through stemcels

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Probably solving some equations. Or watches TV. Who knows.

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