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Original problem is in the pic.

You have an n episode tv series. You want to watch the episodes in every order possible. What is the least number of episodes that you would have to watch?

Over lapping is allowed. For example, in the case of n=2, watching episode 1, then 2, then 1 again, would fit the criteria.

The orders must be continuous. For example, (1,2,1,3) does NOT contain the sequence (1,2,3)

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This is a strange timeline. I want to go home.

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You ever listened to rap ? Their entire culture revolves around being poor, violent and dumb.

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>The universe IS real
>The world DOES exist outside of your head
>You ARE NOT separate from reality
>You WILL NOT live inside your head
>You WILL take your meds

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I love schizoposting.

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For the people who are able to just close their eyes and explore a fully interactive experience of their own imagining, I don't understand how you resist the temptation to not just dream your life away (or the majority of it).

For myself it's probably a good thing I can't lucid dream, because I've had some really compelling dreams that I've wanted to "get back to"but couldn't.

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Why didn't we get the fantastic future we were promised?

In 1962, it was possible for the President of the United States to stand in front of the nation and say 'we choose to go to the moon!' - and for the nation to deliver it 7 years later. At that moment, the future felt limitless.

But today, the US cannot even send a man into low earth orbit without relying on Russian technology (itself a 1960s relic), and has no capacity at all to put a man on the moon, let alone anywhere further afield.

50 years ago, people were told that by now we would be living in underwater cities, driving flying cars and having vacations on the moon - or even Mars.

Instead, when we go on vacation in 2016, we still often board Boeing 747s - a plane designed before the invention of the pocket calculator, and which first flew in 1969 - BEFORE that moon landing. We don't even have supersonic airliners anymore - which we did have in 1976.

We were promised by President Nixon in 1971 that cancer would be cured by the time of the US bicentennial. It didn't happen.

We were told we were entering the Atomic Age - that by the year 2000, a thousand nuclear reactors would be powering America. But today, the US has only 100 nuclear reactors.

What happened? Why didn't that bright future materialise?

pic related; a glimpse into some possible future

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>He's even created animosity between himself and the Intel community.

/sci/ is being monumentally retarded at pol yet again. When the Intel community stop making shit up about "muh Rusia hacking the election!" then you will have a more favorable relation but until then keep pushing fake news until no one believes the Intel community anymore. Seriously look at their official report then kek until your whole neighborhood hears you.

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Moore's Law domain advances were not matched in fields outside of computers. Information processing is super advanced, and what we have today was simply not predicted at all in the pre-information age. Doing things in physical space is still a slow difficult process, while cyberspace continues it's advance.

Computation makes much possible in medicine, with complex simulation of shit like protein folding going a long way toward that cancer cure and curing everything else. Perhaps even immortality if we can crunch the numbers for the senescence problem or reverse engineer the brain (a hard task).

None of the behind the scenes stuff is as glamorous as flying cars and space shit, but think about technologies like MRI that can scan your body and computationally visualize it-that is pure Star Trek medicine and it has become common place.

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>I don't understand sustainability - the post

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Robot is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVDTTeYaDek

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Can we please kill these faggots into extinction now?

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>so you really think the better option is the completely unregulated wildlife farming the dirty chinese do? should wet markets just stay?
No, I don't think so and I also did not imply that. You're just really fucking bad at reading comprehension.
One reason for why Italy was hit so hard is that they have huge facilities to produce pork in the North. Hence, bacteria are too often already immune to antibiotics and people die from secondary infections.
If you still didn't understand: eating only farm animals won't save you.
>back to /x/ if you don't see merit in antibiotics
>ignoring all science on the bad side effects of pumping our meat with antibiotics
Get some basic education.

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>humans wipe out 98% of megafauna, 60% of marine life, like three quarters of all species with most of the damage done in the last centuries
>bats pollinate plants and cultivate forests worldwide for tens of millions of years and keep insect populations in check
>we are the most precious special good species because we MIGHT some day do something to benefit remaining life
>when we can't even survey 1% of the potentially dangerous asteroids heading our way or have even one human presence on another celestial body
Without mental gymnastics and IFs or BUTs and based on facts you're wrong.

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You're so wrong I'm not even giving you a you

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being a brainlet has to be literally the worst pain ever, pls tell me there is a cure close to being made public /sci/

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Scientifically speaking, how would one approach macroeconomic theory to improve society and better science?
We all know capitalism and socialism have major flaws. What are some better alternatives?
My picks (not in any order):
Social credit
Palace economy
IMO distributism would be best for science.

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The scientific method comes from Galileo. At the root it is just experimental science, before it was just speculative schizo ramblings

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We badly need a /hum/ board for humanities. This is just /his/ mixed with /pol/. Where's the science & math?

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>Scientific method comes from Galileo
>fails to provide replicability, as he owns the sole telescope in the world
Nothing personal, kid

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How about 5 more video game boards?

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based epistemological anarchist

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>build computer capable of tracing the behavior of all particles in existence
>show it to your buddy
>he sees himself ten seconds in the future still standing next to you
>sits down instead

We will never be able to predict the future accurately because the machine cannot take its own influence into account.
Prove me wrong.

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>multiply one side of equation by n/n
>other side of the equation stays the same

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I fucking love numbers wtfffff hahahah lol add me on twitter.

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or 111n / 3n = 111 / 3 = 37 for short

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1/3 = 3/9 :OOOOOO

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What is the only respectable science field and why is it medicine?

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Ecosystem science, and the other earth system sciences, empirical theoretical and applied.
Sources: I'm an ecologist, these have the highest utilitarian value, and produce the most accurate worldview imho tbqh

>> No.8853983

You base this on what? All medical school interviewers from multiple medical schools, pre medical advisors and Dean's from medical school in my state all disagree with you. If you don't show that you're invested and can properly convey why you want to practice then no MCAT score will help you. Grades get you the interview but the interview gets you into the school.

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Does randomness really exist?

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lmfaoo i laughed

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because God exists

>> No.12308751

It matters emotionally for the majority of human beings, so we allow for it.

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Is there any legit explanation for this or is it just Americanomics where companies can destroy peoples lives freely?

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You got a better way to denominate tail risk and efficiently incentivize hedging than market pricing, there's probably a Nobel prize in it for you.

>> No.12748388

The "power company" doesn't offer this directly. You have to go with a company called Griddly to get these rates. It's not the default. It's not easy to get. No one was tricked into it. The customers were people who had gone out of their way to join up with a startup commodity trading platform. Griddly, and a handful of competitors, give you the spot market price, which is what electric distributors pay. That means it's often cheaper than what those distributors sell it to you for. It also means if the price goes up, you pay the higher price. If you're like 99.999999% of customers, you go with the normal power company and are insulated against swings in the energy market. But a very small number of people felt like turning their power bill into a casino and are mad that sometimes instead of winning, you lose.
No one accidentally chose this option. No one was tricked. You want society to pick up the cost of their mistakes? What's next, retroactive car insurance that you buy after getting into a wreck?
Fuck it, I'm going to Las Vegas and am going to demand the government pay me back for any money I lose. According to people like you, that's the moral thing to do.

>> No.12748400

Fair enough. That does sound like it's their own damn fault.

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when we visit mars we see the stars in the sky. on the moon, no stars. why is that /sci/?

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Also this looks like a time exposure and probably taken around dusk, which helps.

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What's the source of this photo? Search doesn't bring it up, but shows a bunch of composite images.

>> No.12748879 [DELETED] 

No, its just the camera exposute has been cranked up, and the iso of the sensor has been set to 3000 or something. Must be a large image sensor since the noise is pretty low, the stars are a bit strealy, that means the picture took about a minute of exposure to collect enough light, and the stars moved in that time

>> No.12748914

No, its just the camera exposure has been cranked up, and the iso of the sensor has been set to 3000 or something. Must be a large image sensor since the noise is pretty low, the stars are a bit streaky, that means the picture took about a minute of exposure to collect enough light, and the stars moved in that time

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Before you trust "Science" like the braindead drone you are, remember that just 20 years ago people believed oil came from dead dinosaurs.

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low iq post

>> No.12750171

Year ago science believed that you shouldn't wear masks.

>> No.12750221

no, the effect is a drift in the clock for the satellite
thats why the internal clock needs to be synchronized regularly

>> No.12750266

>putting that doi into sci-hub actually produces a link to the full pdf

>> No.12750359

You confuse WHO with science.

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The Electric Universe wins again. This time, with their own nuclear plasma reactor. Time to rethink everything you thought you knew.


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This is not even funny anymore, they are just pretending to find new shit when its just already 100 year old alien tech as usual.

Fuck the US military and their 100 years ahead mentality

>> No.12102511,1 [INTERNAL] 

You mean from main stream science and corporations?

>> No.12102511,2 [INTERNAL] 

>venture capitalist bait to extract money from people with no knowledge of physics by presenting them a collection of half-truths that will never deliver on the "making money" aspect.

So basically mainstream science?

>> No.12102511,3 [INTERNAL] 

Will you ever question mainstream science?

>> No.12102511,4 [INTERNAL] 


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Holy shit.. is this accurate for people born in the 1990's? I thought it would be a cringe video at first, but it seems like he really hit the nail on the head


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>> No.10799166

>If God exists, X is bad
>X is bad
>So, God exists.

Ebin :^)

>> No.10800224

Always reminds me of wiemar germany...

>> No.10800327

Based, that's just getting old

>> No.10800783

For me it isn't an economical problem, but an deep-seated anxiety problem, probably stemming from my narcissistic parents

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Was sky scholar bullshit all along and just spreading lies?

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>> No.12290555

>Professor Dave

>> No.12290982
File: 121 KB, 410x164, szeffect.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. But that was always the case. Note that "Sky Scholar" literally deleted their last video after even they started to smell the bullshit. His claims have never made sense on even the most basic level of logic. He doesn't even understand the very basic shit he is criticising, he does not understand multipoles. But you can't ask any of these people to think.

Pic related, it's one of the many observations which completely destroy his claim. The SZ effect. Ask yourself how a distant galaxy cluster casts a shadow on light emitted by the oceans. It can't, and yet it is observed to cast a shadow on the CMB and so he is wrong. His other nonsensical claims require either negative brightness or the sky to be totally dark at radio wavelengths.

>> No.12290982,1 [INTERNAL] 


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Is it time to give up newton's mechanics?

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>> No.12743382

>Newton's mechanics are the ones of the only things holding properly.
*grab's you by your mach's principle*

>> No.12743487

Yes, go ahead and calculate a ballistic trajectory as a geodesic line on a curved metric. Let's see how long that takes you.

>> No.12743499

It appears as a force when you're working in a flat coordinate system and only in the limit of small mass (you only start seeing Newtonian gravity fail at solar scales with stuff like Mercury's precession).

>> No.12743510

You're either bad at baiting or incredibly stupid,

>> No.12743560
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not sure if it was science or technology, i figured it'd fall into computer science, since thats what the universities classify it as.

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Is time travel possible

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The ‘cruise ship’ hypothesis has been rebutted, mainly on the calculated elevation of the object, which is based on video fragments where the object and the moon were visible simultaneously and the moon’s position and angular size could be used as a yardstick (plus 7 additional counter arguments).
Source: http://turkeyufocase.blogspot.com/2013/02/multiple-reasons-suggest-turkey-ufo-was.html

>> No.12638336

need more time travel info

>> No.12638341

possible yes
likely no

>> No.12638341,1 [INTERNAL] 

He was wrong about everything else, Iraq was just a lucky coincidence.

>> No.12638341,2 [INTERNAL] 

You aren’t referring to PHYSICAL laws.

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