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I understand that the hydrogenation of synephrine sould lead to either N-methylphenethylamine or 4-HO-N-Methylphenethylamine (even though I cannot find the second one).
But what would result if it would be oxidized?
I suppose the hydrogen from the beta position would be removed, leaving a double-bonded oxygen behind. Or alternatively both OH groups will be broken and an oxygen will be left on beta and another on R4... but again, I can't find either of these molecules anywhere, so do they even exist?
Is it impossible to oxidize synephrine? I'm fairly sure it should be doable... what do you think?

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It sounds quite bizarre but I've gathered a lot of proof.

This thread was made many months before anyone knew who 6ix9ine was. He talks about wearing powdered wigs in O Block which we should all know is chief keefs hood which is notorious for gang activity. He has recently been involved in a beef with chief keef. Also talks about drinking Hennessy and smoking weed which 6ix9ine does regularly.
The thread from October 2017:

Footage of 6ix9ine In O Block with Rainbow hair almost 1 year later:

The second post on that same thread is complaining that rondonumbanine will never be released from jail. 6ix9ine said in an interview his biggest inspiration to begin rapping was rondonumbanine and even wrote a song called rondo after him.
6ix9ine Talking about rondo:

All of this cannot be a co-incidence. Its not possible, all of it is too specific.

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Sheff G finna come in with a mop see yall talking white, start beating wibleys clean off the strip. #I'mTheReasonWhyTheseNiggasMad

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lol what

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Original problem is in the pic.

You have an n episode tv series. You want to watch the episodes in every order possible. What is the least number of episodes that you would have to watch?

Over lapping is allowed. For example, in the case of n=2, watching episode 1, then 2, then 1 again, would fit the criteria.

The orders must be continuous. For example, (1,2,1,3) does NOT contain the sequence (1,2,3)

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Why isn't nuclear energy more popular? It would literally solve all our problems

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Because oil and coal companies funnel a fortune into anti-nuclear lobbies and activist groups.

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Because it wouldn't make billionaires richer and would put many of their scams out of business. Just look at this thread, we face an existential threat yet its nothing but mewling about economics. Ironic they dismiss pro nuclear sentiment as shilling when they spend the rest of the thread showing how there's no money in it. If you're lucky you'll see people parrot oil industry propaganda and misinformation on the dangers of nuclear power, always ignoring the millions that die every year from fossil fuels (and the billions sickened by it). These threads are nothing but shilling and popsci regurgitation.

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Why do you think oil companies invest in "renewables"?

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Nuclear is 10% of world power
But 28% of first world nation's power supply

Which is saying a lot considering that there's only 50 countries with nuclear plants (400)
There's about 60,500 coal and gas plants

From that, we can conclude that it takes only 2000 nuclear plants to power all first world nations


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That's like asking NASA about spaceflight and then thinking all big rockets are going to take billions and decades to build because of SLS.
ITER wasn't even intended to do anything but a demonstration, no shit it's a waste of money.

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sans from undertale

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you are on the wrong board.

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think outside the box edition
previous thread: >>12588999

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>How do I do math without getting overwhelmed?
try stop smoking weed

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12 days.

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I have a proof, but it's late, so I'll type it tomorrow.
The answer is no.

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>if we are assuming
Tip: Don't. Ever. Assume.

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Read Arnolds books and try stuff yourself, with just pen and paper, no books, no computer, no nothing, just math. Trust me, your brain works different with no outside bullshit.

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Given that a portable electric generator and a oil power plant that supplies the grid runs on the same kind of fuel (oil), why does electricity from the generator cost 5 times more ($0.64 per kWh vs. $0.12 per kWh)?

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Efficiency. Bigger powerplants can be made more efficient.

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I reckon the big power plant runs hotter and burns the fuel more completely, and less of the energy escapes.

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holy shit
>I dont know what thermodynamics is the post
Please be bait

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What does /sci/ think of Dentistry?

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>What does /sci/ think of Dentistry?

Well, I sure could use a dentist right now--my tooth is killing me.

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>You're gonna sit in a chair while we drill holes in your face.
>Then you'll pay us.

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Do you want to look like a redneck? Having your teeth drop off one by one before you're even 18

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In childhood, everyone dreamed of becoming astronauts, I dreamed of becoming a dentist because my father constantly cursed that he paid them too much

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Make science free!
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>be google
>query your android telemetry servers for every device with this appID installed and the associated google account
>forward to the lawyers

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being a brainlet has to be literally the worst pain ever, pls tell me there is a cure close to being made public /sci/

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>Using less social media than you normally would leads to significant decreases in both depression and loneliness.

and that's why i don't like the world depression anymore. i thought depression was used to describe sadness that could possibly only be cured by medication. now it's used to describe any kind of sadness.
but if you dare to suggest a depressive person that maybe it's their fault everyone will tell you that's not how it works.
what's the catch her? can depression be cured by life style changes or not?

>> No.10369205

>can depression be cured by life style changes or not?
Considering social media doesn't exist not so long ago and people aren't that depressive about a shit post

>> No.10369235

>can depression be cured by life style changes or not?
Yes, you fucking moron.

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Human brains are wired to recognize faces, but why is the face of a vaguely human-looking cartoon/anime character such as pic related trigger our facial recognition response too?

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>only autists like animeface

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because the circuits are very sensitive to vaguely face-like collections of shapes? i don't understand your question

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What's your serious opinion about Bitcoin?

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Based. OP is a fag.
Not even /g/ tech virgins like it. Only retards who think they can get free money with no effort fell for it.

>> No.12577233


As an asset it's a high risk investment, could pay off great, could loose a lot.

As a currency I don't like it anymore, people generally don't own it with the intention of ever spending bitcoins, they own it hoping it will keep increasing in value so they can exchange it for fiat. It's also horribly inefficient and outdated, which is a problem because it's structure makes it very hard to implement changes.

>> No.12577260

Utter garbage. It isn't even usable as a currency anymore due to 400$ fees for transaction.

Fuck off to /biz/ you faggot, no one is pumping your shitcoin bubble.

>> No.12577992

Centralized more than fiat currencies under central bankster governance.

PoW incentivizes winner-takes-all to invest more into mining, to become the sole miner.

Bitcoin already had more than 51% of hashrate in 1 pool. Today they lie about it more but really its a dozen people who are in total control of the network since they control more than 80% of the hash-power.

>> No.12577992,1 [INTERNAL] 

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Are we headed into a future that is controlled by megacorporations?

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>Are we headed into a future that is controlled by megacorporations?

America is.

>> No.12577016

there's a large swathe of men avoiding marriage due to current family laws.

>> No.12577022

More like technology.

>> No.12577022,1 [INTERNAL] 


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How can anyone deny climate change?
Let's imagine for a moment that all the data was made up by climate scientists to push an agenda, and let's ignore all real-world observations of how things have changed over time.
That still leaves two undeniable things:
>humanity takes carbon out of the ground and turns it into CO2, and there is no process for that carbon to go back into the ground even in the long term let alone the short term
>CO2 creates a greenhouse effect, as can be seen with how Venus is far hotter than a planet that is far closer to the sun, and as can be understood with pure optics

I've never heard an argument against either of these things, because denying basic science is even dumber than denying data. But if you believe both of these things, you can't possibly deny that humanity must be increasing global temperature.

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>> No.12161641

they can survive, but they will suffer health issues ranging from losing teeth to colon cancer (interesting as eating nothing but meat will do the same). A healthy human diet is varied and moderated, using a combination of plant and animal matter. Denying someone any animal products whatsoever is unhealthy and constitutes abuse. The current meat industry in developed nations is gluttonous and sustained by absurd government subsidies.

>> No.12161989

how do scientards reconcile the fact we need as much greenhouse as possible to insulate all the warmth we can get to prepare for the impending supervolcanic winter?

>> No.12163897

If that were the case then we should be saving all of our fossil fuels for then instead of releasing the CO2 now and letting it get sequestered by soil and oceans. So you would be even more intent on stopping emissions than environmentalists.

>> No.12163901

You failed to answer the question because you have no answer. Thanks for admitting you're full of shit.

>> No.12163901,1 [INTERNAL] 

Today we all need to think about climate change and as in other issues, there will always be those who say not how things really are and there is nothing we can do about it. I know it's true and I notice it myself. I think the main thing is to do everything possible to reduce the damage to our planet and use renewable energy sources more productively.

File: 37 KB, 586x578, 03F23CE0-7A2E-458D-B2D5-5C67A05D6F57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Years ago I would see a shit ton of posts belittling engineer major basically calling them brainlets claiming going applied/pure math superior because it’s more challenging and there are legitimate career paths outside of education for math. What are they? Growing up I was always told to go engineering cause I’m good at math by teachers/parents because if you get a degree in math your only prospects are to work in education. Which is true?

9 replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.9679714

only absolute brainlets complain about majors, the truth is that it doesnt matter if you are a CS major, a mathematician or an engineer, if you truly care about whatever you want to do you are going to put enough effort into it to actually understand it.

The difference between a great mathematician and a great engineer is less than that between a great mathematician and a mediocre one, just do something cool and don't fall into the "I'm not good at ""x"" so I'm not even going to bother trying to learn it even though it's absolutely necessary for my major" which is what a lot of engineers or CS majors say about math.

It's really not about your major, it's about not being a lazy piece of shit and actually doing something.

>> No.9679732

Should be the limit as x approaches 0, brainlet.

>> No.9681220

That shit results in 0, OP.

>> No.9681220,8 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.9681220,9 [INTERNAL] 

Value plz this <a href="https://faith-instyle.com/">blog post </a>

File: 12 KB, 300x100, 34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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"1. Do data visualization and show some descriptive statistics for subsamples of the data set. Then generate your hypothesis (e.g. gender wage gap).

2. What is the difference in (predicted) wages between men and women with the same characteristics? How do you pin down your regression specification.
Talk about the identification, estimation and inference along the way of your analysis."

How the hell do I do this on Rstudio? How do I go on about it?

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>> No.11106874

Violin and boxplots (as >>11105108 said) can help with this.

>> No.11107082

Go to youtube.

Put into the search bar 'how does R work'

Watch one of the 1 hour vids that explain how R works. Obviously the exercises wants you to (1) learn how to make visualizations of descriptive statistics (2) test your ability to generate a null hypothesis with alternative hypothesis (3) do a statistical test (prob know the diff between non parametric and parametric) between variables, make sure they correlate and perform a regression containing features you chose.

The identification estimation and inference is all dependent on the variables you choose to do your regression on. But I think the assignment just wants you to separate male and female data first. And then draw a prediction line based on some variables (the same variables for both **) and see the differences.

Fucking undergrads having their first stat course around this time of the year....

>> No.11107094

There's a library called Swirl which will help you learn R within Rstudio which might be helpful.

>> No.11107094,3 [INTERNAL] 

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Solve this /sci/.

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>> No.9607219

do you even know the answer to d)?

seeing how many elements they gave for that set, the answer must require all of them so it would take way too long to figure it out

>> No.9607409

Picture is too blurry.

>> No.9607719

> 3 blue triangles
> 3 yellow triangles
> 2 black triangles

> 3 black vertical bars
> 3 yellow vertical bars
> 2 blue vertical bars

> 3 black horizontal bars
> 3 blue horizontal bars
> 2 yellow horizontal bars

hmm I wonder which one it is. You can solve without even knowing what the colors are doing. Although if you're curious look at the diagonals going up and right.

>> No.9607719,1 [INTERNAL] 

You think you're so smart, boy? Try these
d)15 124 115 14 121 119, 51 161 191 91 121 151 ?
51+161+191=403 91+121+151=363 so maybe ? is 40
But all sequences is 2digit+3digit+3diget and
last one will now be 2+3+3+2digit so maybe 40 is not the right answer.

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Do you have a solution and maybe a explanation of following?
21/311 30/3000 19/109 35/?
Please help me

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Is there a correlation between IQ and masturbation? and if there is do you think it would be positive or negative?

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there's a correlation between believing in IQ and ego masturbation

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>that pic

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IQ is masturbation.

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