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no they did not. they downplayed the situation from the start and didn't call it a pandemic for weeks after it was obvious to everyone. they acted like it wasn't transmissible from human to human even though it fit the model of infectious disease. they did not suggest the precautionary principle and told health commissioners around the world china had it under control. then they bitched at countries for doing the obvious thing like shutting down borders.

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yes, they did. the WHO and CCP are the most responsible for letting this get out of hand. the WHO actively downplayed the severity of transmission. acting like CCP's bogus lack of evidence for human-to-human transmission means it is non-infectious. when really the precautionary principle should've been the go to.this resulted in many health officials and media around the world, like NYC's health commissioner encouraging people attend a parade like nothing was going on. on top of that they bitched about closing borders saying it is racist. so they discouraged many other countries to respond in kind. they made the PC-drunk political class go on a stupid witch hunt to fight the racism boogeyman, like in italy where they had a "hug a chinese person" day leading to more infections. they gimped conversation by making it about the racism boogeyman and not the virus. on top of that they actively keep taiwan out from the table, a country that is a model in pandemic response. the WHO is effectively just a mouthpiece for the CCP. they are not to be trusted, and they must be brought to justice after the dust settles.

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why didn't they encourage the precautionary principle? the the who full of brainlets to just post a tweet like this without mentioning "no evidence" doesn't mean "proof it's not infectious human to human"?

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we give them antibiotics because we've studied them and know how to effectively farm. we don't just boil rodents we find in the forest and call it soup.

back to /x/ if you don't see merit in antibiotics

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