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It's a forced perspective. I do it to myself because it is a form of attention training, think of it like reverse-engineering pavlov's dog but using myself as the sole test subject.

May my sanity be the tomb of all suffering, and let that story begin now.

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I am the teacher of silence, so my class is always the silent audience that has stayed obedient and enraptured for the duration of my 'expression'.

The silence within you is eternal and trainable to intellect and imagination.

So, first fucking meme.

>Only needed one person to agree that 'me' meant 'all of us with the exclusion of i'

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What would you need it for? To give yourself confidence in where you fit in? Does it help you with bank/home loans or business prospects?

Or do you just need it to feel some sort of stability/validation of your current position in relation to others so you know if you should spend more effort on getting a better score on an arbitrary test that is ultimately something created by other humans that have at the 'dumbest' level convinced others that it is a helpful metric?

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