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Pajeet and highschooler central - the thread. Very embarrassing for this board, seeing the very low intelligence of the posters in this thread. I think many good people left this board because of threads like these.
Besides: have you people not been there for the last 100 times this exact thread was made in the last year? Are all of you so new here?
I am very disappointed... Perhaps I will leave.

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By now it was stormed by actual drooling kids, low-IQ pajeets and namefagging schizos. There are literal threads up right now made by kids talking about what happened to them in school. It's no secret that the IQ threads are made by and participated in by kids as well. Look at the catalogue. It's a disgrace. I get banned for pointing this out and asking mods/jannies to do something. Turns out mods are here, and actively sabotaging the board, fueling the retards and laughing in the valuable members' faces.
At this point it can be safely said that /sci/ is a low-IQ board, and you are too if you hang out here.
I hope I never encounter any of you niggers in real life. Bye.

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>4.0 GPA in a state college

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