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so pretty

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Shit thats not a gif

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Fractal animation

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Can somebody explain what this function does?

<span class="math">f(x)=min(|x|-2,0)[/spoiler]

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Can somebody descibe what this function does in words to me?

<span class="math">min{|x|-2,0}[/spoiler]

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Physics II
Calculus II
General Chemistry II
Being a freshman is hella tight!

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I want to study number theory, but I don't know what to focus on to be able to really have a good foundation in it. Should I focus on algebraic or analytic number theory? Or are both considered necessities for anyone wanting to do number theoretic research?

In particular, I'm interested in the distribution of prime numbers, so things like the Riemann zeta function, arithmetic progressions, etc.

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Darn. That means it's not a feasible route for my research.

Object recognition using linear algebra. We can easily classify an input image if we only have to test against a few objects. But with more objects, it becomes hard to distinguish them.

So we were thinking of running the classification on these meta-classes, and then on each object in that meta-class. With so many possibilities, won't be possible to find any sort of magic arrangement through testing each one. Might have to do some Monte Carlo.

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