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The numbers are going to be all over the place if they aren't able to treat everyone that needs it.
Generally the flu is under 1% probably because those that get severe cases can be treated in the hospital then there's just the unlucky souls that were going to die of something else anyways. But with 20% needing treatment and it being super contagious a lot more people will die because they won't be able to get treatment eventually probably, on top of it being already more lethal.
If the hospital staff all start to get sick many many many more people will die.
Don't know if there's any way to intentionally plan for some of them to get infected to recover sooner and be immune to treat people later down the line, or if it's ethical/moral to ask that of them.
Then again, if the shutdown works they might be able to hold in place until more equipment or an effective treatment is found.
In short, if stay-at-home orders don't work or aren't followed there will be a positive feedback loop that will turn this into a repeat of the 1918 pandemic.

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It takes a VERY good teacher to explain difficult concepts in a manner that makes it seem easy.
Most technical writers are NOT good teachers.
Keep looking till you find a better book.

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>the writers decide how fictional characters react

BUT the audience reaction is not controlled.
NO ONE in the audience batted an eye when the droids did all the medical work

People trust machines, an AutoDoc will feel weird the FIRST time you use it, like the first time you used an ATM machine, but then total trust.

Even more than a human doctor an AutoDoc will explain everything about your symptoms, its diagnosis, and about the recommended cure.

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Magnets are bullshit.

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You dumb fucks...
M.S. Aerospace Engineering
I will answer this in a way even the DUMBEST of you fucks will understand.

FART... does the smell magically disappear when the train starts.... NO... the air moves with you... the AIR WILL move and compress on acceleration but then restabalize... the helicopter will move a bit at first then stabalize. It MIGHT hit the back if you took off like at bullet speeds , but otherwise it will move a few feet then hover still again.

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