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>If we cease to exist after we die, what is the point of trying to gain all this math/science knowledge?
You're right but we've got to pass the time somehow. What's the point of making this thread? If you believed in your own bullshit, you would fold your arms and do nothing all day, or you would off yourself. Yet here you are talking to us, even though there is no point. You think math is hard and annoying, but people smarter than you think it's fun so they do it. You're free to spend your time however you wish, and so are other people, so there is no point in asking these dumb questions.

>Who the fuck are you? You’re not superior to me.
The fact you felt the need to point this out seems to hint at a deep-rooted inferiority complex.

>We aren’t much different from each other.
I suppose you never heard about John von Neumann. Hungarian kikes are so much better than the average person that they might as well be a different species. That's why they are called "the Martians".

>We are the same.
Your life is a failure so you cling to pants-on-head retarded egalitarianism to feel better about yourself? Try to channel that hate into something that makes you happier instead of wasting your energies with such thoughts. You will die in the end but you might as well try to make your stay on Earth as enjoyable as possible while it lasts. You're an ant yet you're trying to look at the world from a giant's perspective so now you're getting vertigo.

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