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In Feb 2013, I predicted the spin-1 particle. In March 2013, John Ellis wrote this short paper
where he wrote "beyond any reasonable doubt [it has spin-0]". The reason he wrote that is because reasonable doubt is the bottleneck in USA jurisprudence and my enemies were wanting to make a legal case's evidence include the alleged falsity of my theory. You could search literally every other particle physics paper ever written and I don't think you could ever find another reference to "reasonable doubt." Furthermore, this "reasonable doubt" clause which my enemies asked Ellis to include in his stupid paper is so fucking stupidly unscientific that he had to back off the "beyond any reasonable doubt" criterion in the first sentence of the paper. The judge that this paper was submitted to as evidence, however, surely did not read the paper and just said, "Oh! Ok! Beyond a reasonable doubt, this alleged expert says Tooker is retarded. Sounds good to me!"

Then later in 2013, Ellis' paper became the first citation in the technical write up for the 2013 Nobel for the Higgs mechanism. This was to add gravitas to the legal standing the USA courts and normally the Nobel committee would not include a paper so stupidly written in its citations at all, and certainly not as the first citation.

So please... go ahead and see if you can find "reasonable doubt" ever mentioned in any other particle physics paper, ever, other than the one written a month after my paper which only included that language so as to say "beyond any reasonable doubt, Tooker is retarded." I feel VERY confident that you cannot even find one other instance of that phrase anywhere in the literature.

Ellis' paper is just a shill paper written for his Faggot Club overlords who are my enemies in the world

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