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Why are the greatest scientists of all time so racist? My college professors always said great things about Darwin, instead it turns out he was a literal Nazi.

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Name one none-white genius

(: Ill be waiting you sub-human trash

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>Most problems between human groups are derived from genetic differences which shape capabilities and character.
>Caucasians are homo sapien sapien expressing the most advanced homo sapien genetic code
>Blacks are homo sapiens expressing mostly archaic genetics.
>Aboriginals from Australia and Polynesia are a homo sapien and Densisovan hybird with phenotypes much closer to Densisovan than homo sapien. They should not be considered human lacking both the intelligence and genetic adapdations to experience humanity.
>Jews and Gypsies carry the greatest amounts of Neanderthal DNA, with some inbred populations reaching around 75% Neanderthal. This is why they are so obsessed with in group breeding, racial dominance and are as a group cruel, heartless and cunning. Out-group Empathy was not a feature of Neanderthal's. It is also why they are so intelligent as a group.
>Asians are a mix of Red Deer People or Homo floresiensis or both with homo sapien sapien. East Asians express the homo sapien sapien genes at much higher rates than South Asians. Some Japanese should be considered white, especially groups like Anu.


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niggers are objectively bad

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