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Matter is just condensed energy if you need to visualise it.
Like how water vapour can be compressed to steam, then water droplets, then actual water.
But matter is eternal, it's just compressed in each singularity, then expands again, forms black holes and then they all condense back into a singularity.

It's just matter and energy.
Protons neutrons and electrons.
Electromagnetic waves

There is nothing else.
CERN etc have been looking for a hundred years.
They haven't found a single new particle.

Comon guys. 100 years?
Give up. It's time to admit defeat and work on something else.
Like how to get enough clean water to all the major first world cities lol.

How about we use science for that.
I'm sure if we figure out how water and food works we can use that technology for something entertainment related lol.
Everybody wins.

Stop studying religious science.
Just be a priest lol

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The idea of women's genitals smeelinf bad came from companies that made industrial cleaning products needing anew market, so they invented "douching"
The idea that women couldn't survive in the wild without pumping bleach into their vaginas,
Septicemia was a fun consequence.
The same reason you have bad breath all the time. From douching your mouth.

Also if the girls you are sleeping with don't have infected vaginas from being the subjects or human medical experiments and mass medication.

Then you are a homosexual my friend.
Sexual=sexually attracted to.
If you don't like the smell your dad probably Beat the shit out of you when you were acting gay as a child.
That's why you don't understand.
Because you know deep down if you came out to your parents they wouldn't love you anymore.
And that's really sad.
Have fun being forced to touch gross vaginas lol.
I'm hetero and they smell better than good lemony cocaine.

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How many female friends do you have.
Like girls you hang out with and talk to about stuff?

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If you help me I will put Helene on trial.
It will take a while.
But would that help?
I can also help you forget it like it never happened.
What do you want?

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That's because you are reading textbooks from 1900 lol. It's called an "outdated reference"

Really old textbooks are filled with concepts, accepted at the time, then later abandoned because of new scientific ways to explore them.

It's called "Science"
Just to start you off.
Artists interpretations and anectodes, while both a valid scientific tool. Are not evidence or proof. They are data. Quantum mechanics is a way to use thought experiments to build new concepts, ideas hypothesis and theories.

To be tested.
The ideas were all untestable. Because of observational limitations.

QM was abandoned during the Manhattan project, as the government made the scientists work on doomsday shit.

You guys know doomsday devices are evil right ? Lol

For people that think comic book science is real you people sure do get forgetful about the definition of good and evil.

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