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me also like rock
me go to village rock market
get small rock of different hardness
now can test other rock by scratching
grug learn local rock this way

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grug not hate dark tribe
just not want live close

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>eat bug to control weather

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man need meat

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Just because something is natural, doesn't make it better. To assume that natural = healthy is a logical fallacy. Human milk won't necessarily have all the nutrients, especially if the mother herself is malnourished. Formula is made by experts and scientists with exactly the right amount of everything that an infant or toddler needs. All the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.

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>tfw haven't found any mammoth to hunt for a few days
>tfw cannot eat forest berries because they have carbs and I'm on keto

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Reminder that Thunderfoot was too tech illiterate to figure out how to join Kraut and Tea's gay discord group dedicated to stalking race realists.

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Misdiagnoses happen, but that is not for you to decide. That is for actual medical professionals to identify and decide. I have been seeing a lot more talk about bullshit like 'misdiagnoses' and 'medical malpractice' recently. Yes, this happens, but it's extremely uncommon, and it's pretty obvious that most people who are pushing these talking points are just far-right conspiracy theorists who are trying to de-legitimize the medical establishment. You are a fucking disgusting person and an ideologue, and people like you are literally killing people right now and destroying the economy because you can't conform to lockdown guidelines long enough to control the spread and return to normal.

I don't have to explain myself to you. Nobody owes you anything.

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It's pretty obvious this is about the election. You're a politically and scientifically uniformed loser. You are drunk on conspiracy theories and your worldview is based on closed-minded values, hate, and white privilege.
Fuck Republicans
Fuck Trump
You lost. Get over it. Going around spreading your retard conspiracy theories on social media and murdering cops and random black people is not helping you cause. Its time to come to terms with reality.

White conservatives are obsessed with Conspiracy theories. You are obsessed with pointing the finger everywhere but at yourself. The problem with society today is not 'globalists' or 'socialists' or the 'deep state' or the 'elite'. Stop trying to conjure up boogeymen to distract from the real problem. What is holding back society today is not some secret Cabal of 'global elites', but rather uneducated, low IQ white boomers, most of whom live in irrelevant flyover states, and racist/delusional incels zoomers/millenials like yourself.

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>You are insecure . That world accurately describes you. You're a whiney loser who got pissed of because some random person on a message board doesn't like Euler's identity as much as you.

That's not what insecure means. Getting mad over a post on an internet message board is not 'insecurity'. It could point to immaturity, autism, instability, or aggression, but not insecurity. Someone who is insecure is the opposite of combative. They are shy, emotionally withdrawn, and often display flattened affect, meaning they appear less emotional and less reactive to events. Someone who is insecure would generally tend to avoid confrontation and disagreements.


You're claiming that I am pissed off, but the irony is that you genuinely seem to be getting pissed off by the fact that you don't know what 'insecurity' means. You sound like your understanding of human behavior comes from a mixture of internet personality quizzes, and daytime TV like Dr Phil and Oprah.

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You wrote like 10 essay length posts. Half of the posts in this thread are from you. Bro you are a fucking schizo and an autist and you even admitted in one of your posts that you havent graduated college. All the sources except the WHO are from literal who publication that nobody has ever heard of. You can find shit published on the internet that supports any idea. You cant just trust whatever you fond on the internet. I could read some shit on Alex Jones's blog and then go around telling everyone, but just because Alex Jones said it on his blog doesnt make it true. Here are actual, known, reliable sources. Every single one says 5G is safe and they describe what your saying as a conspiracy.




Unlike you, I actually work in the med industry and I have a 5G phone. If this shit was going to kill me or give me covid or make me go crazy then I would no by now. If this shit was gangerous me and my colleagues would no right now. Medical experts today are worried about COVID and the opiate crisis and obesity. Not about 5G or 6G or vaccines or whatever schizo shit. We have real problems to deal with right now.

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People have made houses, villages, and communities for literally thousands of years without math. Math is a western social construct that doesn't describe objective reality. It's just a tool that has historically been used within the context of western civilization. Due to centuries of colonialism whites forcefully imposed mathematics and western epistemological standards on indigenous peoples across the world. Through propaganda and ideological controlled imposed these epistemological standards on non-white communities. In reality math is both a "scientific tool" mainly useful within the relatibely narrow context of Eurocentric academics, and also a tool of capitalist oppression that has historically been used to ideologically control people of color and other disadvantaged communities. By suggesting that mathematics is necessary to build a house you are literally participating in and perpetuating centuries of slavery, colonialism, and genocide. You're a fucking racist piece of shit and I'm sick and tired of autists like you in STEM who insist that everyone learns their stupid autistic stamp collecting. Kill yourself incel.

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There are so many thing that you could actually criticize Trump for like NAFTA, TPP, repealing Omabacare, not ending our occupation of the middle east, passing the largest corporate bailout in history, or his pro-Israeli, Pro-Saudi position in the middle east.

Instead you choose to play semantic game and you intentionally misrepresent the claim of both anons in this thread and Donald Trump. You are literally repeating generic mainstream democratic talking points. You are a retard and you don't actually care about real policy issues. All you care about is partisan politics and screaming about how Trump/Republicans/conservatives are racist, politically incorrect, offensive, etc.

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>if you find a "correlation" with specifying a "mechanism of action" then that's unscientific

That's simply not true. The vast majority of all scientific data comes in the form of "correlations". There are very few contexts in which researchers can definitively identify a causal mechanism underlying a specific phenomenon. The vast majority of scientific data only provides us with "correlations" and generalizations without any explicit evidence of an underlying deterministic mechanism, and in most context, a deterministic mechanism might not even be possible (see the concepts of "bifurcation" and "stability" in dynamical systems).

In most contexts, researchers in physiology or phramacology don't even postulate a mechanism of action, and they don't need to, although it's certainly helpful. In fact, for the vast majority of drugs, we still don't know how they work. That doesn't in any way negate the fact that statistical data about their behavior is totally useless. Actually, it's precisely this sort of statistical data that is used to narrow-down and identify a mechanism of action.

To be honest, you sound like some brainlet who just learned about "correlation vs causation" and the fact that "theory" means something different in science than in colloquial English.

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>Dual majoring in biochem and biomedE
>registration next semester
>Statistics for scientists and engineers
>general biochemistry I
>organic chem lab
>biomaterials engineering course
>business leadership for general ed req.

All amounting to 16 credits. Any advice? What courses are you gonna take?

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>implying the US/EU only research bioweapons for defensive purpose but le ebil Chinks and Russians do it for offensive purposes, because slavs and asians are inherently evil and they worship satan, but here in the US we're good and would never do anything like that

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>Everyong who disagrees with me is conservative
>Anyone who questions the integrity of multinational corporations and national governments is a schizo
>Anyone who researches news reports on their own and doesn't just trust whaterever Rachel Maddow or Stephen Colbert says is a NAZI INCEL

Cringe and low IQ. I honestly doubt you have any interest or aptitude in the natural sciences. People questioning official narratives shouldn't rustle your jimmies as much as it seems to anon. A surprising as this maybe to a community college gender studies major like yourself, sometime the media lies, sometimes governments are run by retards, and sometimes corporations don't have your best interests at heart.

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>Dad died in a crash accident

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>everyone I disagree with is /pol/

I guess you will just have to learn the hard way

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>>out eating with tribe, talking about domiciles
>>friend grug like to see houses in our society
>>frug say to grug why in the fuck would you ever houses?
>>dude it's the future lmao totally safe now
>>you know it can still go burn down, right?
>>yeah but it won't

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What did I do that made a scientist interested in me? I was supposed to avoid that...

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You were trick by longnose tribe. Only way to fix problem, we burn them in campfire and choke them in cave with mammoth fart gas.

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