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>laughing about incest while in Oklahoma
isn't rebelling the point of being punk?

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/sci/ humour dead

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I dont believe this to be true at all.

>childhood friend is a strong case of classic aspergers
>go all the way from kindergarden to graduating HS with him
>was never a particularly good performer in hs
>dont think anything of it, as neither was I by a long shot
>we go to the same uni, same major (EE)
>Im waiting for this dude to go godmode on the major and absolutely destroy all classes
>he performs very poorly
>I leave him behind, he keeps flunking the early classes in the major (calc 1, phys 1, etc)
>tell him Ill help him study any time, send him a scan of all my notes on the classes hes struggling with, along with a shit ton of study guides I had saved up in my hard drive and a fuck ton of my own tips on the classes even accounting for which professor is currently teaching him
>He still flunks the same classes again and again
>at one point his mom talks to me, shes worried, I tell her that im always available for help and that ive already sent him a ton of shit, she says at this point she just wants him to switch majors
>dude goes from EE to Industrial E
>still fails all the considerably easier and more dissected Industrial E classes
>switches to bussiness admin after his mom literally forced him to, his pride was keeping from switching.
>finally passing his classes, dude is looking to get his degree in about 2 and a half years, im getting mine this year.

Its just my personal anecdote I know, but I genuinely think that what fucked my bro over was his tism, I think that for some reason it doesnt let him properly study and organize himself and remember he has to do homework and shit. He is legitimately a very very smart dude.
What happened to him in college really broke my heart bros, whenever I think of it I kinda blame myself for not being there for him more.

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I don't understand.

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cosmic mitosis

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