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this is now a comic thread

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>platonic abstractions of the skeptic mind

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I come to you with a question that was raised at my dinner table.
My uncle stated that he wish he could go back in time to eat his delicious steak again.
I started thinking about this and asked where the steak would be when he got there: in his stomach, on his plate, or both?

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I'm trying to imagine a hypothetical world that's tidally locked. Life exists primarily along a habitable zone between the light and the dark sides of the planet.

I've read a lot of topics through google about what properties such a world might have, if it could sustain life and so on, but there's one thing that I haven't seen touched upon.

What happens to life on a tidally locked world if by some cosmic happenstance, it begins to rotate again? I'm pretty sure everyone dies, but I'm not a magic-science maker man.

pic unrelated

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I don't think there is any single thing pertinent to the human body that is not affected by both nature and nurture.

That said, the VERY PURPOSE of the recently developed neocortex was to override nature as one saw fit... That's the beauty of human beings... We hold our destiny in our own hands, but we're too stupid a species to realize that.

Anyway... I guess my opinion on the matter would boil down to human choice as per the above rant...

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I would like to obtain a PhD in neuroscience, but I'd also like an MD and another PhD in a completely unrelated field.


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fukken lol'd

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it symbolizes both you box of dick fuck

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we need to get a site or wiki up fro the TRS project and start fleshing it out in more detail, goals, laws, estimated cost, etc.

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Was thinking about starting a new thread on this subject until I saw this one.

Michio Kaku is commenting on MSNBC on this occurence...
Claiming that some sort of physical event, which sounds like I'm sure he understands and has a mastery enough of that he can comment on it...
But then he goes on to talk about how something disturbed the 'lead bird' and as such all the others kamikazi'd or died when the lead bird started acting funny.

Just curious if any Ornithologists could let us know if it's feasible that so many birds just decided to kill themselves because the guy at front started acting funny.

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terraforming is retarded.
If we can't even reverse the relatively small damage we've done to our own environment, what the hell makes anybody think that it'll feasible to adapt another planet to our needs?

HurrDurr, we've altered our atmosphere by less than 1% dooming the earth, instead of trying to reverse the damage it would be easier to travel to another planet and alter ITS environment.

Quit masturbating to the scifi channel

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/sci/, I'd like to know your thoughts on this video:

It's a bit long, but bear with it, there are many interesting points.
Thank you for your time.

Pic somewhat related, but not really.

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Like I said up above, I will not pay you. I'm inviting you to go with me. The only payment I will provide is course detours and certain services I can provide, such as investment advice, money manipulation, or translation of Chinese or Russian.

I would prefer everyone on-board know basic navigation skills and maybe some secondary languages. If you're an interesting person it helps because we will be together a lot. I'm not sure how long this venture will last and I can't guarantee safety as I've been down around the cape of Africa before and conditions are not pretty.

Contact me at [email protected] if you're interested.

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This is my hypothesis:
The world is actually a reall complex simulation.
America didn't exist before 1492 (yes, I know it was discovered by vikings, but that was just to give a feeling of continuity - kinda like an easter egg).
Now, we are pushing the borders of the simulation before the expansion pack is out.

Pic somewhat related.

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