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Based, same thing happens to me.
I know I'm not a chad (they probs look good regardless) but I genuinely cant say I'm ugly either specifically because I look cute in the mirror.
Honestly, If I was gay, I wouldn't mind fucking or at least making out with mirror me but whenever I look at a picture or video of me, I cringe.
Zoom sucks for this exact reason.
Both might be slightly distorted but I honestly can't know which one's less distorted.
I wonder which me people see...

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Posting in based thread

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I really like the designs, both the pinecone and the doughnuts. It brings a futuristic look to the otherwise boring remote research base.

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>tfw test shot starfish

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If school prestige doesn't matter then why are people from lower ranked schools retarded?

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>Professors falsify my grades because my intelligence hurts their ego.
>Professors want cuckbois to control and those that think differently are culled.
>Professors terrorize me and falsify my bullies grades to above what they should be by at least 0.5 gpa points.
>idgaf I'll be self made
>they tell me i won't make it without them
>less than 2 years later i made it without them and am a self made engineer

Lmao I would have expected at least 5 years to get to where I am, but 2? That's basically whipping my dick out and taking their women.

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Biologists are the women studies of STEM. The job market sucks, I suggest you get out of that and pursue a more demanded degree like analytical chemistry involving Mass Spec Or chemical/mechanical engineering.

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Triple major: BS in Biochemistry and Medicinal chemistry. BA in Economics

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Does GPA even matter if I'm doing undergraduate research and only want to get a masters degree? I don't really care about science and I just wanna collect a paycheck.

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>humans create a self propagating ai, capable of infinite thought, expression, and creativity
>somewhere along ai creates an image board
>spends the rest of the eternity shitposting with other artificial intelligences about IQ and race statistics
the future is bright

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I have a BRZ

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