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has anyone here even used higher math in actual applications? like writing an application that utilizes the underlying mathematical theory? I don't see for instance how measure theory can be used in an numerical algorithm.

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> 2022
> still no good cure for social anxiety and nervousness

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why do I still get high blood pressure despite my young age? I am not even 25, nor am I eating unhealthy. I just want to be healthy man...

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> book thread
> only physics no maths
> made by the Landau/Lifshitz spammer across several boards
> probably same guy spamming nootropic charts

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>Asians are the smartest race

how come most of the great discoveries/inventions were done/created by wypipo then?

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i fucking hate this fucking bullshit. jannies please

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What is putnam

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>2.1 GPA
did you just fugg and do drugs the entire time you were in collage wtf OP

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What's the evolutionary benefit of mentally and physically abusing your pre-teen child?
No, I'm not talking about sexual abuse you faggots. I'm talking about beating and yelling at your kid. Earlier today I saw a mother aggressively pulling on the ear of her kid, yelling at it and slapping it on the head, at the local supermarket. The kid was no more than 7 yo and was looking at her frightened BEFORE that shit ensued. It was patiently and quietly waiting at the luggage area. The mother literally checked out the groceries and went to it and started her shit. Sure, kids do silly things all the time, they're learning and developing, they don't know the things adults know. Don't adults realize this or are child abusing parents just inherently sub 90 iq?

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What STEM major should I pair with Philosophy for a total math brainlet? I didnt give a shit about academics in high school because of depression and the math teachers were so awful that before I know it I never made it past algebra after failing it one time. I’m catching up rn and have an A in it and have the study skills to prob get through it but which major would not have extremely difficult math?

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I haven't been to a single lecture all semester and I have straight A's. Meanwhile my friend goes to all of them and has a 3.1 gpa. I've concluded that lectures are for brainlets.

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>take 40,000 years to get there
>collided with another planet and some point and is smithereens.

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If you have girls in your class you are a brainlet

prove me wrong

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>solids materials are just that material's ice form
>that's why metal is cold to the touch

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>[math]\frac{\sqrt{2}-1}{\sqrt{2}+1} = r[/math]

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... are white people are the only people still evolving?

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Are you pretending that you're not adding a smallest value at the end of each line...?

> +1/10 = 1
> +1/100 = 1
> +1/1000 = 1
> +1/10000 = 1

this addition of a smallest part is required for every case to infinity.

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Because you're retarded

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Did anyone who won a goat actually get to keep the goat?
If they wont even give you a goat why would you assume they'd give you a car.

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>Mercury doesn't orbit the sun the way Newton's equations predicted
>Newton was wrong

>Galaxies don't move the way Einstein's equations predicted
>Einstein is still right it just means the Universe is 85% invisible and undetectable matter

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unbelievable or god tier I guess, more in applied physics like field but it is sometimes classified under EE. Starting my first year of PhD in September and already done with my internship this summer so just NEET for now. May just drop out when I get the MS and get a job t.b.h

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Redpill me on (((surgeons))).
Are they real doctors? Or just butchers larping as doctors. I mean obviously technically they are. But I mean more in terms of attitude, philosophy. Do they really look at patients the way other docs do, or is it simply a case of any excuse to start cutting and chopping (and earning lots of shekels for it)?

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