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the 'decaying pigment theory' (mandela effect theory) has been proven at least possible by new glitch with goldeneye on nintendo 64.

this video (go to 13:55) explains that a new 'glitch' in goldeneye 64 has been noticed by speedrunners.
it allows you to spawn out of bounds, something that has been impossible in the 20+ years since people have been speedrunning this game.

people in the speedrunning community are claiming that the only explanation is that the game cartridges have 'aged' over the years, allowing the glitch to occur (possibly a natural occurence, or it could be a mandela effect, regardless it shows how fragile information stored on physical media is.. cosmic rays, or man made radioactive materials can 'change' our VHS tapes, film/audio reels, compact discs/DVDs, game cartridges, and possibly even things like posters and books or magazines).

so several different people have experienced this goldeneye glitch only in the last 5 years or so...
that means that there has been some type of 'uniform' decay of the information in the cartridges....

a 'controlled decay' of information is the holy grail of propaganda.
you can make millions of people believe something, and then remove all proof that you ever even mentioned the subject....
this is real MK ultra shit on a MASS scale.

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