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Just got accepted into 3 different big 10 schools for an MS, currently weighing my options.

>How was the process of getting accepted?
Slow, but that's to be expected. Apply by the end of winter break if you want the best possible consideration —many schools do rolling admissions, and the ones that don't still look at earlier applicants more favorably. Also, be sure to put in plenty of work on your essays. Many STEM students are poor writers, so a strong essay will set you apart from the crowd.

>What GPA and stuff did you have?
Major GPA (CS) was 3.7, minor GPA (English) was 4.0, overall was 3.8. Had 2 yrs research experience and a programming internship on my resumé. Also a member of the undergrad honors program.

>>10496752 is full of shit. Maybe 1 in 5 CS students are literate, and even fewer can actually be fucked to read the manual. I worked as a tutor for a semester (definitely not worth), and all I ever did was show kids how to use man and javadocs. In a 400-level class in databases, two of the grad students didn't know how to write python programs without jupyter notebook. "Code monkeys" isn't an insult, just a fair description.

Seriously, show that you can read, write, and think for yourself. That will separate you from the herd.

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>It's only smellz
sick reference, bro

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Reminder Stephen Hawking is burning in hell right now.

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In 2030, zoomers are going to be science teachers. That should put the fear of God into all of you.

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stop getting bad grades

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