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>I don't argue with schizos
Well yeah, I imagine arguing with yourself must be pretty difficult with all the retardation that comes out of your mouth

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best single player game in the world

science fiction provides a direction vector towards a divine in a world where god is dead

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>So, I have a straight wire
Made of?

>what's the value of the magnetic field at 1 meter away on its middle section?
What's the value at the "source"? Where is the source of this thing you are investigating?

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Oh and also the moon doesn't generate radioactive shit in its core that comes to the surface.

>You retards realize radiation shielding exists right?
Lead and mother fucking Bismuth are the only materials dense enough to actually "shield" you from radiation.

>Ever wonder why so many space craft and space gear is gold looking? Gold blocks radiation.
Kapton foil is made of polyimide and aluminum though. It's for heat radiation, not spooky radiation.

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>I don't make the sun and moon rise, sorry.
>What does that have to do with demonstrating that there is a global day and night?
I can't demonstrate it because I don't make it happen. You'll have to use your own two eyes to make that conclusion.

>I don't think you care, I think you just say things without any reasoning

Do you "think" that or do you "know" that because I actually explained in full detail why I'm not arguing and am rather being rhetorical? I can say whatever I want without any reasoning, what's being discussed is fantasy. You're just expressing your rage and incessant need to argue because...well I guess that's all you know how to do I guess?
If you knew how to provide a source and explain how it is the way it is, you wouldn't be relying on pure descriptions of correlations and implying a causation from that. There's no reasoning or logic in that so I'm not going to be arguing over it, carry on with your numerology.

>Several things, mainly that CO2 is not causing warming
Arguing? No. It literally doesn't cause warming. It's not even combustible you absolute mongrel,, quite the opposite. Why the fuck do you think they put it in fire extinguishers? It's the sun that causes the warming, the gas insulates it. It's not an argument, it's a fact and you're trying to argue over it like a clueless moron straw grasping at the psychosis that it does cause warming. I'm just telling you you're misinformed/illinformed.

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All it is still doing is just reading instructions, it is simply taking what is already there and repeating it back to you, it doesn't know anything, it's just electrical pulses flickering on and off trillions of times per second to create a talking picture on a screen

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Thunderfart got so mad about being ragged on in the threads he created, he made a video.

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>The shill reveals itself. Paid or not, it just shilled the Chinese Communist's Party's historic efforts. Yes, those are very real and genuine numbers, anon, after all, China is the safest and strongest country. China will grow larger.
Everyone did exactly as they were told, right? Especially the millions living in squalor, they practiced social distancing at all times, didn't they? Not like the CCP has been known to lie about this before, right? Not like they would have any agenda of their own, right? Not like they funnel billions into other countries and the WHO to act in their interest, right? China will grow larger, and with your help!

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hahah fuck you I can create my own people, see >>12612785

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>show up at flat earth conference
>earth has 0 curvature
>I actually mean the curvature of space near earth
>everyone gets confused because I actually know physics
>they still want to agree with me

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>american """""education"""""

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