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Do you guys remember operation MKultra?
In the 1960s.
After WW2, operation paperclip had all nazi war criminal scientists forced to work in America and held their families hostage with immunity.
Anyway. Scientists making rockets weren't getting done for war crimes lol. It was the human experimentation stuff they wanted.
So MKultra was a way to test this.
It was perfected with gay conversion in the 1970s. Remember the idea to give psychoactive drugs to everyone.
So they were made into slaves.
Like in 'brave new worlds"
Well Zyprexa (Olanzapine) is a Russian designed mind control drug for political dissidents.

And now you guys get prescribed it ;);)
What an amazing coincidence.
Russian mind control drug/anti anxiety drug for teens?
Wow. What a coincidence lol

You all got mkultrad with pharmaceuticals and all the violence you see in the media.
It's called "the rites of Moloch".
It's a PTSD thing. You are essentially in shock,.it's why you are so obedient.

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Really lol?
Yeah the LIGO gravity wave people were straight up making graphs to make it look like they were con artists stealing grant money.

It got investigated officially.
Andrew Jackson PhD from the Neil's Bohr institute was the leader of the group of phycisists that were claiming it's a hoax I think.

It all got covered up

But how LIGO got caught was leaving all their raw data just lieing around for anyone to see, so it was easy to just run your own statistical analysis program and see that they were fabricating results.

So I guess CERN learned a valuable lesson about making sure they can't go to jail for fraud.

Like that's why CERN is in three different countries, imagine the legal hassles with a corporation in three countries at once.
Just the jurisdiction issues and how to press charges lol. What a nightmare.

Do you know any other cool quantum coverup stuff?

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