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>wing generates lift because... because air going above and below it has to take the same time to do it so it has to go faster on one side and so it creates pressure differential
>why does it have to take the same time?
>it... it just does, okay??

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>Ignoring the question to make a lame joke
I wouldn't be casting stones about intelligence if I were you

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>the ocean was above the pint mark
>then it was below the pint mark
>"hurr durr see it remained the same!"

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>Cutting edge rocket engine is complex
No shit Sherlock.
The Merlin went through multiple iterations over the years before it became a mature rocket engine and the same applies to Raptor.

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Just boot up google excel and write your own

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Unstable, undergoes a phase transition if you simply sneeze around it.
>gallium arsenide
Too expensive.
>cadmium telluride
Low efficiency and huge pollution issue, very toxic heavy metals, not sustainable.

You are picrel, along with all the other solarnormies.

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>why of course it's a), what else would it be

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>Proof: The proof is obvious from the axioms.

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It's good training though.
That anon

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>t. Jeff Who
We both know that is not true anon.
I would love for BO to contribute to spaceflight more but just saying it won't change the reality.

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>What does "curved" Earth mean in physics? How can a 2D surface be curved? Curved how?

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I like to wonder if heavy sleep deprivation remote viewing in a sensory deprivation tank has been done before sometimes.

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>DNA tells me there is a God in heaven that created life.

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Imagine being the maniac to propose an x-15 strapped to 3 titan first stages
>Past decade
Lmao you mean last 30 years of dev work right?
The last exclusively Boeing made rocket, the Delta III, exploded twice with satellite payloads for its first 2 test flights, and partially failed it's third flight with a dummy payload, by launching into the wrong orbit, then the program of was cancelled, in that time they par made a rocket through ULA that's not complete shit, but expensive, failed to test fire SLS, and delayed that test fire for 6 years, and failed building a capsule, that currently still hasn't been successfully tested lmao

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I am in first year of engineering and I fucked up at the last two tests. Chemistry and statics. Guess the percentage.

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this thread is what you get when cs faggots start thinking they can talk physics

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I'm at stage 2. Single mothers here I come.

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>Once he was finally faced with the ultimate open question of existence

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>big daddy world government
low iq phrase

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>Modern economic is a scienceeeeeeee!!!

The environmental crisis might be the best example of why we need to go past capitalism as a fucking specie, anon.

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While other unchangeable aspects of your life have a limited, mostly ignorable effect on your life - such as not having a singing voice, or being genetically very limited in your athletic abilities' ceiling - intelligence in the sense that we've understood it intuitively for the longest period seems to be the best human-controllable predictor (so not taking luck into account) for one's ability to maneuver himself in the world, to compete with other people in mentally demanding tasks, to be creative or original, to develop and perform highly sought after skills or to innovate; a good predictor for material success, and adaptability, at least within the western world. Stupid people are always being held down, outsmarted, outwitted, used and oppressed, because that is the way of the world and the way our hierarchies have worked for the longest time.
So it is not a lack of self-awareness that makes me concerned that I could be less intelligent than I believed. It is the belief that, if I were not to be intelligent, my entire future would be mostly certain and limited to a life I would not want to live, that makes me fear for this outcome. I "can't be unintelligent", because then I might as well just not be - a life enduring inevitable failure after failure is not a life worth living. This is an intentional, fully accounted-for lapse of rationality, it's called hope; it's basically a coping mechanism.

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I have a Linear Algebra exam coming up (i'm clueless, and i just want to pass). I have the previous exam but there are no solutions. Anyone knows how should i solve this, or can give me a link to some Linear Algebra problems that have exercises like this?.

Trying to translate as best as i can from my native language:

Find one base in Ker(f) and Im(f), where f:R^2 -> R^2
f(x, y) = (x, 2x)

This is NOT a homework

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