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Have you ever felt like you're too dumb to be in your field?
I have this feeling every other day or so studying.

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wow that sounds like an excellent high quality poster! I can tell why he wants everyone to forget

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is this the UWaterloo question?

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>Roko's posited solution to this quandary is to buy a lottery ticket, because you'll win in some quantum branch.

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>how does /sci/ respond?
There's nothing I can respond with, my phenotype is in inferior.

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I have all the biologists run around doing experiments in the lab for me, I just record the data and do the real work making sense of the data :^)

only cucks work in laboratories

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Are we all cucks ?

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do not produce deep industry related domain knowledge. Instead they produce students that are not qualified for any job in the workforce.

Great, you studied Algebraic Topology but you lack the probability/statistics and coding knowledge to become a data scientist. You don't know React,Angular, or anything remotely useful.

This means a 3-month bootcamp graduate is more qualified for a job than you are.

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Do I still have time to cram for 2 exams I have tomorrow (in 15hours exactly) or should I not go and pretend I was sick?

Exams are pure theory learning/memorization:
> 1 exam in plant physiology
For which I basically have 2 big chapters left to learn: 1 in plant nutrition, 1 in plant growth
> 1 multiple choice test in Geographic information systems theory
Which covers the material for the whole semester but I'm already somewhat familiar with it, just have to review it again

What do you think? Is it feasable?

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orweeel sez iz fiv

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>tfw to smart to pretend to be brainlet pretending to be smart

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Tired of talking to undergraduates on this board.
Tired of the IQ threads.
Tired of the brainlet threads.
Tired of the HYSP threads.

This thread is about research. What is your research topic in?

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There is an exam coming up this week.

The exams are notoriously difficult for this professor. Typically there are 2 midterms but professor reduced the exams to 1 and covered more material than normal.

He has 6 prior midterms posted, 3 midterm 1 and 3 midterm 2. He said our midterm will be a bit of both midterms 1 and midterms 2 from previous semesters.

I have been taking each exam as if it were the real deal and then grading myself against his rubric. After this I been analyzing every problem I missed and in some cases wait a while and reworked each problem I missed and checked against the answer again. if I missed anything again I'd make the minor corrections and analyze why I missed what I did, and reattack it a day or two later, each time learning more and more about certain tricks/seeing new patterns. After being able to do all the problems on said exam to near perfection I moved on to the next exam.

But what has discouraged me about this approach is I am seeing a lot of post online where students are simply looking at the answer to a problem and asking why the answer is what it is. They are doing it so frequently it looks like they aren't even taking the exams but looking at the problem, the solution and doing 'mental checks' that they could have came up with the solution and move to the next problem.

Is my approach good, or should I just look at the solutions to all the exam problems and memorize?

My approach is slow. I took 2 exams out of 6. The test is in 4 days (thursday).

With the approach my clasmates are taking I could look at all 6 exams in a day since I'd just be looking at solutions.

BUT I feel like these problems are so tricky you could easily fool yourself into thinking you know how to do the problem since you 'see' the tricks in the solution without thought, then bomb the real exam.

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How many hours of studying do you put into preparing for an exam ?

I just got a 46% at a Plant physiology exam for which I studied 24 hours total over the course of 5 days prior to the exam.
I'm just trying to analyze and find out how I got that shitty grade when my peers got 70s and 80s.
Am I actually a brainlet or I just didn't study enough for that particular course? Or maybe my studying method is not effective
I need to find out what it is and correct it for the remaining half of the semester

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I have a mycology exam friday, I'll come back tomorrow for questions maybe

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>tfw 2 intelligent two pick up obviously intentional misspellings.

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What is your story?
What are your goals?

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>tfw shit sleep genes

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I graduated with a subpar GPA of like a 2.95. Worked several years. Decided I wanted to go to a PhD program and enrolled as a postbac student at a top university that just happens to be in my state and made a 99 in my first course there and am on track to make another A in my second course. I'm sitting in a few other courses and doing the work there and would be a top student in those courses as well.

Anyone else have similar turn around stories? For whatever reason things are really clicking for me. Pretty much every class I'm in a developed a rep of being a top student. This by no means how I was when I was doing my undergrad degree.

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U can't know nuthin'

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I got a paper rejected today. No errors found. One reviewer gave a green light, but another said that the contribution was low and the editor decided to stick with the second one.

Feels bad. No errors. Still a rejection. Yes another half a year is lost.

Seems that it's impossible to start a new topic even in mid-tear journals. Have to lower standards even more.

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So, /sci/, are viruses alive?

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can someone teach me differential equations

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