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U can't know nuthin'

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I got a paper rejected today. No errors found. One reviewer gave a green light, but another said that the contribution was low and the editor decided to stick with the second one.

Feels bad. No errors. Still a rejection. Yes another half a year is lost.

Seems that it's impossible to start a new topic even in mid-tear journals. Have to lower standards even more.

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So, /sci/, are viruses alive?

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can someone teach me differential equations

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I hav two questions:

Why is seawater salty?

Do u leik spen?

Where is old zealand?

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From my experience, mathfags aren't that different from art majors: elitist, complain too much, and poor.

You're just salty because people in an easier major consistently make way more than people in your major.

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Will a PhD in organic chemistry make me able to synthesize LSD or DMT?

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Is econophysics a meme field?

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